Moon Rise Time Today In Your City

Read this AstroSage special blog to discover information such as the timing of today’s moonrise in your city, the duration for worship, and the precise procedures for observing this highly significant and rewarding fast, among other details.

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Today, numerous women, mothers, and sisters anxiously await the moon’s appearance since morning. The reason is pretty evident. Today is Karwa Chauth, the most significant festival for married women. Married women observe today’s Nirjala fast to ensure the long life of their husbands, while unmarried girls observe it in anticipation of their desired grooms. This fast concludes only after the moon is sighted and worshiped.

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Hence, it is obvious for everyone to keep their eyes fixed on the sky since the morning, eagerly anticipating the moon’s arrival. You might also be pondering when you’ll have the opportunity to witness the moon today, so let’s determine the precise time of today’s moonrise in your city.

Moon Rise Time Today In Your City

We understand your eagerness to know about the time of Moon Rise today. Hence, let us start talking about the Moon Rise Time for your city!

Moon Rise Time Today In Delhi

Moonrise: 20:15:00

Moonset: 10:03:59

Moon Rise Time Today In Bangalore

Moonrise: 20:53:59

Moonset: 09:22:00

Moon Rise Time Today In Indore

Moonrise: 20:37:00

Moonset: 09:52:59

Moon Rise Time Today In Jaipur

Moonrise: 20:26:00

Moonset: 10:05:00

Moon Rise Time Today In Agra

Moonrise: 20:15:59

Moonset: 09:56:00

Moon Rise Time Today In Mumbai

Moonrise: 20:59:00

Moonset: 09:56:00

Moon Rise Time Today In Hyderabad

Moonrise: 20:40:00

Moonset: 09:28:59

Moon Rise Time Today In Lucknow

Moonrise: 20:04:59

Moonset: 09:43:00

Moon Rise Time Today In Ahmedabad

Moonrise: 20:49:59

Moonset: 10:07:59

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Akhand Saubhagya Puja on Karwa Chauth 2023: Method

  • Take a platform made of soil and place all the idols of Gods and Goddess on it.
  • Place 10-13 “Karwas” (a special type of earthen pot prepared for Karwa Chauth) on it as well.
  • Arrange all the puja items such as incense, lamps, sandalwood, vermillion, and so on on a plate.
  • Usually, it is advised to fast for an hour before the moonrise. Therefore, perform the puja according to the time of the moonrise in your city.
  • As part of the puja, all married women should listen to the Karwa Chauth fasting story.
  • As the moon rises in your city, look at the moon through a sieve, offer Arghya to it, and pray all your wishes to the Moon. 
  • Later, arrange a plate with sweets, fruits, and nuts for your mother-in-law or any older married woman in your family, and seek her blessings for a joyful and prosperous married life.

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Formation Of A Rare Auspicious Yoga After 100 Years On Karwa Chauth 2023

This year’s Karwa Chauth coincides with a once-in-a-century occurrence of an extremely auspicious alignment. As previously said, this Karwa Chauth fasting custom is traditionally followed by married women seeking long-term marital satisfaction, making this day fundamentally meaningful. But did you know that this year, Karwa Chauth will witness the formation of an auspicious yoga that only occurs once in a century, thus emphasizing the significance of the day?

Mercury and Mars are currently merging in the cosmic sphere. Today also sees the convergence of “Shiv Yoga” and “Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga.”

From 7:34 AM to 9:13 AM, the “Shiv Yoga” will be in effect.

From 6:33 a.m. today until 4:36 a.m. on November 2nd, the “Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga” will be available.

According to astrologers, fasting and performing rituals during “Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga” produce unusually positive results in all endeavors.

Furthermore, the moon will be in its exalted sign, Taurus, during Karwa Chauth this year. This position of the Moon is regarded as exceedingly auspicious and fortunate.

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The History or Origins Of Karwa Chauth Fast

According to Hindu mythology, there was a time when a fierce battle unfolded between the gods and demons. In the midst of this conflict, Lord Brahma recommended that all the goddesses, the wives of the gods, observe a fast as a means to secure victory for the deities and ensure their longevity. It is widely believed that it was during this period that the auspicious tradition of Karwa Chauth first commenced.

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