Kartik Purnima Today: Careers Bloom & Fortunes For These Zodiacs!

Kartik Purnima, a significant celestial event in Vedic astrology, holds profound spiritual and cultural importance. Falling on the full moon day of the Kartik month marks a time when the moon is in its brightest phase, symbolizing purity and auspiciousness.

Astrologically, Kartik Purnima Vrat is favorable for various spiritual practices, meditation, and charitable activities. The positive energies during this time enhance the impact of these activities, promoting personal well-being and inner peace.

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Kartik Purnima is celebrated fifteen days after Diwali. It is also known as Dev Diwali. Every year on the day of Kartik Purnima, people organise a fair called Purni Mela. In Hinduism, Kartik Purnima is a highly sacred day. Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Angira, and Aditya have declared this date as an excellent festival. Taking a holy dip and making donations in the sacred river on this day is equivalent to performing great yagnas. On this full moon day, Lord Vishnu incarnated as Matsya. Therefore, the merits of donations and prayers on this day are equivalent to ten yagnas.

Devotees believe that performing religious activities on Kartik Purnima yields immense spiritual benefits. Taking a ritual dip in holy rivers during this time is believed to cleanse the soul of sins and bestow blessings. The lighting of lamps and diyas is a common practice, symbolizing the triumph of light over darkness.

Today, on Kartik Purnima, a very auspicious rajyoga, called the Malavya Rajyoga will occur, which will bless five lucky zodiac signs with soaring career boosts and fortune. So let us move forward and learn about the rajyoga as well as the five lucky zodiacs!

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Malavya Rajyoga on Kartik Purnima

In Vedic astrology, Malavya Rajyoga is one of the most auspicious planetary combinations, bringing forth prosperity, wealth, and a harmonious life. This yoga occurs when the planet Venus occupies the 4th or 7th house in a person’s birth chart, creating a celestial alignment that bestows numerous blessings. Interestingly, the occurrence of Malavya Raj Yoga is particularly significant during the auspicious period of Kartik Purnima.

Venus, associated with beauty, love, and material comforts, is believed to radiate its positive energy during Kartik Purnima. This planetary alignment amplifies the benefits of yoga, intensifying the potential for good fortune and overall well-being. Kartik Purnima, falling on the full moon day of the Kartik month, holds special importance in Vedic astrology, and its connection with Malavya Raj Yoga adds an extra layer of cosmic significance.

Astrologers suggest that individuals born with Malavya Rajyoga in their birth charts may experience enhanced creativity, a strong aesthetic sense, and a luxurious lifestyle. The positive effects of this yoga are magnified during Kartik Purnima, creating a powerful cosmic synergy that can influence various aspects of life.

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Lucky Zodiacs On Kartik Purnima Blessed With Malavya Rajyoga


For Aries individuals, Kartik Purnima will be extremely auspicious. If you have been searching for a job, your search will be successful. There may be new opportunities in business, and progress in the professional field. Marital life will be joyful, and it’s a favorable time for romantic relationships.

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Cancerians will succeed in every endeavor with their intellectual abilities. There will be sudden financial gains, and any economic issues will be resolved. Those preparing for competitive exams will find this week favorable. Happiness will prevail in marital life, and investing money in business will lead to financial gains.

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Librans are in for good luck. Unexpected financial gains are on the horizon, and there may be expansion in business. Support for work may come from the in-laws’ side. Expect financial gains in business, and your social status will rise concerning your work. Signs of growth in career and business are evident.

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Capricorn individuals will achieve success in whatever they undertake. Those in jobs can expect positive developments, and there is a possibility of desired transfers or postings. Marital life will be blissful, and the workload will lighten. You will get to spend quality time with family.

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For Pisceans, this week will be better than the previous one. Avoid trusting strangers, as there is a risk of deception. Auspicious activities will take place at home. Interest in spiritual activities will increase, and there are chances of traveling abroad for work. You will be able to complete the work stuck due to obstacles with the help of friends.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Ques1. What is the reason behind Kartik Purnima?

Ans. To celebrate Lord Vishnu’s incarnation as Matsya.

Ques2. What do you do on Kartik Purnima?

Ans. Many people visit Ganga Ghats to take a holy dip in the river and worship Lord Vishnu.

Ques3. What are the conditions for Malavya yoga?

Ans. Malavya Yoga is formed when Venus occupies the Kendra which should be its own house or exalted house.

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