Dangerous ‘Karako Bhava Nashaya’ To Wreck Married Life Of 2 Zodiacs!

Karako Bhava Nashaya: The word “Karaka” denotes a significator. “Bhava” means “house,” and “Nashaya” means “destruction.” “Karako Bhava Nashaya ” refers to when a planet that represents a specific house signification occupies the same house and does not produce a favorable outcomes for those significations.

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Venus will enter Cancer on May 30, 2023, and this placement of Venus will bring to the fore the very significant astrological principle known as “Karako Bhava Nashaya,” which essentially means that the significator of a certain house destroys the same house. Now, this concept is negatively impacting the married life of natives. To find out more information about its impact and remedies, keep reading this blog till the end.

Karako Bhava Nashaya: Distress In Married Life Of These Zodiacs


For people who are natives of Cancer, Venus will be transiting through the first house. Venus is the lord of the 4th and the 11th houses. Since Venus is aspecting the 7th house, it will undoubtedly introduce some bad features into your marital life. 

During this transit, you have to be careful with your words and listen to your partner attentively. Giving a serious attention to the issues in your married life, will help you sort out the problems and make your life easier. Avoid having disagreements with your spouse, and if they do, resolve them as soon as you can to prevent any unfavorable consequences.  

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Venus, who rules the 5th and 10th houses for Capricorn natives, will be transiting through Cancer’s 7th house, so it may disrupt your marriage and create arguments with your partner.

Venus may cause seperation in your relationship. If the other stars and the seventh lord Moon are under malefic aspects, you might experience other problems as well. Take care and exercise caution when resolving disputes. Try to spend some quality time with your partner, it will soothe all the tensions in your married life and bring peace and love in your family. 

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Karako Bhava Nashaya: Surefire Remedies

Following are some effective remedies which will help you to control the negative impact of Karako Bhava Nashaya on the married life of the natives:

  • Natives should wear white clothes and worship lord Shiva everyday.
  • During your worship, you should also do Rudrabhishek daily.
  • You can also revere Maa Laxmi by offering her red flowers. This will help you to appease the Venus planet.
  • Carry a good image and respect all women, and your life partner. Also, offer sweets to widows and little girls.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How many types of Karaka are there?

Ans: There are two types: House Karaka and Planetary Karaka.

Q2. Which planet is bad in the 9th house?

Ans. Presence of Rahu in the 9th house is considered malefic.

Q3. Which planet is for luck?

Ans. In astrology, Jupiter is the planet of prosperity and luck.

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