Kalashtami: Know the Day’s Shubh Muhurat, Puja Vidhi & Remedies to Appease Lord Shiva!

On the day of Kalashtami, there is a ritual of worshipping Kaal Bhairav, one of the incarnations of Lord Shiva. Every month, the fast of Kalashtami is observed on Ashtami Tithi during Krishna Paksha. Kaal Bhairav is considered the God of Tantra-Mantra. If you wish to observe the fast of Kalashtami, then we are going to share a list of all Kalashtami(s) falling this year.

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September 10, 2020
Commencement of Kalashtami: From 2:05 AM till the next day End of Kalashtami: 3:34 AM
October 9, 2020Commencement of Kalashtami: From 5:49 PM till the next dayEnd of Kalashtami: 6:16 PM
November 8, 2020Commencement of Kalashtami: From 7:29 AM till the next dayEnd of Kalashtami: 6:50 AM
December 7, 2020Commencement of Kalashtami: From 6:47 PM till the next dayEnd of Kalashtami: 5:17 AM

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Kaal Bhairav, the Kotwal of Kashi Nagar

It is mentioned in Shiv Purana that Kaal Bhairav is a form of Lord Shiva. Also, Kaal Bhairav is known as the Kotwal(guard) of Kashi which is the city of Lord Shiva. You must recite this Mantra on the day of Kalashtami.

“ॐ हं षं नं गं कं सं खं महाकाल भैरवाय नम:”।

 “oṃ haṃ ṣaṃ naṃ gaṃ kaṃ saṃ khaṃ mahākāla bhairavāya nama:”।

Pujan Vidhi of Kalashtami

There are many rites and rituals to perform during any specific Puja ceremony. Similarly, the rituals for Kalashtami worship have also been defined. If you worship Kaal Bhairav with these rituals, you will be blessed with your wishes. 

  • Kaal Bhirav, the incarnation of Lord Shiva, should be worshipped on the day of Kalashtami. 
  • Take an oath (Sankalp) after taking a bath in the morning and then, visit any Shiv temple or Bhairav temple to worship. 
  • Worship Lord Shiva, Maa Parvati and Lord Bhairav in the Evening.
  • Since Lord Bhairav is known as the god of Tantriks, he is also worshipped during night. 
  • You must include Diya(lamps), black sesame, urad, and mustard oil in the worship of Lord Bhairav. Feed black dogs with sweet chapatis after the fast.

On the day of Kaal Ashtami, recite the mantra during the worship mentioned below:

अतिक्रूर महाकाय कल्पान्त दहनोपम्,

भैरव नमस्तुभ्यं अनुज्ञा दातुमर्हसि। /

atikrūra mahākāya kalpānta dahanopam,

bhairava namastubhyaṃ anujñā dātumarhasi।

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For Which Wish Puja be Performed and How?

  • In addition to this, there is a belief among people about this day that if Lord Shiva’s Abhishek is performed with Panchamrit then, one gets rid of diseases and unforeseen accidents.
  • Besides this, if you wish for plenty of money then Lord Shiva should be adored with white cloth and offered white sweets.
  • If you want to be victorious on your enemies, then offer 108 bilva patra, 21 Dhatura and Bhang to Lord Shiva on the day of Kaal Ashtami.
  • Offer coconut and Jalebi to Lord Bhairav for success in any work on the day of Kalashtami. 
  • Doshas like Mangal dosh end with the worship of Kaal Bhairav.

Beliefs of Kalashtami

There is belief among people related to this day that one who worships Lord Bhairav, the incarnated form of Lord Shiva, is set free from the terror of ghosts, witches and fear of death. If worship is performed with pure intention and proper rituals, then your pending works start completing automatically. It is also believed about this day that those who worship Kaal Bhairav get free from malefic effects of the planets. 

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Kaal Bhairav is considered to be an incarnated form of Lord Shiva. Therefore, it is believed that one who worships Kaal Bhairav, pays no heed to negative vibes. As per beliefs, worshipping Kaal Bhairav helps in achieving greater progress and success in all walks of life.    

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How to Appease Kaal Bhairav?

It is believed that Lord Shiva appears in the form of Kaal Bhairav on the day of Kaal Ashtami. Also, there is a ritual of worshipping Maa Durga on Kalashtami. In addition to this, there are things that should be avoided on the day of Kaal Ashtami and if not, the losses may be borne. 

Things to Avoid During Kalashtami

  • Do not tell a lie on the day of Kalshtami.
  • You may bear losses owing to lies.
  • Never worship Kaal Bhairav with a bad intention.
  • Do not disrespect your parents and elders.
  • The worship of Kaal Bhairav must include Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati.
  • Married people should not perform Tamsik Puja of Lord Bhairav.
  • Feed as many dogs as you can. 

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