Kalashtami 2023: This Yoga Brings Immense Success & Wealth

The Kalashtami 2023 ceremony is considered very auspicious for the worship of Kaal Bhairav. On this specific day, devotees perform the worshiping rituals and also observe fast to please Kaal Bhairav. Kalashtami falls during Krishna Paksha and on the Ashtami Tithi of every month. The belief in Sanatan Dharma is that Lord Shiva is taking the form of Kaal Bhairav. Devotees follow the right rituals to worship Kaal Bhairav in different parts of the country.

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The Story Of Kalashtami

As per Hindu mythology, once an argument occurred between Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Shiva, and in which Lord Shiva became angry with Brahma Ji due to something. Then Lord Shiva took the Avatar of Mahakaleshwar and severed Brahma Ji’s fifth head. From that time, Shiva’s Kaal Bhairav form is worshiped with appropriate rituals.

The devotees observing Kalashtami Fast need to read and listen to the story in the form of Kalashtami Fast Katha. It is believed that fasting and worshiping the Lord Kaal Bhairav on Kalashtami day will eliminate all the pain and troubles of people. It is also a suitable way to destroy negativity from the devotee’s life.

Kalashtami 2023: Tithi And Time 

In every month of Krishna Paksha, Kalashtami falls on the Ashtami Tithi. It falls on 05 December 2023. 

Ashtami Tithi starts on 04 December 2023, at 10:02 pm and will continue till 06 December 2023, 12:40 midnight. 

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Auspicious Yoga Formed In Kalashtami 2023 

On the Kalashtami day, Vishkumbha Yoga is formed and will start on 04 December 2023, at 09:45 pm and will continue till 05 December 2023, 10:40 pm. 

There are 27 Yogas and Vishkumbha is the first Nitya Yoga that is governed by Shani Dev and Yama Maharaj. In Vedic Astrology, Vishkumbha Yoga is one of the auspicious yogas and it provides knowledge, beauty, and success to persons. This yoga will provide the devotees prosperity and success in life. Few remedies for this yoga can provide higher benefits. Follow these measures in the Vishkumbha Yoga:

  • Worship Lord Shiva on the day and perform Rudrabhishek. 
  • Chant the mantra ‘Om Namah Shivay’.
  • Offer food to needy people and cows. 
  • Donate shoes and clothes to the poor people. 
  • What Needs To Be Done On Kalashtami?
  • On the Kalashtami 2023 day, wake up and bathe early. 
  • Also, clean the home and the worship place. 
  • Offer a garland to an idol of Kal Bhairav and light up a lamp with Mustard Oil in front of it. 
  • On the Kalashtami 2023 day, recite Kaal Bhairav Ashtakam to please the Kaal Bhairav. 
  • The devotees need to visit the temple and light a mustard lamp at the place to seek the blessing of Kaal Bhairav. 
  • Mithi Roti is prepared for Bhog, on this day. This is the kind of special Prasad meant to please Kaal Bhairav. 
  • In the evening, devotees need to break fast after sunset. 
  • On this day, consumption of Tamasic food is considered inauspicious. 

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The Method Of Making Bhog 

Take two big bowls of flour and melt one bowl of jaggery in it. Now add some water to it, mix it, and prepare the dough. You can also add Saumph to it. From this, prepare Roti. 

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Relevant Measures To Be Taken On Kalashtami 2023 

  • On the Kalashtami night, visit the Kaal Bhairav temple at a specific time and light a mustard oil lamp at the place. Offer blue flowers, Akshat, Oil, etc. to God. Also, it is suitable to offer curd and jaggery. This will result in the blessing of Kaal Bhairav with peace and happiness to devotees. 
  • On the Kalashtami night, pakodas, pua & papad, etc. are prepared in Mustard Oil. The next day, offer it to the poor. Doing this remedy will result in the blessing of Kaal Bhairav. It will result in relief from sins, diseases, and other kinds of troubles. 
  • On Kalashtami 2023, bathe early in the morning, visit the Kaal Bhairav temple, and worship the lord with specific methods. In front of God, light a Mustard Oil Lamp, offer Jalebi, and ask for relevant wishes. Following the right rituals will please Kaal Bhairav and the lord will fulfill all the wishes of devotees. 
  • Light a Mustard Oil Lamp in an earthen lamp in front of Kaal Bhairav on Kashtami 2023, for prosperity and happiness at home. 
  • In case of long pending tasks, recite Batuk Bhairav Panj Kavach on the Kalashtami day. Following the right remedies will ensure the completion of pending tasks timely and result in a successful life. 
  • On the Kalashtami 2023 day, take a long thread from Mauli to eliminate the negative vibes from your home or office. In this thread, tie seven knots and keep it at the main entrance at home. This remedy will eliminate all your negative energies. 

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