Dangerous Jwalamukhi Yoga In June Could Bring Troubles!

Jwalamukhi Yoga 2023: We all are aware that when we want to commence any auspicious work, we first look for an auspicious yoga. Since ancient times, the tradition of finding auspicious and inauspicious yogas based on the movements and calculations of planets and constellations has been going on. In astrology, you get knowledge and information of many auspicious yogas and on the opposite side, there are many yogas stated that are considered inauspicious in nature. 

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Jwalamukhi Yoga is a highly inauspicious yoga and according to beliefs doing or commencing any kind of pious work is prohibited during this period. Through this blog, we will gain all the pertinent information related to this yoga. So, you need to follow some precautions and with that you will definitely be able to keep the negative effects of this unfavorale Yoga at bay!

What Is Jwalamukhi Yoga?

This particular Yoga is formed by the combination of special and specific dates and constellations. This is the reason that before doing any auspicious work or commencing any pious work the Tithi and Nakshatras are thoroughly checked. So, now let’s check what are the circumstances that give birth to Jwalamukhi Yoga. 

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  • If the Pratipada Tithi falls under Moola Nakshatra then it gives birth to this Yoga. 
  • Jwalamukhi Yoga gets formed when Panchami Tithi falls under Bharani Nakshatra.
  • When Ashtami Tithi comes under Krittika Nakshatra, then it gives birth to this Yoga.
  • If Navami Tithi comes under Rohini Nakshatra, then due to that this Yoga get’s formed. 
  • If Dashmi Tithi falls under Ashlesha Nakshatra, then due to that the formation of this yoga takes place. 

Jwalamukhi Yoga 2023: Time & Date

This unfavorable yoga, Jwalamukhi Yoga will be formed on 5th June 2023 and will start from 3:23 am and will end at 6:38 am. 

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Avoid Doing These Works On Jwalamukhi Yoga 

  • Any kind of auspicious work shall not be commenced under this Yoga. By doing so, one receives fruitless outcomes and obstacles also come in those work as well. 
  • Engaging in pious work like marriage, mundan rites, and engagement is completely prohibited during this time. 
  • Bhoomi Pujan and purchasing a new house should also be avoided under this inauspicious period. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is jwalamukhi yoga?

Jwalamukhi Yoga is one of the most highly unfavorable and ill yogas. 

Q2: Which yoga is very rare in astrology?

Mahalakshmi Yoga is considered to be one of the rarest yogas in astrology. 

Q3: Which is the most powerful Yog in kundli?

One of the most powerful yogas in astrology is known as Raja Yoga. 

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