Malvaya & Hans Rajyog: Jupiter-Venus Transit Forms Rajyog In Horoscope Of 3 Zodiacs After 12 Years!

Malvaya & Hans Rajyog: The planets, according to astrology, change the zodiac after a certain period of time. This has an effect on human life as well as the environment. Venus is regarded as the planet of luxury, physical and worldly delight, and glory. Whereas Jupiter is the source of all information, progress, and wealth. Jupiter is moving through the zodiac, while Venus is present in Pisces. 

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After 12 years, Jupiter and Venus will make a conjunction in Pisces. The combination of these planets forms Malavya and Hans Rajyoga in the horoscope of three zodiac signs. As a result, individuals of the three zodiac signs will be blessed with prosperity and happiness. Before moving ahead let’s learn what Malvaya & Hans Rajyoga are.

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Malvaya & Hans Rajyog In Astrology

Malavya Yoga is one of the Pancha Mahapurusha Yogas or Raj Yogas that is created by the placement of Venus in particular houses and signs. Malavya Yoga is created when the planet Venus is placed in Taurus, Libra, or Pisces and in one of the Kendra houses, which are the first, fourth, seventh, or tenth house from the ascendant. Venus rules the Taurus and Libra zodiac signs and is elevated in the Pisces. The strength of yoga will be determined by Venus’s strength and the effects of other planets on Venus. If Venus is between 5 and 25 degrees and not aspected or in conjunction with malefic planets such as Mars, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu, the Yoga has a very strong effect on the natives’ lives.

In astrology, Hans Rajyog is pure, auspicious, and lovely, just like its name. Natives who have been endowed with Hans Yoga are apt to be intelligent and hardworking. They make sound decisions and can tell the difference between right and wrong. They are well-mannered people who respect the individual in front of them. Like Malvaya, Hans Rajyog is also one of the Panch Mahapurusha Yogas. If Jupiter is in the Kendra of the fourth, seventh, or tenth house in its own or exalted sign, the Hans Yoga is created in your horoscope. 

Hans Rajyog motivates the native to achieve his objectives. They have exceptional concentration abilities. People who are endowed with this powerful yoga are fortunate and can live a luxurious lifestyle. They will never have to deal with hardship in their lives. This is a type of Raj Yoga that represents achievement, prosperity, and advancement in life.  

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Malvaya & Hans Rajyog Forming In The Horoscope Of These Three Zodiac Signs

Below is the list of three lucky zodiac signs who will be bestowed with these two auspicious Yogas which will bring huge wealth and prosperity in their life:


The creation of Hans and Malavya Raj Yoga may be beneficial to Cancer natives because Jupiter and Venus are in the place of prosperity in your zodiac sign, so you will be quite fortunate during this period. Furthermore, it will also strengthen your  financial situation and at the same time, you will be able to complete the halted task during this period. You could also get opportunities to travel overseas. On the other hand, natives who are jobless or planning to change their work can find a decent job. This time span can also benefit the students preparing for the competitive exams.

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Sagittarius natives, Malavya and Hans Raj Yoga are being created in your zodiac sign’s fourth house, so you can obtain riches and materialistic pleasures as a result of it.  All your long-standing worries will be alleviated. Along with this all your halted tasks or other tasks you plan to start will be completed successfully. So, if you are involved in politics, you can be assigned with a great job. For businessmen, this time will be quite advantageous as new business deals can be finalized during this period. Sagittarius natives, you can also plan to purchase a car or a property. If we talk about the people who are doing jobs, there are many opportunities for appraisal and promotions which will be offered to employees. As well as, there will be a positive atmosphere in the house.


The formation of Hans and Malavya Raja Yoga will greatly benefit the Pisces natives as well. Eventually, your fortitude and strength will grow and you will gain support from your siblings. Pisces natives who are working for foreign companies will also benefit greatly. If you have been thinking of buying or selling land then this is the best time to do so. Furthermore, your income will also rise faster than you have ever imagined before at this time. Working employees will get complete support and coordination from their seniors and juniors at their workplace and those who are jobless, this is the time when they will be accepted in a big firm. 

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