Jupiter-Venus Conjunction In Pisces After 12 Years; 3 Zodiacs In For Holi Reward!

Jupiter-Venus Conjunction 2023: The motions of the planets and constellations are given more weight in the prolific and abundant study of Vedic astrology. Each and every aspect of our existence is impacted by the motion of all celestial bodies, and their effects are broad in scope. The planet of beauty and femininity, Venus transited in the zodiac sign of intuition and mysticism, Pisces on 15th February 2023, and will remain in that zodiac sign till 12th March 2023. The zodiac sign of Pisces is ruled by the great planet Jupiter. The “Guru” of all the planets in conjunction with Venus will provide ultimate blessings and favors to three fortunate zodiac signs and will definitely impact all other zodiac signs of the zodiac cycle as well. So, through this blog of AstroSage we will find out who those advantaged natives are and what makes Jupiter-Venus conjunction all the more special!

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Jupiter-Venus Conjunction And Holi To Mingle!

Through the lens of Vedic astrology we all find out how important the places of both the planets are. The counselor of Gods, Jupiter is known to be the harbinger of luck, growth, fortune, and dignity. Whereas, the planet of harmony and beauty, Venus brings love, luxury, pleasure, attraction, and art. Both these planets are beneficial and benevolent in their own right. This awe-inspiring conjunction is happening after 12 long years and this year it is going to be notable as it will be happening during the days of the auspicious festival of Holi! 

Phalgun Purnima Vrat and Holika Dahan will be celebrated during the same day which is 7th March 2023 and on that day an auspicious Yoga, Dhriti Yoga is forming as well. One of the most popular Hindu festivals, Holi worldwide, recognized as “festival of colors” will be celebrated with much fervor and elation on 8th March 2023 (day of full moon and the month is Phalguna). With colors and celebrations we are once again reminded of the victory of truth over evil! So, let’s read below about those 3 fortunate zodiac signs which will benefit from the Jupiter-Venus conjunction!

These 3 Zodiac Signs To Collect Rewards & Blessings!


With the blessings of Jupiter-Venus conjunction and Holi, the natives of Ram are going to get favorable outcomes in their career. These fortunate natives will get good financial gains as well. This conjunction will take place in your second house, and with its favorable effects unexpected money will be there for you. The finances that have been somehow stalled will also be returned to you during this period. Your speech and your financial status both will be strengthened and dominant. You will be able to impress people with your skills. Ram natives pursuing careers in marketing, media, and entertainment will get good benefits as well!

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The Jupiter-Venus conjunction in Pisces will prove to be beneficial for the natives of Bull. The days of prosperity and luck are not far behind, as with the effect of this conjunction, your earnings will increase and so will your social prestige. You will get a good position, and old investments will bring profits. This period will be auspicious if you want to start new ventures. If there are matters pending in court, then they will also come in your favor. All-in-all, this conjunction will bring you great benefits in income and profits. 


The Jupiter-Venus conjunction is happening in your fifth house. The Scorpio natives will get favorable news from their children. During this time you could buy a property or a vehicle. Your financial status will be improved during this blessed period. Success and harmony will be there in your love relationships as well. Beneficial opportunities will be there for Scorpio natives in their careers and businesses. Relations with your mother will be harmonious as well!

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We wish you prosperity in all your spheres with the Jupiter-Venus Conjunction; our sincere thanks for visiting AstroSage!


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