Jupiter Transit in Capricorn Amidst Coronavirus: These Signs Must Remain Careful!

Coronavirus has engulfed the entire world completely in its grip. Starting from China, this virus has now almost dominated the whole world. Every country is taking the necessary steps to secure its citizens and control this pandemic as soon as possible. What is Coronavirus? How to avoid it? Many such articles are floating in the ocean of social media these days addressing its prevention, origin and other aspects.

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Where on one hand scientists are giving advice on how to deal with this situation, astrological point of view is also being considered. In such a state, we are shedding light on the transit of Jupiter in Capricorn amidst Coronavirus outbreak and its impact on all the zodiac signs. Let’s know which signs can be susceptible to this virus and whose immunity will remain strong.

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Jupiter’s Assistance In Fighting Off Coronavirus

Jupiter, also hailed as Guru Maharaj or Brihaspati is considered a very important planet in astrology. He holds the position of the “Minister” in the celestial cabinet, which adds to its significance in astrology. Currently, it is transiting in its Mooltrikona sign Sagittarius and will enter Capricorn at 19:10 evening on March 29, 2020. It will remain posited in this sign until June 29, 2020. Read in detail the impact of Jupiter Transit in Capricorn on 29 March 2020.

The position of Jupiter in one’s horoscope majorly impacts your health as well. When placed auspiciously in one’s kundli, it instils a sense of positivity in one’s mind and bestows you with the necessary vitality to fight off diseases. The planet “Jupiter” has been entitled with the role of “Protector” in astrology, and its favourable placement in a kundli helps achieve great health and immunity power.

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Good News For These Signs Regarding Coronavirus Infection

The planet Jupiter in Hindi is made up of two words, “गुरु” or Guru, where “Gu” means darkness and “Ru” means the destroyer of darkness. Therefore the word “Guru” means the one who shuns away the darkness and bestows the light of knowledge. Since the planet Jupiter makes a native aware, he/she becomes careful and health-conscious when it is positively placed.

At this time, the transit of planet Jupiter in Capricorn will be very auspicious from the health point of view for Aries, Virgo and Pisces natives. The favourable placement of Jupiter in these signs instils positivity, high resistance power and immunity and vitality, and the planet will play the role of the “Protector” for these signs. The effect of Coronavirus on these zodiac signs will be minimal to none. Nevertheless, natives of these zodiac signs will need to be a little aware!

Major Effects Of Coronavirus On These Signs

Natives of Taurus, Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius are needed to remain cautious and aware of their health during this period. These natives can act a little careless, have negative thoughts and remain stressed, leading to fear, anxiety and pain. These conditions will directly attack your immunity, which can make you vulnerable and prone to getting infected.

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Therefore, you need to increase your immunity to avoid getting infected from Coronavirus at this time. For this, you should be among positive people, read inspirational books, and do yoga-meditation. Regular pranayama will be effective as well. However, if the planet Jupiter is in an auspicious position in the horoscope of these natives, then there is no need to panic.

Jupiter Transit & Its Impact On Health Of All Zodiac Signs

Let us now have a look at the impact of this transit of the Jupiter with regards to the health of natives belonging to all the 12 zodiac signs.


For the natives belonging to the zodiac sign Aries, the transit of Jupiter will take place in your tenth house with your exalted Moon Sign Lord Mars, indicating auspiciousness in terms of health. During this transit, your immunity will be at its peak. Nevertheless, applying oneself to any exercise or physical activity etc. will be auspicious for the natives of this zodiac.


This transit of Jupiter will not bring auspicious results as Jupiter in this position will aspect your ascendant and your sixth house Lord Venus, which indicates that you are likely to face some problems with regards to your health. Stress and anxiety will be high during this period which will further aggravate the negative effects on your health.


For your zodiac sign, the ascendant lord’s position between the malefic planets and the guardian Jupiter’s transit’s lack of connection can be worrying from the point of view of health. Uncertainty and stress can dominate you at this time, which can further deteriorate the situation. At this time, some people have complaints related to breathing, which is why they should be careful. At this time, your immunity will also decrease.


The transit of Guru or Jupiter will be auspicious for the Cancer zodiac, and its aspect on the ascendant lord and getting conjugated in an exalted state with fifth house’s ruling lord, Mars will be very auspicious for the people of this zodiac sign. This planetary position will be very auspicious for health-related matters. Cancerians will feel energized and energetic during this time period. Nevertheless, it is important for you to be careful with regards to your dietary habits.

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The transit of Jupiter in the seventh house will not be quite favourable for the zodiac sign Leo. It is not at all auspicious for your immune system. The planet will remain posited in its debilitated sign while being the ruling lord of the fifth house. This can cause negativity in your nature, which can cause deterioration in your health. At this time, take special care of food and avoid the consumption of heavy food items, otherwise, problems may increase. At this time, the natives of this zodiac should also be careful of allergies etc.


It will be very auspicious for the natives of this zodiac sign as Jupiter is posited in the fifth house along with the ruling of the fifth house, Saturn. Sixth house lord Mars’ exalted state is also indicating that your combative nature will increase at this time. Your immunity will be at its peak at this time, which will help you fight against all diseases.


For natives belonging to the zodiac sign Libra, the transit of Jupiter is not considered to be much favourable. During this time the position of the zodiac Lord Venus may take position in the house of uncertainties and diseases. And, the same planet also being aspected by Jupiter may create some unfavourable situations for your health conditions. Jupiter in the sixth house and getting conjuncted in the fourth house with the malefic Mars signifies some health problems caused due to dietary imbalances. You may also suffer from obesity and many other problems due to your unhealthy lifestyle. Your immunity may also get lowered down because of the position of Jupiter which may give birth to many ailments and diseases in the process.


For Scorpio natives, the transit of Jupiter may not prove to be very much favourable for health-related conditions. The Residency of more than one planet in your third house signifies that overdoing any particular thing may prove to be disastrous for your health, be it your eating habits or workforce and many other things. Hence, it would be better and you will come into terms with positive outcomes if you learn how to curb your desires. If you imbibe the practice of meditating, then it may bring some positive changes to your behaviour in this time period.


For Sagittarius natives, the transit of Jupiter may create positive health conditions. You will remain in a state of awareness with regards to your health. You will try to fill in some positive thoughts into your mind because of which this transit will bring in some favourable results and you will make the most of this time.

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Jupiter will rule over your twelfth house and enter your ascendant house, which is not indicating the prevalence of positive health conditions. You may battle with fatigue, irritation and anxiety in this time duration. Negative thoughts and excessive stress will also be seen in you which may boost down your energy level. The transit will also have a negative impact on your immunity. Hence , it is advised to remain calm and composed and does not let the negative energy take over your mind in this time period.


For Capricorn natives, the transit of Jupiter is taking place in your house of expenses which will not at all be favourable for your well being and health. The conjunction of Jupiter with your zodiac Lord suggests that you may suffer from communicable diseases. The presence of more than one planet in your twelfth house may make you suffer from insomnia, irritation and dietary problems. Hence, it is advised to take special care of your diet. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking water frequently, which will keep the maximum health problems at bay. It would be better if you brush the negative thoughts and stress under the carpet and focus on the positive side of life.


For people belonging to the zodiac sign Pisces, the transit of Jupiter will prove to be quite auspicious with regards to your health. Along with this, the ruling lord of luck and fortune, Mars being in exalted state is indicating the prevalence of more auspicious outcomes. This transit is also indicating that you will keep obtaining the support of luck all throughout this while. Situations will remain in your favour and your health conditions will also improve. You will remain energetic and full of life which will add welcoming changes to your health and lifestyle.

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