Jupiter Transit After 12 Years Fills These 4 Zodiacs With Fortune!

Jupiter Transit: Jupiter is one of the most magnificent planets in Vedic Astrology. It is the planet of wisdom, knowledge, expansion, growth, spirituality, and higher learning. Its impact on an individual includes positivity, generosity, and opportunities. This planet also signifies wealth, abundance, prosperity, and good fortune. 

Jupiter, like every other planet, moves from one zodiac to another over time. So, it stays around 12 -13 months in one zodiac and then moves towards the other zodiacs. In May, after 12 years, one of the most important transit; Jupiter transit, is going to happen. And, according to Vedic Astrology, this auspicious transit will enhance the luck of the four zodiacs and they are going to enjoy their life in the best possible way. 

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Today, in this blog we are focusing on the Jupiter Transit, its date and time as well as the four zodiacs whose life is going to be filled with positivity amidst this transit. Stick with us till the end and check if you are one of the lucky 4. 

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Jupiter Transit: Date And Time 

One of the most important planetary transits, Jupiter Transit, is going to happen on 1st May, Wednesday, at 2:29 pm. It will move to Venus’s zodiac, Taurus. This event is happening after a complete 12 years because the auspicious planet Jupiter changes the zodiac once a year and it takes 12 years for it to come again in any zodiac. 

Jupiter transit to Taurus is going to open the doors of opportunities, luck, and favorable outcomes for many. They will be especially blessed with the grace of Kuber, making anything and everything possible in their life.

Upcoming Transits of Jupiter 

According to the Hindu calendar, Jupiter, considered the Lord of Gods, will move into Taurus on 1st May 2024. Later, it will enter the Rohini Nakshatra on 12th June. After that, it will go retrograde on 9th October and will become direct on 4th February 2025. Finally, on 14th May, it will exit Taurus and transit into Gemini.

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These 4 Zodiacs Are Going To Be Extremely Blessed By Jupiter Transit 


According to Vedic Astrology, this transit is going to grace the Aries natives with financial prosperity. The chances of making money will increase and you may even experience a big financial gain. Your bank balance will be multiplied and you will even be able to save money. The material comforts and luxuries await the natives and there are strong chances that you will be able to pay off your old debt and loans. The pressure of loans will be lightened. To conclude, the Jupiter transit is going to bless the Aries natives with financial abundance. 

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The Leo natives are going to be extremely blessed with this transit. You can be blessed with hidden money and apart from that, you may get ancestral property or some other kind of ancestral heritage. There will be sudden and unexpected gains, also all your wishes will be fulfilled. There are chances that you can buy a property or land during this period. Whatever property or land you may buy during this time will only benefit you in the long run. You will try your level best to reduce your expenses but you are still advised to stay away from taking a new loan. 


The third benefitted zodiac from Jupiter’s transit is the Scorpio zodiac. Your financial condition will notice an improvement, and all your professional strategies will be successful. Your monthly income can increase and there are even indications of newfound income sources. You will be able to attain all kinds of comfort and luxuries as your finances will be strong. The employed natives can get an increment in their salary or may get a job with a better salary.

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If you belong to the Aquarius zodiac, then you need to know that Jupiter transit can help you get ancestral property during this period. There are even chances of unexpected financial gains which will increase your happiness and satisfaction. Your respect and honor will increase in religious activities as well. Your financial condition will improve. Also, you can spend money to fulfill the wishes of your family during this period. Besides, you may go on a trip within the country or abroad. You will also be successful in getting rid of all kinds of debt or loans in this duration. 

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