Jupiter Transit 2024: Taurus & 2 Other Zodiacs Must Beware- Note Remedies Now!

Jupiter Transit 2024: With both good and bad memories, people have finally prepared themselves to say goodbye to the year 2023 and are preparing themselves to welcome the new year 2024 with expectations & enthusiasm. With the start of the new year, new opportunities and happiness will arrive in the lives of people. Everyone welcomes the new year with new resolutions. Everyone has questions in their minds related to the new year and people are interested to know about the coming year.

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Along with this, they will be interested in checking the types of ups and downs arriving in the lives of natives. Let us inform the readers that Jupiter is going to transit in the year 2024 and its effects will be seen across all the zodiac signs. The natives of some zodiacs might face tough times in this period and collect here the relevant information about zodiacs that may face adverse consequences due to Jupiter Transit 2024. 

However, the natives of the signs shouldn’t panic in such a situation and this blog will provide information about relevant measures that should be adopted for making their lives pleasant and memorable in 2024. So, let’s start and go through the blog till the end for all the correct details. 

Jupiter Transit 2024: These Zodiac Signs Need To Be Especially Careful This Year 


For the Taurus natives, Jupiter Transit 2024 will bring ups and downs in their lives. During this period, you may face health related troubles. Devguru Jupiter is the lord of the eighth house and eleventh house for your zodiac sign and as a result, the health of natives won’t be favorable for you. During this time, you may be bothered with stomach diseases and metabolism related troubles. Here Devguru Jupiter will have a vision on the fifth house, where Ketu is already situated. During Jupiter Transit 2024, doing excessive worship may be harmful to the natives. Hence, following the rules in the correct way & worshiping comfortably, and pleasing your deity will get you success. Between 03 May and 03 June, as Jupiter will be positioned in the retrograde state, the natives need to be careful in this period as there are real chances of getting ill. In the last months of the year, from 09 October 2024, Jupiter will come into a retrograde state, and this will result in marital tensions in the married life of Taurus natives. 

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Remedy: Starting from Thursday, chant Guru Jupiter’s Beej mantra ‘Om Gran Green Gran Sa: Guruve Namah’ regularly. 


In many cases, Jupiter Transit 2024 will be favorable for you, and in some cases, there might be challenges across areas. From 09 October, Jupiter will enter its retrograde state and will continue to be in that position till the end of the year. In this condition, the Virgo natives need to put a lot of effort into their work and thus postpone your plans, if you wish to do any auspicious work. The time after it will be favorable for you to complete the specified tasks. 

Remedy: Starting Thursday, you need to recite Shri Vishnu Sahastranam Stotra regularly. 

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Jupiter will transit in the eighth of Libra natives. By being present in the eighth house, Devguru Jupiter can bring disappointment in your relationship with your siblings. At the workplace, there are chances of disputes with colleagues and their words can become the reason for trouble for you. Even though the natives keep trying, there will be a possibility of a debt rise during Jupiter Transit 2024. Avoid taking new loans or else you need to keep paying them for a longer period of time. The transit can prove somewhat weak for the Libra natives and they need to face different types of challenges. There will be excessive expenses too. 

Remedy: On Thursday, donate materials like raw potatoes, gram pulses, desi ghee, camphor, and turmeric to deal with Jupiter Transit 2024. 

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