Jupiter-Sun Conjunction After 12 Years; Find Out If Your Zodiac Will Get Lucky!

Jupiter-Sun Conjunction: The transit of each planet is regarded as highly significant in Vedic astrology, and each transit becomes much more special when a conjunction occurs with the planetary movements. This year, we will get to see something similar when the king of nine planets, the Sun, and the Guru of all the Lords, Jupiter, will be seen forming an alliance together. It is obvious that just like each transit has an impact on each of the twelve zodiac signs, this conjunction will affect every zodiac as well. 

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However, there are three very special and lucky zodiac signs who are going to be blessed by this planetary movement! Curious to know if your sign is one of them? Read this blog by AstroSage, where we will explain everything about the Jupiter-Sun Conjunction, and the three signs who are going to be benefited from it! So let us start!

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The Conjunction Of Jupiter And Sun

Both Jupiter and the Sun change their positions in a zodiac sign every year. It takes Jupiter a complete year, that is, twelve months, while the Sun moves its position every once a month. This year, Jupiter will transit into Aries on April 22nd, 2023, while the Sun will already be in Aries from April 14th, 2023. As a result, after twelve years, the Sun and Jupiter will be observed in conjunction in Aries. This planetary movement will be quite beneficial to a few lucky zodiac signs.

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Significance of Jupiter and The Sun In Vedic Astrology

Both the planets, the Sun and Jupiter, have their own importance in Vedic Astrology. The Sun is thought to symbolize the soul, whereas Jupiter represents life. The Sun is the lord of the zodiac sign Leo, whereas Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Pisces. The Sun gives you energy, strength, immunity, and the capacity to combat all the problems in your life, including sicknesses, whereas Jupiter gives you hope, success, kindness, and generosity.

Let us now see which of the three zodiac signs will benefit the most from the Jupiter-Sun conjunction.

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Goddess Lakshmi Will Shower Her Blessing On These Three Signs


Since the Jupiter-Sun conjunction will take place in Aries, it will prove to be very beneficial for the natives of this zodiac sign. In such a case, you will be successful in any task you undertake. You will most likely grow in your job as well as earn great profits in your business. The financial situation of Aires natives will be strong as well, and your connection with your partner will stay warm and pleasant. If you are interested in creative works then you are likely to get benefited from this conjunction.

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The conjunction of the Sun and Jupiter will favor the Gemini natives. This is the perfect time for anyone looking to form a new business alliance. During this period, you will be presented with several fresh possibilities, and the careers of these individuals will soar. The students of this zodiac are more likely to succeed in school. Some people can accumulate enormous money while those searching for a job will soon find one.


The conjunction of Jupiter and the Sun in April will be advantageous to the people of Libra. These folks are more likely to make money and succeed in business. Your financial situation will be favorable at this time. But, there is a chance that your expenses will rise, hence you are advised to save as much money as possible. This period will be beneficial to marital life. Individuals who had several barriers in their marriage will now have them all gone and will find their partners soon!

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