Jupiter Rises In Taurus – Love Life Excels For Natives Of These Zodiac Signs!

On 03 June 2024, Jupiter rises in Taurus at 03:21. With Jupiter’s rise in the Taurus zodiac, the lives of natives will be affected in some way or the other. It will have a deep impact on the love life, finances, and other aspects of natives. 

This AstroSage blog contains details about the zodiac signs that will have either positive or negative effects due to Jupiter’s rise. So, let us move ahead and learn about the zodiac signs whose natives will get happiness in their love life due to the rise of Jupiter in Taurus. 

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Jupiter Rise In Taurus – List Of Zodiac Signs That Will Experience Good Love Life 


Jupiter is lord of the ninth and twelfth house of the Aries zodiac. It is now going to rise in the second house of Aries natives. If we talk about the love life of people, the natives will get the chance to spend quality time with their partners. You will get happiness with your spouse in the relationship. 

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Jupiter is the lord of the sixth and ninth house of the Cancer zodiac sign. It is going to rise in the eleventh house of the zodiac. This results in good coordination with their love partners. They can maintain their relationship with complete honesty. 

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Jupiter is the lord of the fourth and seventh house of the Virgo zodiac sign. It is going to rise in the ninth house of the Virgo natives. During this period, the Virgo natives will get success in their love life. They can expect support from their partners in tough or difficult times. This will make you happy in your love life. 

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Jupiter is the lord of the second and fifth house of the Scorpio zodiac sign. It is going to rise in the seventh house of the natives. They can make new friends during this period. In their love life, they can establish good relations with their spouse and there will be harmony among both. 

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Effects Of Jupiter On The Love Life Of Natives

  • The influence of Jupiter on the love life of natives indicates happy & good relationships. The auspicious placement of Jupiter in the horoscope results in happy times in the married lives of natives. 
  • As Mercury is placed with auspicious planets and in good positions, then it creates an auspicious period for the married life of people. 
  • When Jupiter is placed in an auspicious position in the women’s horoscope, then it brings positivity and balance to the married life of natives. 
  • When Jupiter is in conjunction with inauspicious planets and is in a weaker position, retrograde, or in an inauspicious house, then it creates chances of separation & divorce in the married lives of natives. 

Effects Of Jupiter On Love Life – How To Know It?

Let’s explore some of the key factors to consider to know whether Jupiter is favorable for your relationship or not –

Jupiter in the seventh house: In Vedic Astrology, the seventh house is related to marriage & relationship. If Jupiter is placed in this house, then it indicates positive energy in the love life of relationships. Such an auspicious position of Jupiter results in progress, peace, and success across marriage relationships. 

Vision of other planets on Jupiter: The vision of other planets on Jupiter results in positive outcomes in the love life of natives. 

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Transit: It is vital to pay attention to Jupiter’s transit on the native’s horoscope. Jupiter’s transit in any zodiac sign enhances the chances of expansion and opportunities for people. It proves good for the love life & relationship of natives. 

Effects Of Planet Jupiter In The Seventh House 

The seventh house of the horoscope is responsible for the marriage of people. As Jupiter is in an auspicious position in the horoscope, then the person will have a strong relationship with their life partner. They will remain honest with their partner. They will have an interest in spirituality and will be honest towards their activities. 

In this period, if Jupiter is providing inauspicious effects in the seventh house, then people can face different challenges in their married life. There are chances of different with the life partner. Their love relationship won’t last for a longer period. 

In Priyanka Chopra’s Horoscope, Jupiter Is In The Seventh House 

Jupiter is located in the seventh house in Priyanka Chopra’s horoscope. The house of marriage is the seventh house. Due to this, she gained a lot of popularity. She also attained money, fame, and name because of it. Other than that, she is very generous in her relationship and very dedicated towards her partner. 

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Q1. What is the date of Jupiter’s rise in Taurus?

Ans. Jupiter rises in Taurus on 03 June 2024.

Q2. Which house is considered lucky for Jupiter?

Ans. The lucky houses of Jupiter are first, second, fifth, and seventh.

Q3. In which zodiac sign Jupiter is exalted?

Ans. Jupiter is exalted in the Cancer zodiac sign.

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