Jupiter Rise In Aries; Results Of This Celestial Motion Revealed For 12 Zodiacs!

Jupiter Rise In Aries: In Vedic astrology, all the movements and positions of planets, and constellations are given significance and much importance. It goes without saying that their effects are both widespread and profound. So, through this blog of AstroSage, we will discover more about this incredible celestial motion, Jupiter Rise In Aries, and through this piece of writing one will also find out what the date, and time are, and its zodiac-based impacts. Along with this, we will uncover significant remedies by which we can get relief from the negative effects of this movement. 

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As we know that different positions of planets greatly affect all the different spheres of our lives and these effects could be both positive and negative. The rise of a planet signifies that its strength is back and will give outcomes according to its complete authority. The greatest and the most gigantic of all planets, Jupiter is also known as Brihaspati and Guru, as it is considered the teacher and also the counselor of all the Gods. It is known to be the benefactor of religion, spirituality, progression, fortune, luck, morality, fame, and education. It is a beneficial, and highly powerful planet which gives outstanding qualities to all the natives. So, let’s discover more about this movement and commence our happy reading!

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Jupiter Rise In Aries: Date & Time 

The Guru of the Gods, Jupiter will rise in the zodiac sign of Aries, which signifies leadership and independence on 27th April at 2:07. The planet Jupiter will rise in Aries, the zodiac sign which comes under the lordship of Mars, and this zodiac sign shares cordial relations with Jupiter. So, let’s read about this in detail!

Jupiter Rise In Aries: Effects On The Natives Of Aries 

The counselor of Gods, Jupiter rules the ninth and twelfth houses of Aries and its rise will happen in your first house. As a result, the natives will be inclined towards spirituality and during this period may also travel overseas. In the careers of Aries natives, growth will be seen as good opportunities, promotions, and recognition will come in the front. 

For some the change of jobs could be there as well. Aries natives who are into business will flourish during this period. From a viewpoint of finance, things are looking prosperous and lively. However, the Aries natives in their interpersonal relationships might get to face some issues, but through good communication all issues can be easily solved. Health issues like pain in legs, issues of digestion, and headache might disturb you but nothing major will distress you in this period. 

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How Does Astrology See Gas Giant Jupiter?

In Vedic astrology, Jupiter takes the most exalted position as its qualities are much desired and its characteristics highly revered as well. Jupiter blesses natives with wonderful, supreme, and essential qualities. It brings luck and fortune in one’s life and helps in uplifting a person’s spiritual essence. It rules over two zodiac signs out of the zodiac cycle, and they are blessed Sagittarius and Pisces

In Roman mythology, the planet Jupiter is also referred to as the king of Gods. Jupiter represents growth and expansion in a person, and as a result, he has power over knowledge skills and authority over our capacity for education. Jupiter in a single zodiac sign for a year before switching to another zodiac sign. The element of Jupiter is air. If Guru, that is Jupiter, is placed with beneficial planets then due to its positive effects, natives receive all kinds of happiness and progress in their lives. If somehow, it is placed with negative planets, then due to their ill effects natives might suffer in their lives as well. 

The ascendant zodiac sign of Jupiter is Cancer and similarly its descendant zodiac sign is Capricorn. Amongst the 27 Nakshatras, Brihaspati rules over  Punarvasu Nakshatra, Vishakha Nakshatra, and Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra. The natives who receive the blessings of Jupiter are law-abiding, sincere, benevolent, knowledgeable, and humanitarians. The day of the week given to Jupiter is Thursday and the gemstone dedicated to it is Yellow Sapphire. 

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Benefits Of A Strong Jupiter In Horoscope

Below-mentioned are some of the qualities that the natives with a strong Jupiter hold. 

Progress In All Spheres:

Natives who have a strengthened Jupiter in their horoscopes tend to get benefits in all the areas of their lives. They are able to progress in their personal and professional lives by inheriting great characteristics. 

High Morality:

Jupiter’s beneficial effects are known to increase one’s knowledge, optimism, and humanitarianism. Then, we must also be aware that these natives also possess strong moral principles and align themselves with justice.

Wealth And Fortune:

Natives with strong Jupiter have opulence in their lives, and they never come across situations of financial difficulty or distress and it is also regarded as “Chief Governor of Money”.


The physical appearance of natives with a strengthened Jupiter is that they will be well-formed and robust. Their bodies will be muscular as they are inclined towards outdoor games.  

Malign Effects Of A Feeble Jupiter In Horoscope

When planet Jupiter gives its negative effects, then natives go through its below-mentioned ill effects. 

Misfortune Rises:

When Brihaspati is not placed in a favorable position, then natives suffer from financial difficulties, loss of reputation, and debts as well. 

Valueless Nature:

The character of the aforementioned person, in whose horoscope Jupiter is not in a good position, is overconfident, reckless, extravagant beyond their means, and unable to make sound judgements regarding situations and people. 

Deterring Relationships:

The interpersonal relationship of people with a weak Jupiter gradually wanes as their nature inhabits all the bad qualities and characteristics. They tend to pursue gambling, and are extremist.

Health Issues: 

The said person might also have a number of health conditions, including indigestion, cataract, gallbladder troubles, piles, mental health issues, navel-related ailments, stomach problems, enlargement, and respiratory disorders.

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Potent Remedies To Attract Guru’s Blessings 

If natives are feeling the harmful impacts of Jupiter, they shouldn’t worry because we have quick fixes that work. You may quickly avoid the bad effects of Jupiter with these simple remedies.

  • The day of the week given to Brihaspati is Thursday, so the natives should observe fast on this day and should donate yellow clothes, yellow sweets, honey, and chickpea lentils (Chana dal), and  bananas to the needy. 
  • One could also wear Yellow Sapphire, the gemstone which is dedicated to Jupiter. However, before wearing any stone, do consult an expert astrologer. 
  • The natives should always respect their spiritual teachers, mentors, and elders as well. 
  • The Beej Mantra of Jupiter must be recited by the natives who want its graceful blessings: om brim brihaspataye namah”. 
  • One can also wear a five-faced Rudraksha in order to strengthen Jupiter in their horoscope. 
  • Natives should also wear yellow clothes on Thursday. They should also recite Vishnu Shatranama and Harivansh Purana. 

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