Jupiter Retrograde After 12 Years Forms Vipreet Raj Yoga: Good Days For 3 Zodiacs

Jupiter Retrograde in Aries: Are you interested to know the significance of planet retrograde? The movement of planets forms both auspicious & inauspicious times for all the different zodiac signs. Jupiter is going to retrograde in Aries in some time and it will shine the luck of a few zodiacs. The retrograde motion is creating Vipreet Raj Yoga and the natives will be able to complete unfinished tasks firmly. This special AstroSage blog contains the right details on Jupiter retrograde and the zodiacs benefitting from it. 

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Date and Time of Jupiter Retrograde 

Jupiter will turn retrograde in Aries on 4 September 2023, Monday at 04:58 PM, and it will turn direct on 31 December 2023, Sunday. The duration of Jupiter’s retrograde will be for 118 days. 

A Retrograde movement of the planet is referred to as the backward motion and Jupiter retrograde in Aries will result in positive outcomes for a few zodiacs. Jupiter is known as the planet of knowledge, luck, growth, and expansion. At the time of Jupiter Retrograde, the natives experience philosophical growth, and will be the perfect time to get into serious spiritual practices. The 3 zodiacs will get wealth and progress in their lives with the influence of Raja Yoga.   

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List of 3 Lucky Zodiac Signs In The Jupiter Retrograde 


The formation of Vipreet Raj Yoga with Jupiter Retrograde will result in positive results for the Gemini natives. It will be the best time to start the unfinished tasks and complete them within the timeline. The chances of earning profits within the period are really high and will be ideal to shift to a new business. It will also be the ideal time to spend quality time with your life partner and get rid of all the misunderstandings. The overall income of the natives will rise during the period and set the right tone for future moves. Your health will remain intact during the period and also will result in quick recovery from the older troubles. 


The Leo zodiac will feel healthy and passionate in their lives to complete different types of activities. Luck will favor the individuals and it will be time to come out of troubled times. People will start taking an interest in religious activities with the Jupiter Retrograde in Aries. Individuals will get auspicious results in the timeline and will be able to do hard work for optimal productivity. It will also be idle time for students to sit in exams and get the best results from them. Get the top results from hard work across different activities. 

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The time of Pisces zodiac will be favorable for the completion of unfinished activities in life. For businessmen, it will be idle time to invest in specific areas and the chances of earning profits are very high. It is also the time for financial progression and also solves different types of career troubles. The Jupiter Retrograde will help save money across different activities and will result in the growth of overall wealth. The health of individuals will remain intact and it will be an idle opportunity to make progress in life. 


What are the effects of Vipreet Raj Yoga?

Ans. It results in suitable outcomes in your career and also acquires suitable mental strength to find balance in life. 

What is the best remedy for Jupiter Retrograde?

Ans. The right remedy for the Jupiter Retrograde will be to pour water on the Peepal tree every day and take seven rounds around the tree. 

What are the effects of strong Jupiter?

Ans. It results in good fortune, luxury, fame, and power, in the life of specific zodiacs. 

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