Jupiter Retrograde In Aquarius (20 June 2021): Fateful For Which Signs?

In astrology, the planet Jupiter has been bestowed the status of the biggest and important planet among all. When this planet becomes retrograde, this movement is considered very special and influential. On June 20, 2021, the planet Jupiter is going to turn retrograde, whose effect will definitely be seen on the lives of all twelve zodiac signs. So let’s know the effect of Jupiter in its retrograde motion and its timing.

When Will Jupiter Turn Retrograde?

On June 20, 2021, the planet Jupiter will turn retrograde and enter Aquarius, after which it will start moving in direct motion on September 14, 2021 and enter Capricorn.

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Impact Of Jupiter Retrograde

  • If Jupiter turns retrograde in the birth chart of a native, then understand that he/she has been bestowed with luck and fortune.
  • If there is a retrograde Jupiter in the kundli of a native, then the person becomes successful in several tasks which can prove to be challenging for others. 
  • The natives with a retrograde Jupiter have amazing skills and ability to work.
  • If creating a conjunction with other auspicious planets, retrograde Jupiter can also make the native lead his/her life as a king.

Now let’s move ahead and know whether there will be some auspicious and inauspicious effect of retrograde Jupiter on all the twelve zodiac signs.

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Jupiter is becoming retrograde in your house of profits, whereas Jupiter is in the nakshatra of Rahu and the sub-sub-nakshatra of Venus. Matters of land etc. can get complicated. Your friends may leave your side when the time comes. You are likely to suffer losses in distant lands. It is advised to be careful during a long journey. There may be expenditures regarding repairs of the house as well as there may be some defect in the vehicle.


You may have to undertake many journeys during this time period, although you will not get any clear benefit from them. You may also face problems in the workplace. You may face some opposition at the office as well. There may also be some allegations against you, however you will be proved innocent later on. You are advised to be careful about your health.


You will face money loss due to wrong decisions. You need to control your expenses during this time. You should also be careful about your health as well. There may be some sad news in the house. Regarding money, you have to keep in mind not to lend it to anyone. Buy an electronic item only after properly checking it. Some of your electronic items can also be stolen. Apart from this, there can also be a situation of separation in married life.

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You may attain sudden gains. Also, only an enemy can prove to be your ally. Differences can be deep in married life. Suddenly some bad news can be heard. You can also suffer from joint pain. In this duration, you will be supported and assisted by people you had never thought of or expected from. You are likely to receive dowry or gifts from in-laws.


You can remain mentally disturbed with this planetary movement. You may feel hogged down by troubles and problems even if there isn’t any. There will be obstacles in work and loss during travelling. There is also a possibility of a job transfer. You may get into a dispute with your senior. Weight gain may occur. There can be loss in land and legal matters.


There is a possibility of promotion at workplace. You may have a rift with your Guru or teacher. There may be a change in your religious views as well. Postponing any kind of traveling is good. Stomach problems may arise, and you can suffer from pimples, tooth pain etc. There are very good chances of you earning good money. Also, you will earn a good name in your job.


There may be a sudden decline in health as well as sudden loss of money. There is every possibility of you losing your job, but on the brighter side, you will get another one too, so don’t worry. Reduce your ego, otherwise you may suffer a lot. Issues regarding land, property etc. may arise. There will be sourness in married life.


Progress will be seen in the work. Business expansion is going to be good. You can make up your mind to purchase a house, but it is not the right time for you to go ahead with the idea. You may complain of high blood pressure. Your health will be bad, but the doctor will not be able to understand your disease. However, you do not need to worry a lot, since everything will be fine on its own. You should not interfere in the affairs of others, otherwise the loss will be yours. There is a possibility of you getting into a conversation with an old friend from a distant country.

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This transit is going to be worst for Sagittarius natives. Loss of health, lots of worries, sufferings etc. will go hand in hand. You have to take care of your health the most as clearly, there is a possibility of a serious crisis. Obstacles in work, accidents, any serious stomach-related problems can arise. There is a possibility of loss of money. Take care of your belongings, as theft can happen.


Most of the things are going to be normal, but the departments of those who are employed can get changed, and some people may lose their jobs. The idea of ​​starting your own business may also come to mind. However, it is advised not to take any step in this direction right now. Let the thought be a thought for the time being. There can be failure in love relationship. You can get cheated in love too, hence be careful. Your religious sentiments may get hurt.


Relations with father may deteriorate. There is a possibility of sudden loss of respect and honor. Minor loss in health may be seen. If you drink, then consume only good quality alcohol. You can remain mentally disturbed during this period. You may remain sad without any reason as well.


Jupiter is in a retrograde motion and entering in the twelfth house from your ascendant. More efforts have to be made. You will travel abroad. There is also the possibility of loss in travel. There will be bitterness in love relationship. You will remain very upset due to this and will not be able to do anything. However, with time, everything will be fine. There may be a situation where you have to go to the hospital. Legal issues will deliver opposite results. Your lawyer may deceive you.

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