This Yoga of Jupiter Causes Professional Problems, Know Astrological Remedies Now!

Each and every person wants to touch great heights of career in his/her professional life. A stable job only guarantees name, fame and respect in the society and this is a truth universally acknowledged by each and every person. But, it so happens that after numerous trails and efforts one doesn’t remain at the receiving end of a satisfactory career and astrology states that planets and Nakshatras are majorly responsible for this. 

In this blog today, we will be primarily talking about the planet Jupiter and let you know how does the planet constructs one’s career positively. Additionally, we will also provide you with some astrological remedies which will help you build a strong professional life. 

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Jupiter’s Role in Career Formation

Knowledge never falls short in a person’s horoscope whose horoscope hosts a strong presence of Jupiter. At the same time, such people move ahead in the field of education with great aces. An individual whose planet Jupiter is in a favorable position in the horoscope definitely attains success when Jupiter’s Dasha, Antardasha or a favorable transit takes place.

In the realm of astrology, the planet Jupiter is considered to be the benefactor of philosophy, religion, knowledge, etc. If Jupiter is placed in a strong position in the horoscope, then such person becomes a lawyer, bank manager, director in a big shot company, astrologer, teacher, works in high position in the stock market, education, becomes the director of educational institutions, confectioner or film producer. , etc. 

When it comes to alternative careers, then buying and selling of currency, diplomatic advisors, medicine, priests and religious works, spokespersons, officers and trustees of religious institutions, directors, philosophers, litterateurs, cashiers, ministers and politicians etc. are also at the disposal of Jupiter. People who have a strong Jupiter or when Jupiter is in a favorable position in their horoscope can acquire success in these areas very well.

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Jupiter’s Impact on Various Houses of a Kundli

Placement of JupiterGeneric Impacts
Jupiter in First House The native can become knowledgeable and a good counsellor.
Jupiter in Second HouseThe native can become a great speaker and spokesperson.
Jupiter in Third HouseThe native becomes a priest and also acquires religious inclinations. 
Jupiter in Fourth HouseOne acquires success in ancestral tasks. 
Jupiter in Fifth  HouseA person gets success in education and from that one can get wealth.
Jupiter in Sixth HouseThis is not considered to be a favorable astrological spot as one becomes prone to illnesses. 
Jupiter in Seventh  HouseA person gets success in business. 
Jupiter in Eighth HouseA person is inclined in the spiritual field and can achieve success in it.
Jupiter in Ninth HouseA native’s name and fame increases. 
Jupiter in Tenth HouseThe person becomes proficient in all fields and can achieve all the success he/she desires.
Jupiter in Eleventh HouseOne becomes a good narrator and a preacher.
Jupiter in Twelfth HouseMakes spendings on religion and charity. 

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Guru Chandal Yoga : Prime Reason For Professional Difficulties

Readers should also know that along with auspicious results, when there is a conjunction with other planets in the horoscope, Jupiter also becomes responsible for certain unfavourable Yogas. One such inauspicious yoga is the Guru Chandal Yoga.

First of all, let us know how this yoga gets formed? As a matter of fact, when the planet Jupiter is situated in the nearest degrees along with Rahu in any house in a person’s horoscope, then Guru Chandal Yoga gets formed. If this Yoga is formed in the tenth house (Karma Bhava/house of profession) in the horoscope of a person, then due to this, the person is not able to stick to a permanent job for a long time. Such people do not get great and satisfactory success in business too and they have to change their line of operation again and again.

Jupiter’s Conjunction with other Planets & Impacts on Career

  • Jupiter and the Sun in the tenth house: When such a conjunction takes place, a person is advised to try for a government sector job. Apart from this, the conjunction of these planets increases the chances of a person getting success in the field related to law and also in politics.
  • Jupiter and Moon in the tenth house: If the planet Jupiter is present in the person’s horoscope and is related to the Moon, then such a person gets success in the professional field. Apart from this, such people also get success in the field of confectionery, business and farming etc.
  • Jupiter and Mars in the tenth house: In such a conjunction situation, a person gets success in the professional field. At the same time, such people also earn a good name in the fields of army, police, railways etc.

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Remedies for Professional Success & Promotions

  • You can wear a Yellow Sapphire gemstone or you can also wear a Sunela gemstone as it’s replacement. It strengthens the planet Jupiter present in the horoscope, due to which the chances of getting success in professional life are quite strong. However, any gemstone or related jewelry should only be procured only after consulting a knowledgeable astrologer and after knowing the correct method of wearing gems from him, otherwise the auspicious wears off. 
  • If you wish to, you can also wear the Panch Mukhi Rudraksha for promotion and success in your job.
  • To get the desired job or to get success in your professional life, the pacification of the planet Jupiter is also necessary. In such a situation, to appease Guru Brihaspati or Jupiter, apply a saffron tilak on your forehead and navel after taking a bath every morning. By doing this simple remedy, you can also bag a salary increase.
  • Apart from this, for success in your job and to make your work life prosperous, keep in mind that whenever you do your day to day tasks, your face should be facing towards the east. By doing this, you will definitely get success in your career.
  • Apart from this, to remove any kind of problem popping in your job, worshiping the Sun is also said to be very fruitful. For this, after taking a bath every morning, offer Arghya to the Sun from a copper pot. For this purpose, a little yellow Akshat, black sesame and red flowers must be included in the water.
  • According to astrology, green color is considered very auspicious for success in career, desired job, success in job, salary increase, and promotion. In such a situation, you should use green more and more at your workplace. If you work on a laptop, try to put a green cloth under it. By doing this, your professional aura will increase and all kinds of success will be achieved.
  • You can also light a lamp under the Peepal tree on Saturdays for success in the job or to get a transfer to a desired place. Perform this remedy for three consecutive Saturdays and after lighting the lamp and recite the Hanuman Chalisa.
  • Gayatri Mantra is considered one of the most revered Mantras of Rigveda. In such a situation, if you chant this mantra daily with clear pronunciation, then it also removes all kinds of problems in the job and the person gets the desired transfer, promotion and salary increase etc.
  • Wear yellow clothes on Thursdays and donate yellow things.
  • Respect your parents and teachers.

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