Jupiter-Rahu Conjunction To Form Guru Chandal Yoga: Note Remedies Now!

As per Vedic Astrology, every planetary movement or transit has its own significance in our life. The year 2023 will be full of planetary transits and one of these will be forming a very deadly Yoga. We are talking about the Jupiter-Rahu Conjunction which will form the Guru Chandal Yoga in 2023. Jupiter will be transiting into Aries on April 22nd, 2023, where Rahu will already be residing. When Rahu and Jupiter align or aspect each other while in any house of the zodiac, Guru Chandal Yoga is formed.

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This year, Rahu and Jupiter will be residing together in Aries for around six months, hence, this yoga will be formed for almost half a year. In such a case, AstroSage has brought this blog to you, where we will discuss when the Guru Chandal Yoga will be formed, its effects, and some remedies to perform to keep its negative effects away. So without confusing you any further, let us start with the blog!

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When Will The Guru Chandal Yoga Be Formed

The Guru Chandal Yoga is formed when Jupiter and Rahu are placed in the same zodiac sign. Hence, it will be formed from April 22nd, 2023, when Jupiter transits into Aries. Further, the Guru Chandal Yoga will stay in effect until Rahu leaves Aries on October 30th, 2023. For around six months of 2023, people need to stay cautious due to this yoga.

Impact Of Guru Chandal Yoga 

The Guru Chandal Yoga is not an auspicious yoga, according to Astrology. While Jupiter is considered to have positive effects on people, its conjunction with Rahu will turn all its positive effects into negative ones. However, if all the planets are placed in positive positions in your horoscope, this yoga can have a positive impact on you as well.

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With the negative impact of Guru Chandal Yoga on a person’s horoscope, it is believed that the person loses their ability to compare right and wrong, along with their ability to understand any situation. Students face a hard time in their academics. The malefic influence of Rahu causes them to lose their concentration and choose shortcuts to reach their goals, which in turn leaves them in a wormhole with even more difficulties to face. The negative effect of this yoga causes fights, arguments, and quarrels among family and friends. People who have the Guru Chandal Yoga formed in their horoscope have to face health issues and have a constant danger of meeting with accidents.

Remedies To Reduce The Impact Of Guru Chandal Yoga

  • The first and foremost thing to do is perform the Guru Chandal Dosha Shanti Puja
  • Respect your elders and help them with their daily chores.
  • Worship Lord Vishnu and offer yellow sandalwood to him every Thursday.
  • Worship a banana tree.
  • Wear a Sapphire during this period.
  • Chant Vishnu Sahasranamam and Brihaspati Mantra as well.
  • Donate useful things and food to the needy and poor. Along with this, feed stray animals as well.

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