Jupiter-Rahu Conjunction After 36 Years; 7 Zodiacs Will Be Affected!

Jupiter-Rahu conjunction: An alignment of Jupiter and Rahu in Aries occurs after 36 years. In contrast to Rahu, who is viewed as a shadow and a malefic planet in astrology, Jupiter has been given the title of Guru of the Gods. However, Jupiter and Rahu offer fruits to the person in accordance with the position they are in the horoscope. It’s said to be quite significant and remarkable that these two major planets are conjunct in Aries. 

This conjunction of Jupiter and the shadow planet Rahu after 36 years would inevitably have a unique impact on specific zodiac signs in such a situation. We’ll explain the significance of the Jupiter-Rahu conjunction in this blog post, as well as which zodiac signs this conjunction brings luck to.

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Jupiter-Rahu Conjunction:Meaning And Significance

Both of these planets, Jupiter and Rahu, hold the rank of being very significant planets in astrology. However, the alignment of these planets results in a Chandal Yoga that is extremely unlucky. While Rahu is said to be the planet of uncertainty, doubt, and other negative emotions, Jupiter is seen to be the planet of intelligence on the one hand.

The alignment of these planets in this case is unique in a variety of ways.  

Jupiter-Rahu Conjunction: Beneficial To These Zodiacs 

Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius, and Pisces are all impacted by this combination, as we already mentioned that this beautiful pairing of Jupiter-Rahu Conjunction Aries only occurs after 36 years. The natives of this zodiac sign are showing indicators of receiving extraordinary rewards.

The advantages that certain zodiac signs will receive are detailed below.

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  • This Jupiter-Rahu combination is occurring in the Aries ascendant house. This will lead to favorable and auspicious outcomes for your health.
  • Employed people can observe some significant changes at their place of employment.
  • The family side will see favorable outcomes.
  • There will be a possibility for single people to get married.
  • Continue visiting the temple to receive blessings from the gods as a remedy. 


  • During this time, the child side will develop.
  • Those who are single can marry a compatible partner.
  • The combination of economic advantages will be significant.
  • Additionally, health will also see positive changes.
  • As a remedy, stay away from arrogance and put your attention on worship.


  • Leos will experience an improvement in their health.
  • The aspect involving your kids will advance.
  • The timing will be ideal for those under this sign who desire to enhance their family size or get married.
  • Use turmeric and water to offer Arghya to the Sun God each day as a remedy. 

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  • All of the challenges and problems in your life will be resolved during this time.
  • You may receive a lucky proposal now if you are engaged or planning a wedding.
  • If you want to make a significant decision, go ahead only after giving it careful thought and speaking with authority.
  • As a remedy, continue visiting the temple frequently.  


  • During this time, Sagittarius people will see an improvement in their mental and physical health.
  • All employed individuals will advance in their careers.
  • Your financial situation will improve.
  • The quality of family life will be fantastic.
  • Offer Arghya to the Sun God by adding turmeric and water as a remedy.

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  • At this period, Aquarius individuals who intend to get married or have children are likely to experience favorable outcomes.
  • The career of those born under this sign will advance.
  • Native students will receive benefits.
  • Give your health a bit more attention.
  • As a remedy, continue visiting the shrine frequently. 


  • The economic, educational, and other aspects of life will be advantageous for Pisceans.
  • You will achieve career success.
  • Your propensity will grow, much like those for religion and spirituality.
  • Regular worship can help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What are the effects of Rahu Jupiter conjunction?

Ans: Rahu-Jupiter conjunction increases expenses which results in stress.

Q2: Are Rahu with Jupiter compatible?

Ans: Jupiter-Rahu alliance makes the natives lead a creative lifestyle.

Q3. Who are the enemies of Jupiter and Rahu?

Ans: Sun, Venus and Mars are the enemies of Jupiter and Rahu.

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