Jupiter-Mars Conjunction In Pisces From 17 May: Impact On 12 Signs

The change in position of every planet in the Solar System affects every native in some way or another. When two or more planets come together in the horoscope or zodiac sign or are present within a few degrees, this situation gives rise to their conjunction. Just like the change in position, the planetary conjunction also brings life-altering changes to the life of the individuals.

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Jupiter & Mars In Astrology

In terms of the causative element, Jupiter is regarded as the most prominent among all planets. It is an auspicious planet and always gives auspicious outcomes to the natives. In astrology, Jupiter is the benefactor of education, children, religious work, wealth, charity, etc. While the red planet Mars, then this luminous planet gives energy, anger, fierceness, courage, hardness, agility and aggressiveness to the natives.

In addition to this, Jupiter is the ruling planet of Sagittarius and Pisces, and Cancer is its exalted sign. Likewise, Mars rules Aries and Scorpio, while Capricorn is its exalted sign. It is also noted that whenever Jupiter forms a conjunction with another planet, this combination is mostly auspicious.

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Jupiter-Mars Conjunction

According to the learned astrologers of AstroSage, Jupiter-Mars Yoga will be formed in Pisces on 17 May due to the conjunction of these two planets. Jupiter-Mars conjunction comes in the category of auspicious Yogas. This Yoga will be formed when on 17 May, Mars will move out from Saturn’s Aquarius zodiac sign and transit in Pisces at 8:58 am. Here, it will conjoin with the already present Mars. This conjunction will last until next month, 27 June, 2022, as after that, Mars will transit in its own sign, Aries again and move out of Pisces. 

Astrological Views About This Combination

As per the experts, almost all the zodiac signs will be affected due to this combination. However, Pisces natives will be the most impacted because of this conjunction, as it will be formed in the Pisces zodiac sign. As a result, the Pisces natives will attain a higher position in life. Also, many other zodiac signs will attain financial benefits. So, let’s move ahead and know in detail the impact of Jupiter-Mars conjunction on 12 zodiac signs.  

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Jupiter-Mars Conjunction: Impact On 12 Zodiac Signs

Aries: This conjunction will be formed in your twelfth house. This will bless you with happiness and prosperity in your family life. Your friends and family will want to be close to you. Also, your suggestions and advice will be appreciated and respected by others. 

Taurus:  This conjunction will form in your eleventh house, which will help you fulfill all your desires. With the support of your brother and father, you will successfully find solutions to many life problems.

Gemini: This conjunction will form in your tenth house, i.e. Karma. Due to this, you will not shy away in taking the wrong path to attaining success. You will obtain success in your career, but for this, you will have to work extra hard.

Cancer: Jupiter-Mars will conjoin in your ninth house. Because of this, your luck might shine. Besides this, you will successfully accumulate wealth from various sources. 

Leo: This combination will take place in your eighth house. If there was turbulence in your family life, then due to this conjunction, it will wither away, and you will prefer staying at home.

Virgo: Jupiter-Mars conjunction will occur in your seventh house. So, you will have to be careful while making any decision. Especially while taking any loan or debt, definitely consult a senior or expert.

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Libra: This conjunction will form in your sixth house, which will improve your relationship with the elders of your family. You will also feel healthy, both mentally and physically. In your career too, your enemies will fail to hurt you in any way.

Scorpio: Jupiter-Mars conjunction will occur in your fifth house. This will enhance your love relationships. However, this condition might increase anger in some natives. So, try and be patient while talking to others.

Sagittarius: This combination will form in your fourth house. Because of this, if you are staying away from your home, family, or motherland due to work or education, you may get an opportunity to return home. Natives working in government jobs are likely to get a promotion due to this combination.

Capricorn: Jupiter-Mars will conjoin in your third house, due to which, you will focus more on your goals. However, some natives might indulge in activities like gambling, share market, etc. You must maintain distance from any illegal activity. 

Aquarius: This combination will form in your second house, which will increase pride in you. But if you are married then your life partner will be seen supporting you in every way.

Pisces: The most prominent impact of this conjunction will be seen on this zodiac sign, as Jupiter and Mars will be present together in Pisces. This will increase your enthusiasm and you will complete all your work before time and appropriately, Your attractive behavior will be appreciated among the people around you.

Must Perform Donation Work During This Conjunction

Our senior astrologer gives special advice to the natives from time to time to perform charity work according to their reverence, to make this auspicious yoga of Jupiter-Mars effective. By adopting this, the natives will not only get rid of the negative impact of this conjunction but will also strengthen the position of Jupiter and Mars in their horoscope. 

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