Jupiter Direct In Pisces On 24 Nov Forms Hansa Panch Mahapurush Yoga; Know Everything!

Jupiter transit is regarded as a vital phenomenon in astrology as Jupiter is a major planet among planets and its movement affects the lives of all individuals in some way or another. Jupiter is a spiritual planet and denotes auspiciousness, well being etc. in general. Without the blessings of Jupiter, good results may not be easily obtained. Now, Jupiter turning direct in Pisces, that is its own sign, may bring positive changes in the nation and the world. This blog highlights the impact of Jupiter direct in Pisces, which has an impact on individuals, our nation and the world. We will also enlighten other insightful information regarding the Yogas being formed due to this phenomenon, etc. Let’s start by knowing the timing of this movement.

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Jupiter Transit Direct In Pisces: Date & Timing

Jupiter is a planet for spirituality, religion and good things which will happen in a person’s life. This movement will confer the natives immense benefits and fulfill their desires. This movement of Jupiter will be very good for events like marriage ceremonies, gaining more money, and starting new business ventures etc. 

Also this transit will be good for making new investments, which will be efficient and highly productive. During this movement, new job opportunities may be possible for those who are seeking the same. Also, those who are into business or those who are to enter into new business will find this Jupiter direct in Pisces to be more favorable and rewarding .

Further this movement of Jupiter may give natives confidence with good health and energy. Taurus, Scorpio and Virgo natives will be benefited more. 

The upcoming event of Jupiter direct in Pisces will take place on 24, November 2022 at 4:36 AM. Let us see the movement of Jupiter and its impact.

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Jupiter Direct in Pisces: What to Expect?

Pisces is a sign ruled by Jupiter and Jupiter is the first and tenth house lord placed in the first house and receives the aspect of Saturn from its own sign. Due to this, more consciousness with respect to career and its development will be possible. Natives will be more involved in work and pay attention to it during this movement. However, there is also a possibility of delays and disappointments due to the aspect of Saturn over Jupiter. 

During this motion of Jupiter, more awareness about good things and auspicious activities are possible, and more interest in spirituality may be present. This phenomenon may be most suitable for expansion activities and travel and such moves will prove to be favorable. Abundance will be possible with respect to money flow and all these will send positive signals during this transit.

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Impact Of the Jupiter Transit On India & the World 

  • There will be good chances for business flourishing during this period in education sectors, manufacturing, food industries etc.
  • During Jupiter direct, India and the world might be able to dominate and generate profits.
  • There will be growth or increase in export/import of goods in India and the world.
  • Sectors related to religion, endowments etc. may get a big boost and progress during this movement.
  • India is to be affected with obstacles from neighboring countries like China, Russia etc.
  • The relationship and communication between neighboring countries may be good and productive enough to arrive at feasible enough to boost up business.
  • Politics and illegal activities may take a back seat
  • For the world, this movement may have some adverse effects on countries like the USA, UK and Germany.
  • Decision making in various countries regarding bilateral ties or agreements will be favorable during this movement.
  • New health related problems like high weight, liver disorders and fever will be possible.
  • Women folks around the world may face problems with respect to obesity, period problems etc. 
  • On the other side, sectors such as finance, management might gain upper ground with large scope for profits.
  • The world may be aware with respect to changing trends which may turn out to be either negative or positive and that may be witnessed in areas like education, agriculture, networking etc. 
  • More positive impact on belief with respect to religion may be possible around the globe during this movement.

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Impact of the Jupiter Transit on Individuals

  • Individuals who are aspiring for new career chances might achieve big during Jupiter direct.
  • Business owners and individuals doing business might be able to reap high profits and may be in a position to meet their targets in an easy manner.
  • Those who are into business related to edible oils, fat items may find this phenomenon to be favorable.
  • Health for the individuals may get affected in the form of too much obesity, digestion problems, more appetite etc.
  • For individuals who are involved in temple activities, lawyers and magistrates may be able to shine and flourish during this movement. Individuals may be able to dominate and show their extra unique skills.

Economic Impact of the Jupiter Direct in Pisces:

Jupiter Direct in Pisces and its impact on the economy may be highly positive as a whole. This direct movement of Jupiter may be good to formulate new policies in the education sector and thereby giving scope to enlarge the same. It may send positive signals for trade etc. Speculative activities will gain more momentum and thereby give high returns. India will be benefiting the most money wise during this phenomenon. It may give a boost for expansion activities for new projects to be carried out in India. More savings will be possible out of the money and thereby accumulation of money may be highly possible.

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Health Impact of the Jupiter Direct in Pisces:

Jupiter in Pisces may have an impact on the natives belonging to zodiac signs  of Libra, Leo and Capricorn etc. These zodiac signs may need to take more care with respect to their health. Libra and Leo natives may be facing health problems related to flu, hypertension etc. Natives belonging to these signs need to take care with their health and observe precautions. Natives belonging to Capricorn sign may also succumb to pain in legs and  thighs. During this movement, people may be prone to obesity problems which may be possible as a result of taking food on untime.

General forecast of this Jupiter Direct:

Jupiter Direct in Pisces will be a flexible movement with respect to gaining on the money front as this may be the time to pursue new decisions like taking steps to generate new investments and benefit from the same. During this movement, women folks may be in a position to secure large benefits like dominate in jobs and prove their skills. Women who are waiting to get married may get good chances as the blessings of Jupiter may be present for them. Women who are waiting to conceive might find positive results with respect to the same during this time. 

This movement will bring in more interest in spiritual matters, religion and commitment towards the same among the people. Generally during this time, health may be good due to its benefic aspect over the sixth house and also Jupiter’s influence may bring in more interest and involvement in studies in areas like mystics and occult practices. Buying a new house or investing in the same will be favorable during this period. Any new steps which will bring in prosperity will be pursued during this movement.

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This Special Yoga Will Form During Jupiter Direct in Pisces:

During this Jupiter movement, Jupiter’s presence in its own sign Pisces will be forming the Hansa Pancha Mahapurusha yoga, and this yoga bestows overall prosperity with respect to money and career. This yoga could make the natives the most responsible and develop more intelligence and further conferring unique qualities. In career, promotion and other fortunes may be available easily. Business may also give more profits and scope for new business outlets to start with. Those who are in love will be fortunate and will meet with success regarding the same. 


  1. Chant the ancient text Lingashtakam daily.
  2. Chant “Om Gurave Namaha” daily 21 times.
  3. Perform Havan-yagya for Planet Jupiter on Thursdays.

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