Beginning Of New Year In An Auspicious Yoga: 4 Zodiacs Would Be Millionaires

The year 2024 is about to begin, and everyone hopes that it will be as successful as the previous year. The unique thing about this period is that a very auspicious Yoga is being established a day before the start of the year, and this yoga will prove to be very auspicious for people of various zodiac signs. Let us tell you that Jupiter will exit retrograde and become direct on December 31, 2023, resulting in the formation of Gajalakshmi Rajyoga. The effect of this Rajyoga will be seen on all 12 zodiac signs, but there are three zodiac signs that will receive many fortunate results during this era, so let’s move on and see which zodiac signs will receive the favor of luck during this period, but first let us know. How is this Yoga forming?

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Formation Of Gajlaxmi Rajyoga

Both retrograde and direct motion are crucial in astrology. Jupiter, the planet known as the Guru of the Gods, will exit its retrograde position and become direct on the final day of this year, December 31, 2023, at 07:08 a.m., creating Gajalakshmi Rajyoga.

According to Vedic astrology, changes in the positions of the planets can result in both auspicious and inauspicious Yogas. These yogas have both beneficial and bad impacts on all 12 zodiac signs. When Rahu is already in Aries and Devguru Jupiter enters at the same time, Gajalakshmi Rajyoga forms.

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These Zodiacs Will Have Fantastic Time In 2024


Gajalakshmi Rajyoga will be particularly auspicious for persons born under the sign of Cancer since Jupiter will transit your tenth house, which is the home of name, celebrity, social image, and career. As a result, you will be able to resolve all of your professional issues. If you are considering changing jobs or have been unemployed for a long time, you will have fantastic job prospects during this time and will be successful in attaining your goals.  Your father, mentor, and guru will all be there for you. In terms of finances, you will notice a boost in both your savings and bank balance. During this time, your health will improve and you will feel more energized.


Gajalakshmi Rajyoga will be beneficial to you. Jupiter is moving direct in your ninth house and this house symbolizes religion, father, guru, long distance travel, luck and places of pilgrimage. As a result, you will be more drawn to spiritual pursuits and will actively participate in religious activities. The recurring disagreements with father, mentor, and Guru will be settled, as will their health. During this period, you will appear confident, and as a result, your financial life will be quite prosperous. During this time, you will receive money rewards from a variety of sources. Your relationships with your younger siblings will be quite warm, and they will also encourage you in your profession. Those planning to take competitive tests will fare well during this time. Your academic focus will improve, and you will become a role model for other pupils.

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Jupiter is in your fifth house, which represents education, love partnerships, and children. As a result, your family life will be really beneficial. The disagreements with your mother will be settled. Your health will be fantastic as well. Your health issues will be resolved, and you will feel fit. Sagittarius students who were having trouble in school would fare better during this time. In terms of your romantic life, you will have enjoyable times with your spouse. You will have a greater mutual understanding. The difficulties that parents were experiencing as a result of their children will disappear. Aside from that, you will have the love of your father or a father figure who will be there for you at every step of the way. Your financial situation will also be favorable during this time. If you own your own firm, you will benefit financially, and if you work for someone else, your compensation may improve and your superiors will be quite pleased with your job.

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Remedies To Strengthen Jupiter

  • If Jupiter is in a negative or weak position in your horoscope, you should fast on Thursday and worship the banana tree. Planting banana trees is also advantageous.
  • Chant the mantra ‘Om Gram Green Gran Sa: Guruve Namah’ 108 times on Thursday.
  • Wear topaz gemstones under the guidance of an astrologer. 
  • On Thursday, mix a pinch of turmeric into bathing water and take a bath with it to boost Jupiter’s position in the horoscope.
  • Apart from that, wear only yellow clothing on this day if possible. If this is not possible, keep a yellow colored handkerchief with you.  

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