Jupiter Combust in Pisces: Impact Of Natural Calamities-Diseases & Other Issues Worldwide!

Jupiter Combust: AstroSage endeavors to produce quality content and also strives hard to bring even the smallest of Astrological events to the forefront for its readers to be able to stay updated from time to time about the latest happenings. In this blog we talk about Jupiter Combust in Pisces and its astrological impacts on the major events worldwide.

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Jupiter, the largest planet of our solar system, has great significance in astronomy, for the fact that its huge size and an intense gravitational force act as a protective shield for the Earth. Surprised? Actually even though the distance between Jupiter and the Earth is a lot still Jupiter’s huge size and its gravity allows it to suck the meteors and asteroids coming our way. Likewise, Jupiter has great importance in vedic astrology too. Jupiter is called the ‘Guru’ and its transit in one zodiac lasts for 13 months. For this reason, its transit and any little movement or any transition makes a big impact on the zodiacs individually and on world events as well. 

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Jupiter in Astrology

Jupiter, also known as ‘Brihaspati’ is often termed as the ‘Planet of Luck’. Jupiter grants a person with sharp intellect and spiritual wisdom to a person if it is in good dignity in the horoscope.The placement of Jupiter in an individual’s natal chart reflects a person’s religious beliefs and ideologies, righteousness and morals. It is considered as noble and a naturally benefic planet and is often associated with prosperity and fortune. 

It takes 12 years for Jupiter to complete one round of the astrological sphere covering all the 12 zodiac signs. It is the ruler of the 9th and 12th zodiac signs of the kaal purusha kundli namely, Sagittarius and Pisces. Natives belonging to the zodiacs of Sagittarius and Pisces in general are believed to possess much more wisdom, integrity, intellect, compassion, diligence, trustworthiness, a kind heart and a pleasing personality. On the other hand if Jupiter is negatively placed or under malefic influence then such a native will be stripped of all these qualities and will always choose the wrong path. 

Jupiter Combust in Pisces

Jupiter combustion is not a celebrated event in Astrology as the ‘Guru’ becomes weak. Combustion is a state where due to a planet coming closer to the Sun becomes charred and loses its natural significance. It becomes powerless and losses most of its good qualities. Jupiter combustion is never regarded as auspicious and no pious ceremonies or events of great significance like marriages, house warming ceremonies, etc do not take place till the time the ‘Dev Guru’ does not rise again. This time around Jupiter is getting combust in its own zodiac of Pisces on 28th March, 2023. 

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Jupiter Combust in Pisces: Timing

Jupiter in any zodiac is said to be combust when it comes in close proximity with the Sun and comes within the range of 11 degrees on either side of the Sun. Any planet is said to combust when placed within a certain distance close to the Sun as we all know that the Sun is a mass of hot gasses and burns everything that comes very close to it. Same is with planets too. Jupiter will become combust on 28th March, 2023 at 9:20 AM and will be in the state of combustion till 27th April, 2023. Let us now see what impacts it would have on the world and the nation at large. 

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Jupiter Combust in Pisces: Worldwide Impacts

  • The government may have to address and face questions from the opposition on major issues like growing unemployment,  a battered state of education in many rural areas of the country and the ever growing inflation.
  • The loopholes in the education system of the country may be spotted by the government and they may start planning and preparing to make the required changes.
  • Natural calamities such as earthquakes, floods and landslides may affect many parts of the world and may impact many people’s lives negatively.
  • Agricultural crops in many parts of the country may be affected due to uncertainty of weather and lack of water resources and irrigation.
  • Governments in India as well as across the world may gear up to reconstruct or renovate temples, monuments, and other places of educational and historic importance.
  • Some parts of the world may also have people struggling to fight diseases such as an outbreak of fevers, allergies, etc.
  • It could be a difficult time for people involved in the education sector, health care workers and prechears or counselors across the world.  
  • People going on pilgrimage visits during this period may face hurdles. 

Jupiter Combust in Pisces: Remedies for a Positive Impact

  • Offer besan sweets to children every Thursday.
  • Offer yellow clothes to brahmins on Thursdays and wear yellow clothes.
  • Recite the Vishnu Sahasranam.
  • Help and serve the elderly and the poor alike.
  • Offer bananas and yellow lentil to the cows on Thursday.
  • Visit the Vishnu temple on Thursday.

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  1. Jupiter is the Karaka of wealth, income and Son therefore all these factor will be hamper due to Combust of Jupitor.

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