Jupiter Turns Combust Soon, Major Financial & Political Changes On Cards!

Jupiter is all set to turn combust soon on 19 February, which will bring major changes in the lives of people of all zodiac signs. Apart from this, this planetary change will also transform the nation as well as the world in many ways. Read and know what’s in store.

According to Vedic Astrology, the combustion of Jupiter is not considered an auspicious event; and all ceremonies like marriage and engagement are avoided. This is because the guru of Devtas, Brahspati (Jupiter) becomes weak. Jupiter becomes combust when it comes within 11 degrees on either side of the Sun and becomes weak in its power because of close proximity to the Sun. Jupiter is the significator of wealth, respect, dharma, husband in female native, children and education. When Jupiter is combust, one may feel a lack of happiness related to these things. You may witness a delay in events during this time. 

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Jupiter Combust in Aquarius: Timing

Jupiter will become combust in Aquarius on February 19, 2022, Saturday at 11:13 AM and come back to the normal state on March 20, 2022, Sunday at 9:35 AM in Aquarius.

Impact of Jupiter Combust in Aquarius  On India and the World 

  • Improvement in the world economy will be a bit slow.
  • Counseling experts like teachers, lecturers, mentors, lawyers may face some problems.
  • People may lose interest in dharma and mythology and will be more inclined towards a materialistic world.
  • Prices of Gold may go down.
  • Growth in the education sector may slow down.
  • Conflicts and misunderstanding between world leaders and important ministers can occur.

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Impact of Jupiter Combust in Aquarius on Individuals

  • Your finances can get disturbed.
  • Problems related to children can occur.
  • Disappointment with academic results will make you feel defeated.
  • Your goodwill and reputation can hinder during this time.
  • Unwanted delay in the marriage matching.

Jupiter Combust & Its Signwise Effect 

ARIES- You need to remain conscious about finances as your money can get stuck and you may face delay in the payments. You’ll find yourself to be more inclined towards a materialistic world.

TAURUS- During this time, you may face sudden ups and downs in your professional life. You may feel a lack of confidence and motivation at the workplace. You may be underpaid for your hard work you are putting in.

GEMINI- Due to this combustion, your marital happiness can suffer; your marriage can undergo several ups and downs and if married you may face some disagreement or conflict with your partner. Even if you are in business, you may face the same problem in your professional partnership.

CANCER- Cancer natives need to remain a bit conscious about your and your father’s health. Negligence can prove harmful, health problems like fatty liver, diabetes can occur. You are advised to follow a proper diet and healthy lifestyle. As a student, if you have appeared in any competitive exam, your results may get delayed.

LEO- If you were trying to convert your relationship into marriage for a long time, it will finally happen but with a bit of a delay. If you were trying to enroll in higher studies like PHD or research work, your plan may get delayed.

VIRGO- You need to be remain alert about your mother and life partner’s health. You are advised to get all their routine checkup done. Also, try to maintain the balance between both of them in order to avoid the conflict and maintain familial happiness.  

LIBRA- If you were facing any legal conflicts from a long time, they may get resolved during this time. Fluctuation in the profession can come to a stop and you may find stability. But if you were planning to start a family, you may need to wait a bit more to get Jupiter out of its combustion in order to attain fruitful results.

SCORPIO- Iff you were planning to buy a new house, vehicle or any other property, then you may need to wait and put your plan on hold. Serious issues in the family can arise and due to this, your family life could suffer.

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SAGITTARIUS- For, Sagittarius natives, Jupiter is your lagna lord getting combust in the third house. As a result, it will make you do a lot of hard work and efforts without much result or outcome. You may face conspiracy at the workplace which may damage your reputation. You will feel like changing the place but that will also not happen soon.

CAPRICORN- For Capricorn natives, due to Jupiter becoming combust and getting placed in second house, you need to take care of your health during this time as you may face some health issues related to throat or over indulgence in unhealthy eating habits. But if you want to learn occult science like astrology, it’s a good time for that. 

AQUARIUS- Jupiter’s placement in Lagna will make Aquarius natives gain a lot of weight, and if not paid attention, it may also affect the quality of health. Your ego may increase during this time which may cause clashes in married life. 

PISCES- Lagna lord Jupiter being combust and placed in twelfth house is not considered auspicious in terms of health. It may increase the chances of hospitalization and expenses. And if you were planning to travel abroad for work it may also get on hold.

Remedies to Enhance the Benefic Influence of Jupiter During this Period

  • Perform pooja for planet Jupiter on Thursdays in the temple.
  • Chant jupiter beej mantra daily 21 times.
  • Offer yellow flowers to Jupiter on Thursdays.
  • Worship a banana tree and offer water on Thursday.
  • Distribute bananas to poor people on Saturday.
  • Feed chana dal and jaggery atta loi to cow on Thursday.

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