2 Zodiacs Are Dear To Jupiter; Blesses Them With Successful Careers!

It is believed that Jupiter in the horoscope delivers good effects to people related to their career and business prospects. Jupiter is also referred to as the ‘Guru’ because of the prosperity it brings to the life of people.

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There is a lot of importance on planetary positions in horoscopes. The friendly or adverse positioning of planets affects the lives of individuals. Every planet has its favorite zodiac on which it has its special attention. It leads to different benefits in managing social, personal, and work life. Let’s dive in to look into zodiacs favored by Jupiter.

FYI, Jupiter is the cause of Yogas like – Gajakesari Yoga, Hans Yoga, and others. People with Jupiter in the right placement will be honest, and a lot more peaceful than other, religious, and result-oriented people. The planet is denoting the North-East direction and is considered a sign of good fortune.

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Importance Of Jupiter In Horoscope

In the Vedic horoscope, Jupiter has been considered the reason for knowledge, purity, charity, and prosperity. The planet is considered the lord of zodiacs like Sagittarius and Pisces. Capricorn is referred to as the debilitated zodiac and Cancer is the exalted zodiac.

These 2 Zodiacs Are Always Favored By Jupiter


Jupiter is the lord of this zodiac sign and the people belonging to this sign always have the blessings of the Guru. The chances or prospects of a good career and successful business are high with it.


As per astrology, Jupiter is also the ruling lord of Pices. With the blessing of Jupiter, these natives are able to complete varied tasks successfully. Also, there are high chances of profits & gains in businesses from it.

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Measures To Strengthen Jupiter In Horoscope

People having Jupiter at the weak position in their horoscope face different kinds of troubles. There are also chances of financial loss due to it and there are numerous measures mentioned in astrology to deal with the situation. The right measures will lead to good positioning of Jupiter in the horoscope and better outcomes in life.

Let us look at a few measures to ensure good positioning of Jupiter in the horoscope –

  • Worship Lord Vishnu on Thursdays
  • Do fasting on Thursdays
  • Donate pulses and yellow dresses on Thursdays
  • Wear a Topaz gem to fix the position of Jupiter in the horoscope
  • Wear 5-mukhi Rudraksha for solving the situation

Other Aspects Related To Jupiter

Jupiter represents religious places and high-end constructions like courts, temples, churches, hospitals, sanatoriums, and other institutions. Jupiter is representing education and school as the 9th house of Sagittarius signifying a higher level of education. As per Hindu astrology, the 9th house is also representing long journeys and thus Jupiter is signifying the same.

As Pisces is ruled by Jupiter, the different aspects related to the 12th house, like health, foreign travels, promotions, and expansion are also related to it.

A strong position of Jupiter in the horoscope is the indicator of good health and success in life. Take the help of renowned astrologers to understand the positioning of Jupiter and come up with fruitful ways to deal with the positioning of the guru at the right house in the horoscope.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. How does Jupiter affect people’s lives?

The strong position of Jupiter in the horoscope is bringing good fortune, fame, wealth, and success to your career.

Q2. Which are the professionals Jupiter represents?

Jupiter represents all kinds of professionals related to educational institutions, preaching, religious institutions, and similar activities.

Q3. Is Jupiter able to provide money?

The use of Yellow Sapphire is making Jupiter stronger & powerful in your horoscope.

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