In June ‘22, These Signs Will Get A Promotion & Go On A Foreign Trip!

Astrosage is here again to provide you with detailed information of the June month. In this special blog,  along with your monthly horoscope, you will also get information of the upcoming festivals and fasts this month. 

Not only this, we are also providing you the important details of Jyeshtha month. Jyeshtha month began on 22 May, 2022 and it will last till 21 June, 2022. Know how you can make this month wonderful with effective remedies.

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Keep reading this blog if you want to know about the Hindu Panchang of June, birthdays of celebrities in June, Prediction of Share Market, and comprehensive horoscope of all 12 zodiac signs.

June 2022 Hindu Panchang

According to Hindu Panchang calculation, June month will begin under the Mrigashira Nakshatra of Jyeshta month on Dwitiya Tithi and it will end under the Punarvasu Nakshatra in Jyeshta month on Pratipada Tithi of Shukla Paksha. This movement of planets and constellations will be helpful in predicting the horoscope of all zodiac signs. 

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Duration of Jyeshta Month 

This year, Jyeshta month began on 17 May on Tuesday and will last till 14 June, Tuesday. This month is known for extremely hot temperatures, so it is related to water. During this month, the direct rays of the Sun fall on Earth. 

Jyeshta Month Remedies For Happiness And Prosperity 

  • The climate in Jyeshta month is extremely hot, so at this time, watering the trees or plants day and night pleases Surya Dev and Varsha Dev.  
  • Donating water in this month also brings fruitful results to you.  
  • If you want you can install a water cooler near the residential area or in the public area, which will quench the thirst of passers by or visitors and you will be blessed with virtue. 
  • Apart from this, you can also make arrangements of drinking water in your house or on your terrace for animals and birds. This practice will make the God and Goddess happy. 
  • People with weak condition of Surya Dev in their horoscope, must observe fast every Sunday in Jyeshta month. By doing this, you will please the Sun and it will bless you with success, good health, respect, and self-confidence.

Fast And Festival In June 2022

Date and DayFast and Festivals
02 June, 2022 Thursday Maharana Prataap Jayanti
03 June, 2022 FridayVarad Chaturthi
05 June, 2022 SundayShashti , Vishwa Paryavaran Diwas
06 June, 2022 MondaySheetla Shashti
08 June, 2022 WednesdayDurga Ashtami Vrat, Vadhumavati jayanti, Vrishabh Vrat 
09 June, 2022 ThursdayMahesh Navami
10 June, 2022 Friday Ganga Dussehra, Nirjala Ekadshi
11 June, 2022 SaturdayGayatri Jayanti, Gon Nirjala Ekadashi, Vaishnav Nirjala Ekadashi, Ram Laxman Dvidashi
12 June, 2022  SundayPradosh Vrat
14 June, 2022 TuesdayDeva Snana Purnima, Satya Vrat, Vat Savitri Purnima, Purnima Vrat, Kabir Jayanti, Purnima
15 June, 2022  WednesdayMithun Sankranti
17 June, 2022 FridaySankashti Ganesh Chaturthi
19 June, 2022 SundayPitra Divas
21 June, 2022 TuesdayKalashtami
24 June, 2022 FridayYogini Ekadashi
26 June, 2022 SundayPradosh Vrat
27 June, 2022 MondayRohini Vrat, Masik Shivaratri
29 June, 2022 WednesdayAmavasya
30 June, 2022 ThursdayGupt Navratri Prarambh, Chandra Darshan

Eclipse & Transit in June

If we talk about eclipse and transit, there will be transit of three important planets and 2 planets will change their position. To know more about it, read below:

  • Mercury Direct In Taurus (3 June 2022): There will be change in the motion of Taurus on 03 June and the planet of wisdom will come into direct motion. (To know its time and effect on your zodiac, click here)
  • Saturn Retrograde In Aquarius (5 June 2022): After this, on 5 June 2022 the God of Karma, Saturn, will also retrograde in Aquarius from direct motion. (To know its time and effect on your zodiac, click here)
  • Sun Transit In Gemini (15 June 2022): On 15 June, the brightest planet and the king of the planets, Sun will transit to Gemini. (To know its time and effect on your zodiac, click here)
  • Venus Transit In Taurus (18 June 2022): on 18 June, the planet of happiness and luxury will transit to Taurus. (To know its time and effect on your zodiac, click here)
  • Mars Transit In Aries (27 June, 2022): Lastly, the auspicious planet, Mars will transit to Aries on 27 June, 2022. (To know its time and effect on your zodiac, click here)  

After the transit, if we talk about the eclipse, then in June 2022  there will be no eclipse.   

Share Market Prediction June 2022           

According to the share market prediction 2022, in the beginning of the month there will be the conjunction of Rahu and Venus in Aries, which could lead to a decline in the rate of expensive gems, gold, and silver. In the stock food industry, jaggery, sugar and refined oils like (Agro Tech Foods, AVT Naturals Products, Anik Industries) could inflate. Along with it, there can be more demand for crude oil companies.     

On 03 June 2022 Mercury will retrograde, which would maintain the demand of crude oil companies like IOC, BPCL. According to the stock market prediction 2022, there is a possibility of growth in banking, IT, and Pharmaceutical sector.

On 15 June 2022, Sun will transit to Gemini and it will affect the utility sector. During this period, rates of the companies of this sector like (Reliance Power, KPI Global, Karma Energy) could increase. On 18 June Venus will transit to Taurus which could stabilize the prices of Gold, Silver, and expensive metals. There could also be some fluctuations in the share market but there is no possibility of a great rise or fall.

On 27 June 2022, Mars will transit to Aries, which could lead to decline in the demand of the Real Estate, Insurance, and Healthcare sector at the end of the month. 

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Celebrities Born in June 2022

01 June: R Madhavan, Pooja Gaur

02 June: Ilayaraja, Sonakshi Sinha

03 June: Harshali Malhotra

04 June: Ashok Shroff

05 June: Vijay Raj, Amit Sandh

06 June: Neha Kakkad

07 June: Ekta Kapoor, Amrita Rao

08 June: Dimple Kapadia, Shilpa Shetty

09 June: Sonam Kapoor, Karan Vaahi 

10 June: Mika Singh, Suresh Menon

11 June: Rajkumar Kanojia

12 June: Prachi Desai, Jubin Nautyal

13 June: Disha Patani

14 June: Kiran Kher, Shekhar Suman

15 June: Sharat Kataria 

16 June: Mithoon Chakravarti

17 June: Lisa Hayden, Nishikant Kaman

18 June: Sara Arjun

19 June: Ashish Vidyarti

20 June: Neetu Chandra

21 June: Shiv Pandit, Mukti Mohan

22 June: Banita Sindhu, Anubhav Sinha

23 June: Raj Babbar

25 June: Karishma Kapoor, Aftab Shivdasni

26 June: Arjun Kapoor

27 June: Prambat Chatterjee 

28 June: Vishal Dadlani

29 June: Upasna Singh  

Astrosage wishes a very happy birthday to all these celebrities. If you want to read your Favorite Celebrities Birth Horoscope, then Click Here.

Horoscope Of All Zodiac Signs

Now let us know what this upcoming month will bring to all these zodiacs. 

This Horoscope Is Based On Moon Sign. To Know Your Moon Sign, Click Here: Moon Sign Calculator


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