Retrograde Motion of Planets and Eclipses, How Power Packed will be the month of June?

June is going to be an action packed month where three eclipses will take place within a span of 30 days, starting from 6th June and continuing which is a rare and a special phenomenon occurring on the celestial sphere after a very long hiatus. From 6th of June to 5th July 2020, your horoscope or chart would be influenced by a set of three eclipses within a span of 30 days.

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All this will start with the Lunar eclipse happening on 6th June, then continuing further the solar eclipse will take place on 21st June and then we will finally conclude with another lunar eclipse happening on 5th July. This will happen along with a cluster of planets in the air sign, Gemini. On the account of this, six planets are moving in the opposite direction, i.e. in retrograde motion which will further hasten the results. This will be a period of heightened emotions, so taking decisions like job change, marriage, high value purchase and investments etc. are to be done after careful consideration and analysis. 

Effect on Corona pandemic

Since, most of the planets will be positioned in the sign of the Gemini, which is the sign of twins, or partnerships, which also indicates the western direction. It also is the sign of innovation, which points out that India may get into a structured alliance with countries like the United States of America to prepare a drug or medicine to fight the Corona pandemic. This may fasten our steps towards attaining normalcy after staying in tension for months. 

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Effect of These Cluster of planets and Eclipses on India 

  • First of all, as these phenomenon of eclipses are happening in the month of “Ashad”, as per the Hindu calendar, which indicates that there may be scarcity or shortage of water. This may be because of the shortage of rainfall and the rivers, oceans changing their streams during this period. 
  • The major eclipses and retrograde planets are taking place, activating the first, second and ninth house respectively of the Indian horoscope(Independent India’s Kundli). As the ninth house stands for judiciary, in the coming months the Judicial system of India will be more in action, regarding the protection and welfare of the citizens of this democratic country. 

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  • The first house stands for common public and health of citizens, so till 25th June, we can expect some problems, ups and downs, but from 26th June, since ascendant lord of Indian chart, Venus will become direct, some turnaround and improvement in the health and wellbeing of people will be noticed. This would further get enhanced by the movement of Jupiter back in the sign of Sagittarius on 30th June. 
  • The second house stands for the Treasury, Banks and financial institutions, Share Market, import -export related activities. So, we might see share markets in a volatile condition. We also can expect the government to influx money or lax rules and regulations regarding financial institutions to smoothen the economy. They may also take some steps to increase import export during this period. 
  • However, professionals like CA, CS, teachers, clerks, data analysts may see a sudden spike in their gains. As Gemini signs and Rahu both are related to communication, we may see some new breakthroughs in these areas. 

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  • As Mercury and the Moon are both assigned as the King and the minister of the new Vikram Samvat and they are in the malefic axis of “Rahu” and “Ketu”, which indicates that government may have to work hard or make consistent efforts to connect with the citizens, otherwise, there may be a loss to their image during this phase. 
  • Since Gemini sign is a male dominated sign and indicates patriarchal system,  which indicates that there may be rise in the cases of violence with women during this period especially till 25th June.  
  • Since, a cluster of planets in the sign of Gemini, which indicates West direction and is having an aspect of the fiery planet Mars. This indicates that Western parts of the country like Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Gujarat etc. may witness some major problems or political unrest. 
  • Since the Sun is the “Durgesh”or the planet of warfare and is in the sign of Gemini along with other planets, this indicates that India may hold military ties with countries like the USA etc. or make efforts in this direction. 

Which Zodiac Signs Need to Watch Out?

The zodiac signs that need to watch out are Gemini, Cancer and Scorpio. These signs need to be careful about their health during this period. Their immunity may remain low and they may easily be prone to infections, eye diseases and skin problems during this period. Also, they may refrain themselves from taking any important decision during this period, and if necessary it should be taken after consulting the elders or the experts. This period may also see a rise in their expenditure, so they may have to properly plan and utilize their resources beforehand. Also, maintaining your decorum while speaking to your family members is also important, otherwise, your domestic environment may get disturbed. 

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Which Zodiac Signs are Likely to Benefit?

The signs Aries, Leo and Pisces are the signs that are likely to attain benefits from these cosmic alterations. They will see their tasks being accomplished with ease during these periods. The opportunities to grow professionally will be aplenty for these signs during this phase. So, they are advised to be wise while making decisions to gain better results from this phase. 

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