July 2022: 8 Lucky Zodiac Signs Of This Month, Will Obtain Financial Benefits!

This blog by AstroSage will provide you a special glimpse of July month. First of all, if we talk about the English calendar, then July is the 7th month of the year whereas according to Hindu Calendar, in July there is Ashaad month which has begun on 15th June. 

Apart from this, spring season will begin from 17 July 2022. The Ashaad and Shravan month in the month of July hold great significance because many festivals are celebrated on this day.

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We are giving you information on the special fasts and festivals through our unique blog. Along with that, you will learn about some unique characteristics of persons born in the month of July, as well as detailed information on July bank holidays, eclipses, and transits. This blog will give a good idea of how remarkable and lovely the month will be for all the zodiac signs. 

So, without further delay, let’s get started on our July-themed blog. First and foremost, let us learn about the unique characteristics of people born in July. 

Personality Of People Born In July

Many significant and renowned people’s birthdays fall in July, including Priyanka Chopra, Tom Hanks, Nelson Mandela, Sanjay Dutt, Dalai Lama, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, and Kiara Advani. When it comes to personality, it’s difficult to understand the personalities of persons born in the month of July. They are, nonetheless, incredibly optimistic and calm in nature. People born in this month, on the other hand, are mysterious and moody.

In addition, people born in this month have a strong sense of self-control. They are very aware of when and how much they should say. This character of theirs also makes them highly diplomatic in such a scenario. Their management skills are exceptional. In nature, they are compassionate and joyful individuals. They are likewise irritated by small things, but they have mastered the ability of quickly removing them.

If we talk about their Career, Love Life and Health then, 

  • They are very much clear with their career and once they initiate a task they will not take rest until they finish it. 
  • On the other hand, when it comes to love, the love life of those born in the month of July isn’t quite remarkable. They are often afraid to tell their sweetheart their true feelings. Apart from that, they are frequently shy to talk about their feelings, especially with family members. In terms of love, his personality cannot be described as favorable. Once they enter into a married relationship, however, they prove to be extremely loyal to their partner.
  • When it comes to health, persons born in July are not overly concerned about their well-being. Hence they have to deal with a lot of health issues in their daily lives.

So, were you born in July as well, and do you share this personality? If so, please let us know by leaving a comment.

Lucky Number For July Borns: 2, 9

Lucky Color For July Borns: Orange and Blue

Lucky Day For July Borns: Monday and Friday

Lucky Gemstone For July Borns: If you are born between 22 June and 22 July, then you are a Cancerian and your ruling planet is the Moon, so wearing a pearl will prove beneficial to you. 

And if you are born between 23 July and 21 August then you are a Leo and the ruling planet of Leo is the Sun. So wearing Ruby will be quite beneficial to you. 

However, you must consult an astrology expert before wearing it. 


  • Worship Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu regularly.
  • If your face hinders your work which is almost done then place white sandalwood at the place of worship.

Bank Holidays In July

In the month of July,  if we add different states, there will be a total of 15 bank holidays. However, other states say that their adherence is dependent on the region’s beliefs and culture. We have compiled a comprehensive list of all July bank holidays for your convenience.

DateBank Holidays
1 July, 2022Kaang (Rath Yatra)/ Rath Yatra-  Banks will be closed in Bhubaneswar and Anfal. 
3 July, 2022Sunday (Weekly Off)
7 July, 2022Kharchi Puja– Banks will be closed in Agartala
9 July, 2022Saturday (Second Saturday), Eid-Ul-Adha(Bakrid)
10 July, 2022Sunday (Weekly Off)
11 July, 2022Eid-Ul-Adha- Banks will be closed in Jammu and Srinagar
13 July, 2022Bhanu Jayanti– Banks will be closed in Gangtok
14 July, 2022Beh Dienklam– Banks will be closed in Shillong
16 July, 2022Harela- Banks will be closed in Dehradun
17 July, 2022Sunday (Weekly Off)
23 July, 2022Saturday (4th Saturday)
24 July, 2022Sunday (Weekly Off)
26 July, 2022Ker Puja- Banks will be closed in Agartala
31 July, 2022Sunday  (Weekly Off)

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Important  Fast And Festivals In July

01 July, 2022-Friday

Puri Jagannath Rath Yatra:  In the beginning of the month of July, there will also be the beginning of Puri Jagannath Yatra. The Rath Yatra of Lord Shree Jagannath starts on Shukla Dwitiya from Jagannath Puri. This Rath Yatra is also one of the most auspicious occasions of Puri. 

03 July, 2022-Sunday

Varad Chaturthi, Saint Thomas Day

This special occasion of Varad Chaturthi is devoted to Lord Ganesha. People do worship to fulfill their desires, for the good health of their children, and to bring happiness and peace in their house on this day. 

04 July, 2022-Monday

Komar Shashti, Monday Fast

05 July, 2022-Tuesday


07 July, 2022-Thursday

Durga Ashtami

10 July, 2022-Sunday

Ashadi Ekadashi, Bakra Eid (Eid-Ul-Zuha)

The Ekadashi of Ashad month is called Ashadi Ekadashi. It is also known as Devshayani Ekadashi, Hari Shayani Ekadashi, and Padmanaba Ekadashi in many places. From this day, Lord Vishnu goes to Shayan Kaal (Bedtime). 

On this day Lord Vishnu goes to Shayan Kaal (Bedtime) and for four months all the workload of nature is on Lord Shiva and on this day Chaturmas begins. 

11 July, 2022-Monday

Pradosh Vrat, Som Pradosh Vrat, Jaya Parvati Vrat Prarambh, Population Day

Jaya Gauri Vrat begins on Trayodashi Tithi of Shukla Paksha of Ashadh month and lasts for five days. This fast is entirely dedicated to Maa Parvati’s Jaya avatar. Fasting on this day is thought to result in the attainment of the desired groom as well as the capacity to avoid all types of difficulty from the husband.

13 July, 2022-Wednesday

Purnima, Satya Vrat, Purnima Vrat, Guru Purnima, Satya Vrat, Vyas Puja

Guru Purnima, which falls on July 13th, is dedicated to Maharishi Ved Vyas. In several places, it is also known as Vyas Purnima. For your information, Maharishi Ved Vyas has been given the title of first Guru because it was Guru Vyas who first taught mankind about the four Vedas.

14 July, 2022-Thursday

Kanvad Yatra

When the month of Sawan begins, the Kanvad Yatra begins. During this time, Mahadev’s devotees (Kavadia) embark on a trek to collect Ganges holy water from Haridwar, Gomukh, and Gangotri. They must travel this distance solely on foot. In such a case, the journey will begin on the 14th of July and must be completed by the night of Sawan Shivratri.

15 July, 2022-Friday

Jaya Parvati Vrat Jagran

16 July, 2022-Saturday

Jaya Parvati Vrat Ending, Karak Sankranti, Sankashti Ganesh Chaturthi

20 July, 2022-Wednesday

Budh Ashtami Vrat, Kalashtami

24 July, 2022-Sunday

Vaishnav Kamik Ekadashi, Rohini Vrat, Kamika Ekadashi

Kamika Ekadashi is the Ekadashi that falls in the month of Shravan. It is thought that simply listening to the narrative of this Ekadashi will bring about the same benefits as the Vajpeya Yagya. Aside from that, the Hindu Puranas claim that the same benefits obtained by bathing in the Ganges, Kashi, Naimisharanya, and Pushkar can be obtained solely by worshiping Lord Vishnu.

25 July, 2022-Monday

Pradosh Vrat, Som Pradosh Vrat

26 July, 2022-Tuesday

Maas Shivaratri

28 July, 2022-Thursday

Hariyali Amavasya, Amavasya

Although Amavasya Tithi can occur at any time during the month, it is regarded as a significant day. The Amavasya that falls in the month of Shravan, on the other hand, is known as Hariyali Amavasya and is given greater significance than other Amavasya dates. The name Hariyali Amavasya comes from the fact that it rains at this time and there is greenery all over the world, which is why the new moon that falls in this month is called Hariyali Amavasya.

29 July, 2022-Friday

Varsha Ritu

July is the start of the rainy season. In colloquial English, it is also known as Sawan Bhado month. This is a particularly auspicious and significant period for Indian farmers. When the rainy season approaches in June and July, people are relieved from the scorching heat. Farmers also receive help in their farming.

30 July, 2022-Saturday 

Islami Nav Varsh, Chandra Darshan

Every religion on the planet has its own calendar year. When we discuss about the New Year in Islam in this episode, we’re talking about the year 2022, which begins on July 29th. Arabic New Year, or Hijri New Year, is another name for Islamic New Year.

31 July, 2022-Sunday

Hariyali Teej

Hariyali Teej, which is particularly essential for married ladies, will also arrive in July. Fairs are held all over the country during this time, and Goddess Parvati’s ride is taken out with much fanfare. Married ladies fast on this day in hope for their husbands to live a long life. This auspicious day is marked by a celebration of beauty and love, as well as Lord Shiva and Parvati’s reunion.

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Transiting And Setting Planets In July

Let’s talk about eclipses and transits for a moment. In the month of July, five transits and one major planet will be retrograde about which we are providing you with the following information:

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After transit if we talk about the eclipse then in July 2022, there will be no eclipses.

Special July Horoscope For All Zodiac Signs 


  • In terms of work, July will be a normal month. 
  • Students will get favorable outcomes.
  • Family life will be wonderful. 
  • There’s a chance you might have some conflict with your life mate. However, your love life will be great. 
  • The financial aspect will be fantastic as well. 
  • You are advised to be cautious towards your health. 
  • Feed dogs and visit Bhairav temple on Sunday to offer Imarti and milk as a remedy. 


  • In terms of career, the time will be ideal. During this moment, you will get complete assistance from luck. Working professionals will get a promotion. 
  • For students, time is on their side. Particularly for pupils who are preparing for a competitive exam.
  • In the family, there will be happiness and harmony. 
  • Your love life will be wonderful.
  • The financial side will appear to be solid. 
  • You will be able to accumulate wealth during this time. 
  • It is advised that you take care of your health.
  • As a remedy, worship Lord Ganesha on a regular basis. 


  • In terms of Career, the month of July will be favorable to Gemini. You will get a promotion in your job and those who are looking for a job will find good opportunities.
  • This time will be auspicious for students. During this period, their hard work will pay good results to them. 
  • Family life will be peaceful and cordial. 
  • There might be some tensions in love life.
  • You will receive mixed results on the economic side. However, this time will be on your side. 
  • In terms of health, the month of July will be normal.
  • As a remedy, feed besan chapati to a brown cow on Thursday.


  • In terms of career, this month will be stressful. 
  • This period will be auspicious for pupils.
  • You will enjoy a happy family life this month. 
  • You might face some ups and downs in your love life.
  • Economic condition will be great. You will gain money from unknown and secret resources.
  • You will also receive complete health support as well as relief from any serious disease.
  • On Sunday, feed jaggery to the bull as a remedy.


  • In the workplace, you will have good luck.
  • In the field of education, students will also achieve good outcomes. This is an excellent time for people who want to pursue higher education.
  • In the family, there will be joy, serenity, and contentment.
  • In love, there will be compatibility. Keep away from pointless and trivial matters. 
  • There will be opportunities for financial gains, resulting in a healthier financial situation than before.
  • Your health, on the other hand, hasn’t been great this month. During this time, you may experience symptoms of a chronic illness.
  • Chant the Beej Mantra of Shani Dev as a remedy.


  • In terms of labor, the time will be favorable. There will be opportunities for advancement at work.
  • Students may experience difficulties. In addition, there is the possibility of encountering difficulties when studying.
  • In the family, there could be conflict.
  • The economy, on the other hand, will be strong. Money from the government sector will be received, strengthening your financial situation.
  • In terms of health, time will be on your side. You can get rid of any disease throughout this time.
  • Recite Lord Shri Bhairav’s Chalisa as a remedy.

AstroSage Brihat Horoscope For All The Valuable Insights Into Future 


  • In the workplace, you will get good outcomes. Job seekers will receive favorable offers.
  • Students, on the other hand, might encounter certain difficulties.
  • There will be peace in the home as well.
  • There is a chance that your love life would have ups and downs as well.
  • It’s likely that your financial situation could be unstable. So, avoid spending money extravagantly.
  • You will be free of diseases and diseases-related issues. However, some skin issues might get you into trouble.
  • You must worship your Ishta Dev as a remedy.


  • In terms of profession, this month will be auspicious for Scorpio. They will get positive results in business and jobs. 
  • For students, this time will be in their favor of them. Keep working hard. 
  • Family life will be happy. Old disputes and conflicts will be over.
  • Love life will also be wonderful. 
  • There are possibilities of economic benefits. 
  • However, your health might not be good. You might suffer from stress and it could have a negative impact on your life. 
  • As a remedy, read Hanuman Chalisa daily.


  • In July, businessmen will get success. Also the job seekers will also find the best opportunities.
  • Students might have to struggle for a short period of time. 
  • Family life will be cordial and happy. 
  • However in love life you might have some stress. In such a situation, avoid unnecessary disputes or misunderstanding.
  • The Economic condition will be strengthened. You have to constantly work hard.
  • Health issues could put you in trouble. Also, you might suffer from stress. 
  • As a remedy, you must read Vishnu Sahasranama every Thursday.


  • For the businessmen and working professionals the July month will bring positive results.
  • This month will also be auspicious for students.
  • However, there is a possibility of some stress in the family environment.
  • Love life will be lovely. You will spend quality time with your lover and make your relationship stronger.
  • Economic condition will be good.
  • But you might have to be careful with your health. If possible, go on a walk daily in the morning.
  • As a remedy, feed green hay and fresh spinach to a cow. 


  • In the month of July, working professionals will get huge success and prosperity.
  • Students will also receive positive results. 
  • There will be affectionate and cordial relationships in the family. 
  • Love life will also be wonderful. During this period, you can plan to get married to your partner.
  • Economic side will also be in your favor. There are great possibilities that you will benefit from ancestral property. 
  • In terms of health also, time will be good. During this period you may get rid of an old disease or ailment. The only advice is to control your temperament.
  • As a remedy, visit a temple and offer red flowers to Mata Rani. 


  • In terms of career, July month will be wonderful for Pisces. 
  • It will also be auspicious for students. During this period, you will receive fruitful results from your hard work. 
  • The family disputes and conflicts will be over. There will be happiness and harmony in the house.
  • There are some possibilities that you might face some problems in your love matters which could lead to stress. 
  • Economic conditions will be favorable. However, your expenses might increase so you have to control it.
  • You are also advised to take care of their health otherwise you might get into some trouble.
  • As a remedy,  serve old people and if possible then lend a helping hand to an old age home according to your budget. 

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