Fasts-Festivals-Eclipses Makes July An Action Packed Month!

July, the seventh month of the year, is all set to bring unexpected changes, opportunities and challenges for all of us! Year 2020 has been officially crowned as the “Year of Uncertainties”, since no one is even aware of what will happen next. Amid such distressing times, several doubts and questions about our lives can pop up inside our mind, for which we all want accurate answers. For this, you can click here and get a detailed and precise astrological insight from our expert astrologers, and find the solution to your problems.

Since the beginning of this year, the entire country has been fighting the ongoing pandemic due to the Coronavirus outburst. People are losing their jobs, whereas on the other hand, we have lost count of innumerable deaths due to this fatal illness. Amid such times, let us know what the month of July brings for us. 

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With this article, learn some characteristics about people born in July, as well as complete information about the fasts, festivals and eclipses falling this month. Also you will find some important predictions related to the month of July.

Characteristics About July-Born Natives

  1. Nature Of July Born Natives: People born in July are very hardworking and have a positive attitude towards life. They like to make new friends and explore new places.
  2. Romantic Side Of July Born Natives: July natives are known to be the best lovers. Although they can be very shy and hesitant in revealing their feelings to their partner, they rank first when it comes to love and romance.
  3. Career Of July Born Natives: People born in July are very intelligent and hardworking, and incur success and prosperity in whatever career they choose.
  4. Financial Aspect Of July Born Natives: July-born natives are skilled when it comes to accumulation of money. But it comes to spending it, they are first in line and can be a spendthrift.

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  1. Health Life Of July Born Natives: People born in July are conscious about their health. However, they may have to suffer eye-related troubles.
  2. Societal Status Of July Born Natives: People born in July earn huge fame and popularity. Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Aziz Premji, Priyanka Chopra, Sourav Ganguly are all born in July itself.

Fasts & Festivals in July

  • 1 July, Wednesday: Devshayani Ekadashi, Ashadhi Ekadashi, Chaturmas Begins

Ashadhi Ekadashi is also known by the names of Devshayani Ekadashi, Harishayani Ekadashi and Padmanabha Ekadashi. During this time, Lord Vishnu is expected to sleep and rest in Ksheer Sagar for four months.

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Chaturmas begins with Devshayani Ekadashi. Chaturmas is the period for four months when the Nurturer of the World, Lord Vishnu, goes to “sleep”. During this period, carrying out any auspicious task is prohibited. This year, Chaturmas will stretch for up to 148 days, i.e. five months.

  • 2 July, Thursday: Pradosh Vrat (Shukla)

Pradosh Fast or Vrat is considered to be an auspicious and fruitful fast as it is directly associated with Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati. This fast is observed on the Trayodashi or thirteenth day during the Krishna and Shukla Paksha.

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  • 5 July, Sunday: Guru Purnima, Ashadh Purnima Vrat

The festival of Guru Purnima is celebrated on the day of Purnima during the month of Ashadha. On this day, gurus, teachers, and Guru-like figures are worshipped. This festival is celebrated all over India with great devotion and enthusiasm.

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  • 7 July, Tuesday: Kokila Vrat 

Kokila Vrat is observed by both unmarried and married women. Married women observe this fast for the longevity of their husbands, whereas unmarried girls fast on this day in order to gain a desirable life partner.

  • 8 July, Wednesday: Sankashti Chaturthi

In order to appease Lord Ganesha, a special pooja-fast is observed, which is known as Sankashti Chaturthi.

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  • 16 July, Thursday: Kamika Ekadashi, Karka Sankranti

The Üpendra”form of Lord Vishnu is worshipped on the day of Kamika Ekadashi. This day is considered to be the best for venerating Lord Vishnu.

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  • 18 July, Saturday: Masik Shivratri, Pradosh Vrat (Krishna)

Anyone fasting on the day of Masik Shivratri and Mahashivratri and venerating Lord Shiva gets his/her desires fulfilled.

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  • 20 July, Monday: Shravan Amavasya

Amavasya falling in the month of Shravan is known as Shravan Amavasya. As this occasion marks the commencement of the month of Sawan, this day is also regarded as Hariyali Amavasya.

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  • 23 July, Thursday: Hariyali Teej

Married women fast for the longevity of their husbands on the day of Hariyali Teej, and venerate Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati. Women adorn Henna or Mehndi on their hands and jewelry.

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  • 25 July, Saturday: Nag Panchami

The festival of Nag Panchami is dedicated to the serpents or Nagas. This day is ritually observed on the Panchami tithi during Shukla Paksha in the month of Shravan.

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  • 30 July, Thursday: Shravan Putrada Ekadashi

Shravan Putrada Ekadashi is celebrated all over the nation with great pomp and show. In case of this fast, it is believed that by observing this fast, one gets blessed with a child and attains Moksha or salvation after death.

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Transits in July

An important transit is going to take place this month. On 16 July, 2020, the Sun will transit in Cancer zodiac sign at 10:32 in the morning, remain in this sign till August 16, 2020 at 18:56 night.

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Important Predictions For The Month Of July

  • The planet Sun is the benefactor of one’s soul, leadership ability, administrative qualities, father etc. In such a situation, due to the impact of the transitory movement of the Sun, some natives may feel uncertain and insecure about some financial issues, leading them to doubt their worthiness and skills.
  • Apart from this, due to the influence of this transit, some natives may witness a rise in their leadership and administrative skills.
  • Adding to it, some natives may gain benefits either through their father or a government organization. However, it is advised to seek the blessings of your father, a fatherly figure in the family or heavenly deities before pursuing any important task or project.

Eclipses in July 

An eclipse will also occur during this month. A Lunar Eclipse is scheduled to occur on 05 July 2020, from 08:38 to 11:21.

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Impact of Lunar Eclipse on All Zodiac Signs

  • With this eclipse, where on the one side some natives will move ahead on the career graph and add to their skills and academic prowess by pursuing a course or skill, others will face disappointment in terms of outcomes, which can cause them frustration and anxiety.
  • This eclipse will prove to be auspicious for some natives in terms of health, any desire to expand his/her family, or to start another side business.
  • Also, it is advisable to take care of financial matters. But those who are looking for opportunities abroad during this time they may get some positive news.
  • Overall, this month of July is going to bring a lot of challenges as well as opportunities along with it. It is advisable not to get upset about anything and keep a positive attitude towards life in order to emerge victorious during these difficult times.

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This Lunar Eclipse Will Be Favourable For Natives Of Which Zodiac Sign?

  • This Lunar Eclipse will be auspicious for the natives of Gemini, Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces zodiac sign.

Apart from the above, the life of natives of all zodiac signs will remain normal since it will be a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse.

Note: Along with India, this eclipse will be visible in America, Southwest Europe and some parts of Africa. This will be a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, and no major change in the shape of the Moon will be visible.

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