Jaya Ekadashi Holds A Special Significance Amongst All Ekadashi, Learn More

Jaya Ekadashi Fast Brings Freedom From Blights Like Ghost, Spirits, & Demons

According to the Vedic Panchang, Jaya Ekadashi falls on the eleventh day of the Shukla Paksha of the Magha month every year. Lord Krishna himself once mentioned the importance of the Ekadashi falling in Magha Shukla Paksha, and said that this day offered many auspicious results and virtues to the natives. Many people even believe that praying on this day helps one get rid of any ghosts, demons, and evil spirits that may have been surrounding them. Moreover, anyone who fasts on this day can get freedom from major sins like the death of a Brahmin. A person who does the Jaya Ekadashi fast always has the grace and blessings of Lord Vishnu.

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When Is Jaya Ekadashi?

As mentioned earlier, Jaya Ekadashi falls on the eleventh day of the bright fortnight of the Magha month of Hindu Calendar. As per the Gregorian Calendar, the event usually occurs during January-February, and this year, it will be celebrated on Wednesday, 5 February 2020.

Jaya Ekadashi Fast Muhurat

Jaya Ekadashi Tithi Begins 4 February 2020 At 09:49 PM
Jaya Ekadashi Tithi Ends 5 February 2020 At 09:30 PM
Jaya Ekadashi Parana Muhurat 6 February 2020 From 07:07 AM to 09:18 PM

Note: Parana is the auspicious muhurat when the fast comes to an end, and one opens it with proper rituals and prayers.

Note: This Muhurat is for New Delhi. Click Here to know Jaya Ekadashi Fast Muhurat in your city.

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Jaya Ekadashi Mythological Tale

The Jaya Ekadashi mythological tale mentioned in the Padma Purana states that the King of the Devas, Indra used to rule Heaven, and all Gods and Goddesses lived there peacefully. Once, Lord Indra was doing the Gandharva Gaan in the Nandanvan (Nandan forest) with his nymphs (apsaras).

One of these Gandharvas was the famous Pushpadanta present along with his daughter Pushpavati; while another Gandharva, Chitrasen was also there along with his wife, Malini. Also in attendance were the son of the latter, i.e., Chitrasena and Malini, Pushpavaan and his son Malyavaan. Pushpavati became enamoured with Malyavaan and worked hard to get him under her spell, which she was soon successful in. Although these two were singing to appease Lord Indra; however, due to their infatuation, their minds were now befuddled.

Seeing these two lost in each-other, Lord Indra took it as his insult and cursed them “You Fools! You both violated my order, thereby, I curse you! Both of you will now go to Earth and reap the fruits of your karma as demons.”

On being cursed by Lord Indra, they both were sent to the Himalayas where they started living their miserable life. The cold there was so harsh that they could not even sleep. They would often talk and ponder upon the sins of their past life, that they no longer remembered, which had led them here, to this troublesome existence. In the meantime, Jaya Ekadashi came during the Magha month. On this day, both demons did not eat anything and did not partake in any evil deed either. After only eating fruits throughout the day, they went and sat under a Peepal tree in the evening. This night too, was so cold that they did not sleep.

The story goes, due to fasting on Jaya Ekadashi and staying up all night, the very next morning, they were freed from their Demon form (Pishach Yoni). When they recovered their beautiful appearances and returned to Heaven, Lord Indra asked them how they were released from their demon forms, to which Malyavaan replied, “Oh Lord! With the blessings of Lord Vishnu and the effects of the Jaya Ekadashi Fast, we were able to recover from our Pishach Yoni.”

This is the story that Lord Krishna recounted to Yudhishtir, and said, “Any person who has observed the Jaya Ekadashi fast has done equivalent to Yagna, Japa (chanting), and charity, etc.”

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Jaya Ekadashi Puja Rituals

  • Wake up in the Brahma Muhurat on Jaya Ekadashi, take a bath, and then keeping the image of Lord Vishnu in your mind with pure devotion, take an oath to observe the Jaya Ekadashi Fast.
  • Place a red cloth on an altar in the temple in your home, and establish an idol or picture of Lord Vishnu on it.
  • Take Gangajal in a small metal pot and add sesame, roli, and akshat to it.
  • Now sprinkle a few drops of this water around the temple, and then do the Ghata Sthapana of the pot.
  • Light a lamp and some incense in front of Lord Vishnu, and offer fragrant flowers to him.
  • Do his aarti with a diya of ghee (calcified butter) and recite the Vishnu Sahasranama.
  • Ensure that the oblation you offer him includes sesame and Tulsi.
  • Sesame has a particular significance on this day. If possible, you should donate sesame as per your desire, during Jaya Ekadashi.
  • In the evening, worship Lord Vishnu and eat fruits. Next day, offer food to a Brahman and see him off with appropriate Dakshina. Now, eat proper food yourself and thus, do the Parana of your Jaya Ekadashi fast.

Do’s of Jaya Ekadashi

  • If possible, go for a bath in the holy Ganga on Jaya Ekadashi, and charity and donations on this day.
  • If you wish to start talking about someone’s or your marriage at home, you should donate Kesar (saffron), banana, and turmeric during Jaya Ekadashi fast.
  • Jaya Ekadashi Fast brings wealth, respect, good health, knowledge, children, family bliss, and desired fruits, as well as provides a place in Heaven to our ancestors.

Don’ts of Jaya Ekadashi

  • Do not eat rice on Jaya Ekadashi. It is believed that if anyone eats rice on any Ekadashi, they become a reptile in their next birth.
  • This day should be devoted to the worship of Lord Vishnu. Thus, remain Sattvik and patient in everything – from your diet to behaviour.
  • Don’t be rude, respect everyone, and even married natives should practice Brahmacharya on this day.
  • Do not sleep in the evening, avoid anger, as well as telling lies.

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