January 2022 Overview: An Astrological Glance

The first month of the year, January 2022, will mark the beginning of many great things. As such, the readers must be excited to know what this month will bring for them in different fields of life. January is the epitome of new beginnings as people embark on new journeys during this period. January is the month which encourages people to do certain things or let go of certain habits. Many prominent festivals also fall in this month. Besides New Year, festivals such Lohri, Makar Sankranti, Pongal, are the few attractions of this month. With this special blog, AstroSage will help the readers find out what the first month of the year has in store for them and keep them informed regarding the important fasts, festivals, major transits, and eclipses falling this month.

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Special Qualities of January-Born Natives

People born in the month of January are very generous. They help others and motivate them to do better in life. They may appear cold and distant in the beginning, but once they are comfortable with you, they will show you their loving and caring side. These natives stay calm and optimistic even during the crisis. The January-born natives have a good sense of humour, and no one ever feels bored in their company. As much as they love lending a helping hand to others, they don’t like seeking help from others. They love doing their own work, no matter how challenging the situation is. They see the glass as half full so, you will find them highly motivated and enthusiastic at most times. This makes their personality influential and charming. They will motivate others when feeling low. Natives born in January are born leaders and they understand the importance of good teamwork. They are party animals and are always in search of new adventures in life.

Lucky number for January born people: 2 and 8

Lucky colour for January born people: Khaki, Black, and Purple

Lucky day for January born people: Friday, Tuesday, and Saturday

Lucky gemstone for January born people: Garnet

Remedies/ Suggestions: Worship Lord Ganesha and offer him Durva Grass and Modak.

Fasts/ Festivals of January 2022

January 1, Saturday

 Masik Shivaratri

Masik Shivaratri is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati and is observed each month on the 14th day during the Krishna Paksha. Devotees who wish to observe the Masik Shivaratri fast can start it from Maha Shivaratri. They will then have to continue to Masik Shivaratri fast for the entire year.

January 2, Sunday

Paush Amavasya

The last date of Krishna Paksha of the Paush month is observed as Paush Amavasya. This day has great significance, and people conduct various auspicious activities on this day. People carry out Tarpan and Shradha on this day for the peace of their ancestors and forefathers. Also, devotees observe a fast on this day to free themselves from Kalsarpa Dosh and Pitra Dosh. 

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January 13, Thursday

Pausha Putrada Ekadashi

The Ekadashi that falls during the Pausha month in Shukla Paksha is called the Pausha Putrada Ekadashi. Devotees worship Sudarshan Chakradhari Lord Vishnu on this day. A person who observes a fast on Pausha Putrada Ekadashi is blessed with a child so, this day is very popular among the female community.


Lohri is a prominent Sikh festival celebrated on the winter solstice. It is majorly celebrated in Punjab and Haryana. This festival is connected to the Bikrami calendar and farmers celebrate this festival with enthusiasm to mark the beginning of their new financial year as per the Calendar.

January 14, Friday


Pongal is a prominent festival celebrated in Tamil Nadu and other southern states of India. It is a harvest festival and is celebrated for four days. This festival mostly falls on 14th or 15th January, in the month of Thai. During this season, crops like turmeric, rice, sugarcane, etc., are harvested. Different ceremonies are performed during the four days festivities of Pongal. 


The word Uttarayan is derived from two Sanskrit words- Uttara, meaning North, and Ayan, meaning movement. So, Uttarayan means the movement of Earth towards the North on the celestial sphere. The transit of the Sun from Gemini to Capricorn is known as Uttarayan. This day is also considered as the day of God, so starting any new and sacred work on this day is considered auspicious. 

Makar Sankranti

Makar Sankranti is observed on 14th January every year. This day marks the movement of the Sun in the Makar (Capricorn) sign and is based on the Solar Calendar. On Makar Sankranti, the duration of day and night is equal, and it is one of the oldest solstice festivals.

January 15, Saturday

Pradosh Vrat (S)

Pradosh Vrat, also known as Pradosham, is observed on the 13th day of the lunar fortnight. It is a bimonthly occasion and is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. This fast is the epitome of courage, victory, and the removal of fear. The devotees who observe this fast are blessed with prosperity and abundant happiness.

January 17, Monday

Paush Purnima Vrat

According to the Hindu Panchang, Purnima in Shukla Paksha of the Pausha month is called Paush Purnima. The devotees perform charity work, offer water to the Sun and bathe in holy water on this day. Worshipping the Sun on this day leads to salvation.

January 21, Friday

Sankashti Chaturthi

Sankashti Chaturthi is dedicated to Lord Ganesh, and the devotees who worship him on this day are blessed with wisdom, health, and wealth. It was on this day that Lord Shiva declared Lord Ganesh as the most superior God among all. Therefore, Sankashti Chaturthi is considered very auspicious and women observe a fast on this day for the betterment of their family.

January 28, Friday

Shattila Ekadashi

On Shattila Ekadashi, Lord Vishnu and his Baikunth form are worshipped. Offering sesame seeds to the Lord helps you to get rid of bad deeds.

January 30, Sunday

Masik Shivaratri

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January 2022: Transits, Combustion, Retrograde & Much More 

Venus Combust in Sagittarius

Venus Combustion in Sagittarius will take place on 4th January 2022 at 7:44 am. It will end on 14th January 2022 at 5:29 am.  

Retrograde Mercury Transit in Capricorn

The Retrograde Mercury Transit in Capricorn will take place on Friday, 14th January 2022, at 16:42.

Sun Transit in Capricorn

Sun will transit in Capricorn sign on 14th January 2022 at 14:13.

Mars Transit in Sagittarius

Mars will transit in Sagittarius on 16th January 2022, at 15:26.

Mercury Combust in Capricorn

Mercury Combust will occur in the zodiac sign Capricorn on January 17, 2022 at 19:07.

Saturn Combust in Capricorn

Saturn Combust in Capricorn will take place in the zodiac sign Capricorn on 18th January 2022 at 04:18 and end on 22nd February 2022. 

Venus Direct in Sagittarius

Venus transit in Sagittarius will take place on Saturday, 29th January, at 14:55.

Eclipse in the Month of January

Neither Solar nor Lunar eclipse will take place in January 2022.

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Some Important Predictions of this Month for All Zodiac Signs 

Aries: The Aries natives will get various opportunities that will help them progress in their career this month. However, you need to be careful at your workplace and avoid confrontation with anyone. The businessmen of this sign will enjoy a good time in the first half of the month but will face some challenges in the latter half. Likewise, your love life will be romantic in the first half of the month, but the latter half calls for some trouble between the lovers. The married natives will spend quality time with their spouse and might even plan to expand their family. They will also get the support of their siblings during this time. The Aries natives need to be careful regarding health this month as they might suffer from back problems, boils, stomach diseases etc.

Taurus: The Taurus natives will enjoy various benefits in some walks of life in the first month of 2022. Some working employees might get posted to the location of their choice, while others could earn a promotion. The natives in a business partnership might face a difficult time due to unfavourable circumstances, which may lead to unnecessary arguments between the partners. This period will be good for the Taurus students, but in terms of family life, the first week of January will bring some challenges and worries among the family members. The Taurus lovers will bear mixed results in their love life. The married natives must control their anger this month to avoid conflicts and arguments with their spouse. Financially and health-wise, you will face a difficult time this month. So, spend your money wisely and consult a doctor even in case of minor health problems.

Gemini: The Gemini working employees will get mixed results this month but the businessmen of this zodiac sign will earn great benefits. The service people will fail to gain the desired results despite rigorous hard work and might even plan to switch their job. But the situation will improve after mid of January. This period will be marvellous for the Gemini students as they will get good results in the field of education. However, family life will be challenging for the natives. Some natives might tie the knot with their beloved this month. Single natives will welcome someone new in their life. Married natives will need to be cautious in the middle of the month and avoid getting into an argument with their spouse. Financially, the first half of January will be challenging, but the latter half will bring good outcomes. Gemini natives are advised to take care of their health this month. 

Cancer: The first month of 2022 will bring some challenges for the Cancer working employees, but this period will be better for the Cancer businessmen. Cancer students will need to work harder for favourable results. There will be unrest in the family which will lead to mental issues for the natives. However, this period will be good for the Cancer natives in terms of love and married life. Financially, the natives will fail to manage their expenses that will lead to a low bank balance this month. But the situation will improve in the second half of the month. In terms of health, the Cancer natives are advised to remain cautious the entire month. 

Leo: The working employees of the Leo zodiac sign will enjoy a favourable time at the workplace, but the Leo businessmen will get average results. The Leo students will get good results so far education is concerned. Family life will be blissful this month as love will grow among the family members. January will bring good results for the Leo lovers and married Leo natives alike. In terms of finances, you might face challenges at the beginning of the month as your expenses will significantly increase, leading to mental stress. However, the finances will become stable in the latter half of the month. Leo natives will have to be careful regarding their health as they might face issues related to eyes, intestine, digestion, etc. Yoga, meditation, and eating healthy food can help you maintain good health this month.

Virgo: The working professionals under the Virgo sign will get a positive outcome this month. The natives will attain support from their seniors and colleagues. The Virgo businessmen too will get profitable results. In terms of education, Virgo students wanting to study abroad or preparing for competitive exams might have to face challenges. Family life will be happy and blissful this month. However, Virgo lovers might end up in an argument with their beloved, which will cause some problems in their love life. Married natives, too, will bear the average outcome in January. Financially, the first half of the month will be troublesome, but the situation will be better in the latter half. You are advised to be cautious regarding the changing weather and belly or fat-related diseases.

Libra: The Libra natives will progress in their career in the first half of January, but they might find themselves distracted at the workplace in the latter half. Libra businessmen will be lucky this month, as they will attain success in their ventures. Libra students, too, will enjoy a favourable time. However, some turbulence is possible in family life, which will bring negativity in your nature. This month will be good for love-related matters, but those in a new relationship must avoid getting into a conflict with their beloved, or it might cause them trouble. People with this zodiac sign will come across certain health problems of their spouse. Financially, they will remain sound during this month. You are advised to be careful while eating anything unhealthy.

Scorpio: Scorpio natives will achieve success in their career in the first month of the year. The Scorpio businessmen are advised to make investments this month to improve their current business, as it will be beneficial. Scorpio students might face some challenges after the first week of January. In terms of family life, this period will bring mixed results. There will be occasional turbulence in the family, but love and harmony will be constant among the family members. Scorpio lovers will enjoy a pleasant time, but married natives might fall prey to misunderstandings and arguments with their spouse. There will not be any major change in your finances this month. Your health will be good but you will need to be careful of minor diseases.

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Sagittarius: Sagittarius natives will feel lazy at the workplace this month, which will lower their productivity. However, with the support of colleagues and seniors, the natives will complete their task on time. Sagittarius businessmen will attain profitable results and successfully expand their business. This period will be good for the students if they avoid overconfidence and take care of their health. Natives might feel agitated this month, which will lead to arguments with their family members and affect their family life. January will be unfavourable for the Sagittarius lovers and married natives. Financially, the natives are advised to manage their expenses well, or excessive expenditure might cause mental stress. Sagittarius natives must also take good care of their health.

Capricorn: Capricorn natives might get the opportunity to go abroad for work-related matters this month, but they will have to take care of their reputation at the workplace during this time. Capricorn businessmen will attain favourable results. Students will have to let go of their bad company to perform well in their studies. Family life will bring mixed results as well. The love life of the natives will be unfavourable as they might end up in frequent arguments with their beloved. Married natives will fail to spend time with their spouse, which might lead to some tension in their marital life. The natives are advised to save money this month by controlling their expenses. They will also need to take care of their health as minor health issues might bother them.

Aquarius: The working professional of this sign need to be careful at the workplace and avoid getting into an argument with colleagues as it may tarnish their image this month. Aquarius businessmen will prosper and attain favourable outcomes. Aquarius students will have good concentration which will improve their performance this month. Family life will be average as the family environment will be less peaceful than usual due to the ill-health of a family member. The beginning of the month will bring favourable results for the Aquarius lovers and the married natives, but they will need to be careful in the latter half of the month. This month, there will be a rise in your income, but your expenses will increase too, which can lead to financial troubles. So, you need to plan your budget carefully. You are also advised to take care of your health.

Pisces: Working employees of the Pisces sign will get desired results at the workplace. They might even earn promotion this month and successfully switch their jobs if needed. Natives running a business in partnership will also attain profitable outcomes. Pisces students will have to work hard this month and keep their personal problems away from their education. Family life will be good, but you will need to take care of your father’s health in the latter half of the month. Love and married life of the natives will be good, along with the financial life. However, you might suffer from minor health issues like back pain, or calf pain, so be careful.

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