Is Virgo a Fire Sign? Know the Characteristics of a Virgo!

Is Virgo a Fire Sign? Generally, people don’t understand the concept behind the connection between the zodiac signs and the elements of life. And therefore they don’t know to which Element their sign belongs. Well, if you too don’t understand this, do not panic, AstroSage will clear all your doubts related to the relationship between the elements of life and the zodiac signs. Not only this, if you are a Virgo then you will get to know “Is Virgo A Fire sign?

Before we begin with our discussion about Virgo being a Fire sign or not, there are some basic key points that one needs to understand. There are 4 elements of Life that are air, water, fire, and earth. Each spiritual element has 3 zodiac signs under them by which there are different characteristics or qualities in people. There is no second thought that the characteristics of a person reflects the nature of that particular zodiac sign. Now, the real question arises, Is Virgo a Fire sign? Let’s throw some light on the topic and fetch some more details.

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Is Virgo a Fire Sign?

Is Virgo an Air sign? No, it’s not! It is an Earth Sign. Those with the Fire sign possess traits such as passion, creativity, spontaneity, inspiration, and competitiveness. Whereas the Earth sign possesses personality such as Grounded, Sensual, Patient, Structured, Loyal, Practical, and Hardworking. The Earth sign is also known to be the admirer of fine material things. They think twice before planning for any big thing in life.

If we talk about Virgos in love relationships, then they are the most caring lovers and are dependable. Virgos in earth signs are one of the most compatible partners with other earth or water signs, here are some of the common characteristics of a Virgo with an Earth sign:

  • Sensual
  • Calm
  • Grounded
  • Organized
  • Practical
  • Trustworthy
  • Hardworking

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How do Virgos as Earth Signs Find the Balance?

  • They are very specific about their routine, they don’t like amendments.
  • Always tries to stay away from bad habits.
  • Engage themselves in different activities.

An Elaboration of Virgo as an Earth Sign

Those people who are still in a dilemma to understand Virgo as an Earth sign will get help from this section. Virgo is also known as a mutable sign which has Mercury as its owner, and Mercury is known as the planet of communication. In Vedic astrology, Virgo is accredited as Kanya. Now, If we talk about the mutable feature of the Virgo sign then they are easily adaptive to new things however they do a critical analysis before stepping in. They are known to be critical thinkers and they keep a keen observation of every single activity happening around them.

Virgos are also known to have a Judgmental nature as they keep an eye on the things around them which have a scope for improvement. They want everything to be good so that they can create a better place for themselves to live in.

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Compatible and Incompatible Zodiac Signs with Virgo

As we know Virgos are caring and can become good partners, so many zodiac signs can be easily compatible with this sign. However, 4 signs are the most compatible with Virgos that are Scorpio, Capricorn, Taurus, and Cancer. On the other hand, if we talk about the incompatible signs with Virgo then 2 signs that can clash with a Virgo are Libra and Aquarius. However, 3 signs are the most incompatible with Virgos that are Sagittarius, Leo, and Aries.

Wrapping up: 

Through this blog by AstroSage, we have tried to resolve the doubt related to “Is Virgo A Fire Sign?”. We have also given a brief about the 4 elements that are very important in Astrology, wherein you got to know that Virgo is an Earth sign not the Fire sign, and all the details related to the same were highlighted in this blog for a better understanding of the reader. However, if you still have doubts then you can always get connected with World’s best Astrologers via the AstroSage website.

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