Is Taurus An Air Sign? Know Now!

Is Taurus an Air sign? Well, it’s human nature that we always have a lot of questions running in our mind. One of those questions is related to our zodiac signs and their elements. You might be wondering if Taurus is an Air sign or any other sign. To figure this out, Astrosage is here to provide you with a clear understanding of Taurus Sign, its elements, the characteristics and traits of Taurus natives’ personality, and when they are in love.

As we all know there are 4 different elements which are the foundation of this world: Water, Air, Fire, and Earth. Each of these elements are associated with 12 zodiac signs as each of the elements cover 3 zodiac signs. Particularly in this blog, you will learn about the detailed specifications of the Taurus sign and its elements. Every sign and element affects the personality and traits of an individual. To know if Taurus is an Air element or an Earth Sign, read the blog below!

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Is Taurus an Air Sign? 

To clear this confusion to which element Taurus Sign is associated with, we finally got the answer that Taurus is an Earth Sign. As compared to Earth Sign, Air signs are intellectual and rational thinkers however, natives belonging to Earth Sign own brilliant tactics to collect and earn more money. They are more patient and sensible.

At some point of time, Earth Sign natives can be stubborn when the things don’t happen in their favor. I hope now your doubt will be clear that Taurus is not an Air Sign but Earth Sign. Further, we will discuss the difference between both the signs, Earth Sign and Air Sign.   

Difference Between Earth Signs and Air Sign  

Earth Sign: There are 3 zodiac signs which are affiliated with Earth Sign. These are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. Their solid energy helps them to achieve their targets and long-term goals.

Earth Signs really value stability and security in all aspects of life, also it is their laborious nature which allows them to achieve their long term goals and plans. They are the born builders and managers, they create a structure in the society and in their life which puts a great impact. 

On the other hand, they resist changes. They can also turn immoral in the greed of materialistic things and lavish life which may cost their friends and family.     

Air Sign: The three signs which are associated with Air Sign are, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. Natives belonging to this sign are intelligent, spontaneous and communicative. They actually choose variety over consistency. 

Air Signs have a capability to process complex projects, ideas and relationships.They are always curious to explore different things and places and love to interact with people. They think out of the box and this quality makes them the best teachers, architects, communicators and planners. 

However, they are intelligent, they easily get detached from their feelings, emotions and practical world. In the lust for life, they prefer not to be rooted to the one plan rather they pursue expansion.        

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More About Taurus Sign 

It is clear that Taurus belongs to the Earth Sign and it symbolizes the Bull. It is the second sign in all the other zodiac signs and it loves to be surrounded by beauty and love, physical pleasures, and hedonism. The most important senses of Taurus are touch and taste. They are practical and grounded and believe in harvesting the fruit of labor. Also, these are the people one can rely on as they are stable and conservative, so they are always ready to stick and endure their choices until they reach the level of personal satisfaction. Once they realize the value of a thing or a relation in their life, it becomes an essential part of it. They are also good listeners and their graceful and diligent nature makes them different from other signs. Apart from this it is quite easy to impress the Taurus sign by offering their favorite food and an authentic wine. They love to hangout with those people who appreciate artistic things like dance, music and theater.       

Earth Signs in Love

If you have a huge crush on Earth Sign and want them to like you back, then you just have to do little things to win their heart. Earth signs love, stability, and commitment and crave for security and comfort with their partner. They are sensual, tactile and nature-lovers. In approach to love, Earth Signs are really well-grounded. When they like someone they don’t haste to express their feelings to another person, rather they will prefer to know more about their choices before taking things to the next level. But, once they have committed to you, they are completely yours and they expect the same from you. It is not that difficult to win over an Earth Sign, it’s just your simplicity which will make them fall in love with you. Like Air signs, natives belonging to Earth Sign don’t like drama and they just want transparency and loyalty in their relationship. The tips to make them crazy for you are: Stick to your words or commitments, value their time, cook them a meal, get to know their friends, be affectionate and be passionate. If you do it successfully you will have the best partner in your life.           

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