Is Taurus a Water Sign? Find Out!

Is Taurus a Water sign? Read further to find out! This blog by Astrosage will offer you an insight of the four different elements and the true sun sign of Taurus. You will learn about the people and their personalities who belong to the Taurus Zodiac Sign, how they fall in love and what they expect in their romantic relationships.

First of all, let us tell you that generally, there are the four astrological  elements which are also called triplicities in modern astrology. The names of the four elements are Air Sign, Fire Sign, Water Sign, and Earth Sign. Each of the elements cover 3 zodiac signs which are linked to the overall temperament of the zodiac signs. Now the major question is, Is Taurus a Water Sign? To figure it out, let’s read the blog below.

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Is Taurus a Water Sign? 

Well, Taurus is not a Water Sign but an Earth Sign. In Earth Sign, the other two zodiac signs which accompany Taurus are Virgo and Capricorn. Natives who belong to Earth Sign are nature lovers and have an earthy vibe. They are down to earth people but love lavish lifestyles. However, people who belong to Water Sign are quite emotional and intuitive. Usually their emotions flow like the waves in an ocean. 

Ruled by the planet of beauty, love and money i.e Venus, Taurus sign admires the beautiful things and they are always amused for expensive things and luxury. To fulfill their aspirations, they never hesitate to do hard work. Now, let’s know how Earth Sign and Water Signs are different from each other.

Difference Between Earth Signs and Water Sign

Earth Sign: Now as we know, the Earth Sign rules three astrological signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. The Earth sign makes its native wiser in taking difficult decisions and making hard choices which always proves to bring benefits and long lasting rewards to them. As a result, hard work, commitment and truth are the qualities which are really embraced by the people of Earth Sign. 

On the other hand, Earth signs are considered to be the most grounded people and they love stability. This resistance of them to the changes sometimes make them have a little boring and rigid personality. Their desire and greed to obtain materialistic things and live an extravagant life sometimes makes them so stubborn and immoral that they can do anything to achieve it, whether by hook or by crook.

Water Sign: The 3 zodiac signs which are ruled by the Water Sign are: Cancer, Scorpio  and Pisces. The Water sign makes the native more sentimental and sensitive as compared to other signs. In simple words, Water signs are so much about strong emotions. They never let go of the things or people to whom they are emotionally connected. They are more concerned about their loved ones and this concern of them makes them protective.    

Apart from this Water Signs are bit reserved personalities. They don’t have many friends but a few because they value quality over quantity. Also, they are quite secretive because they don’t trust anyone easily. It is quite difficult sometimes to win their trust and make them reveal their secrets. Generally Water Signs are sweet but if anybody cheats them, they turn badass. 

More About Taurus Sign  

Taurus is represented by the Bull and it is an Earth Sign.It is the second sign of all 12 zodiac signs and ruled by the planet Venus which is the planet of beauty, love and money. Taurians seek pleasure and they have huge admiration for artistic things like music, dance, paintings, or theater. Being creative and artistic, they love visiting the traditional restaurants and relishing the authentic meals while listening to the music. They are quite graceful and reliable. 

If you have a Taurian friend then you don’t have to be worried about anything anymore because they are dependable and can do anything to help you if you really mean to them. But you will lose a precious friendship forever if you cheat them. They appreciate loyalty and honesty in every situation and expect the same from other people. Also, they love perfection, by God’s grace they are analytical and practical with the help of which they handle everything perfectly and to satisfy their desire and get desired results they can burn the midnight oil. 

Indeed, Taurians are the best people to share your worries with because they think logically and make favorable decisions. Even at work or in business, they are the masters who have a magnetic vibe to earn more and more money. In short, they are the leaders who can lead and manage everything without any confusion.

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Earth Signs in Love

Impressing an Earth Sign like Taurus is not a challenging task, you just have to choose a restaurant of their choice which offers their favorite meal. They love food and music so if you really like an Earth Sign then plan a candle light dinner and play romantic and soothing music of their taste. Prefer to organize a date on a hill station or at a beach because they are nature lovers. But beware of fake decorations or wearing huge makeup because they truly admire simplicity and this will be more than enough to impress them. They don’t expect expensive gifts from you but only loyalty and commitment. 

Earth signs are good listeners and one can be dependent on them, so they also want to be heard by the person they love, and feel secure like a home with them. Once you have won their trust, they will devote their time, money and their everything to you. Before choosing a partner, they take time, so never lose your patience and give them some time. If they have genuine feelings for you, they will confess their love and emotions without any hesitation. If we talk about the Earth Signs compatibility, they are compatible  with similar sun signs like Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. Also, the Water Signs can also be the best partners for them like Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.    

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