Is Scorpio A Water Sign? Know Now!

Is Scorpio a Water Sign? AstroSage warmly welcomes you on this special blog which will provide you with accurate information about the Scorpio zodiac sign. You will learn about its element, ruling planet, and symbol. Also we will provide you an insight of Scorpio personality traits, their approach towards love, compatibility and incompatibility. 

First of all, let’s discuss the 4 elemental signs in astrology which are; Air, Water, Fire and Earth. To each of these elements every 3 out of 12 zodiac signs is linked to one of the sun signs. Such as Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are the Air Signs. But don’t underestimate the power of these elements as they greatly influence the zodiac signs that fall into their respective categories. So let’s learn about the element of Scorpio. 

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Is Scorpio A Water Sign? 

Is Scorpio a Water Sign? Yes, scorpios are the fixed Water Signs who are recognised for their loyalty and dedication, as well as their passion. They’re known to possess such passionate personalities that they’re commonly confused with Fire sun signs. Admittedly, they just have strong sentiments and emotions.

Scorpios are known for their keen intuition and sixth sense. Their instincts and intrinsic psychic energies are constantly evaluating and digesting information (even if they aren’t overtly articulating their feelings, they are often quietly thinking about things through). This is especially true when it comes to who and what they trust. No matter what the fact is; they believe and trust their instincts on a spiritual and intuitive level. 

More About Scorpio

Scorpio: October 23 – November 21

Element: Water

Ruling Planet: Pluto (Modern), Mars (Traditional) 

Quality: Fixed

Symbol: Scorpio 

Scorpions are charismatic and strong individuals who possess a level of concentration and intensity that is uncommon in other zodiac signs. They are excellent leaders and guides because they are resourceful, dedicated, and brave when encountered with a problem. They will keep other people’s secrets, even if they don’t like them, and will do anything for those who mean alot to them. Each Scorpio is a terrific buddy because of their honesty and direct attitude, which is tinged with deep emotions. They are dedicated, loyal, and intellectual, and they thrive in the presence of humorous and amusing people who fill their lives with color and happiness. 

Furthermore, Scorpions strive to be independent and put all their efforts to enjoy a free life. They discover ways to get around their deepest, darkest reasons by developing deep self-awareness and burying their abilities alongside their evil wants. To find serenity and happiness, they must break free from taboos and restraints, discovering the freedom to scream and fight for their ideas. Apart from this, Scorpios thrive in careers involving study and research of any kind, and they excel as investigators, cops, psychologists, and doctors. However, their extreme respect for others can make teamwork a bit challenging for them, because they just want the same treatment from others, even if they are unable to do so. 

Celebrities Born Scorpions

23 October 1973            Malaika Arora

30 October 1998            Ananya Pandey

1 November,  1973        Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

2 November,  1965        Shahrukh Khan

13 November 1967        Juhi Chawla

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Scorpio In Love 

In the matter of love, Scorpions are obsessive, self-assured, intense, sexual, and fiercely competitive. They can be extremely obsessive, neurotic, and jealous, and this is coloured by the blind devotion and unconditional love that each of us yearns for. They always look for a partner who is practical and who will help them to reach their objectives. The interesting fact about Scorpio is that they crave a challenge, therefore they frequently choose mates who play hard to get, for them it is quite seductive. 

Moreover, Scorpions are drawn to bold and provocative personalities, but once they have made their mind for commitment, it will be forever and till their last breath, they just expect honesty and full attention from their lover. Including this, they long for something more powerful than physical attraction and compatibility, i.e. endless supply of emotions to guide them as well as enlighten their soul. Definitely, dating a Scorpio is such a wonderful experience, though it takes a lot of effort and patience to win their heart. There are some ways to earn their love such as, be confident, be mysterious, play hard to get, send subtle signs, dress nicely, be truthful, give them time and space, avoid being bossy and keep patience. 

Scorpions Compatible Signs

The fellow water signs like Cancer, other Scorpions and Pisces prove to be the best partners for scorpions because they share similar emotional language. Also, Earth Signs like Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn can also be the suitable matches for scorpions because of their similar traits as both appreciate groundedness and stability.   

Scorpions Incompatible Signs

Air signs like Gemini, Aquarius and Libra are a little too impulsive for Scorpio, while fire signs like Aries, Sagittarius and Leo may bring physical intimacy but only for shorter periods of time, however scorpions look for long lifelong commitments. 

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