Is Leo An Earth Sign?

Is Leo an Earth Sign? AstroSage will tell you in a moment! Are you a Leo or do you have a close friend or a lover who is a Leo sign? If yes, then do you know the amazing facts about Leo? AstroSage is here to answer all your questions and this blog is just about Leo Sign, as you will find everything about Leos, their Sun Sign and love choices. 

Firstly, let’s move on to the four different types of elements in astrology which are the foundation of earth. In astrology each of the 12 zodiac signs is connected to one of the four elements; Fire, Water, Air and Earth. These elements are important to be considered because the quality of these Sun signs directly relates to the attributes of the zodiac signs. Each of the elements has feminine and masculine energy. These Sun signs are also called triplicities in astrology, as each of the elements is associated with 3 zodiac signs. Now, the question of the day is ‘Is Leo an Earth Sign?; to get the answer to this question read this blog. 

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Is Leo an Earth Sign? 

According to the AstroSage astrology experts, Leo Signs are known for their bold, creative and daring attitude. The ruling planet of Leo is the Sun which is the king of all the planets and this quality is inherited by the Leo signs as they are the fire spirited signs. They are the born leaders and role models to people and this spirit and passion of Leo shows that they belong to the Fire Element. 

On the other hand, people with Earth signs are sensible, hardworking and rational thinkers. They love stability and don’t like breaking the consistency. Hence, earth signs and fire signs are quite different from each other. So, let’s learn more about the difference between Fire Signs and Earth Signs.     

Fire Signs Vs Earth Signs

Fire Signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are the three signs which are covered by fire sun sign and this element releases masculine energy. The fire signs are spontaneous, passionate, competitive and an inspiration to others. They hold a charismatic charm which attracts people towards them. It is their confidence which helps them to become famous and fortunate.

And yet, they have a bad side too. Sometimes they desperately seek people’s attention and become too needy. They feel insecure and vulnerable when they feel their charm and spark is fading. To maintain their fame, they sometimes burn a lot of energy and also lose their temper. 

Earth Signs: The 3 zodiac signs; Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are the Earth Sign and this element has feminine energy. The Earth signs are the down to earth personality and pragmatic. If you are in any trouble, go to them. They have the best ever plans with practical solutions, these signs are the best friends forever. Also, they always find perfection in everything and love to dine in expensive restaurants and live luxurious lives. 

However, they often try to resist changes as they love to be in their comfort zone i.e they like stability. Sometimes due to which they become lazy and do not come out of their cozy bed. Apart from that Earth Signs can also be stubborn, to live a life according to their standards they might forget about their morals and do whatever it takes. 

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Facts About Leo Sign 

In 12 zodiac signs, Leo is the 5th sign and it represents the King of the Jungle, ‘The Lion’ which means they are born to rule the world. Sridevi, Saif Ali Khan, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton are Leos. All these famous personalities reveal the two major traits of Leo, all of them are creative and are ruling over the hearts of people. Leos are those people who will shine differently in the crowd. They are quite ambitious and dedicated to their career. They often choose to become an artist, politician, sportsman or actor because they always want to be in the limelight and set an iconic image in public. They love to be invited to exclusive parties and live like a celebrity. You will always see them wearing draped dresses and having the best hairstyle.        

Although being sociable, they hide their emotions and feelings and don’t feel secure in sharing their personal life with other people. Deeply, they are quite sensitive and afraid to be cheated by someone. But, once they trust you, they won’t hide anything from you ever. They are true to the people who are closest to them, be it family, friends or a lover. On the other hand, they could be badass if they are cheated by their loved ones as Leo is not the sign to cheat on or else you will see their dark side. Apart from this, they believe in themselves and resolve all their matters without taking any help from others. They are so passionate about their aspirations that they can burn midnight oil to fulfill their dreams. What they only need is a loyal friend who always has their back.   

Fire Signs As A Lover

The Lions are very bold and clear about their feelings, they don’t shy away from showing their love to their partner. But in the beginning of the relationship they tend to hide their true feelings till the time they don’t get a green signal from their crush. As mentioned above they are quite sensitive, so rather than taking a step from their side, they expect their partner to approach them first. Once they have accepted the love, they can do anything to protect their sweetheart. They are extremely loyal, always encouraging their beloved and never hesitate to show their commitment to the world. Once they are completely into their partners, they become the world to Leos. But they could be a bit possessive and try to reassure their love which sometimes leads their relationship to bad notes. 

Apart from this,  impressing a fire sign isn’t a hard nut to crack. Only some compliments and your true efforts to bring a smile on their face can win their heart. They notice every little thing you do for them, however you must keep in mind that fire signs don’t like fake compliments and praises. Just saying what you feel while looking into their eyes will melt their heart and make them fall in love with you every time you hold their hand. Also they love to be listened to and talk about themselves. In short, these signs are the most romantic partners among all the signs, especially Leo.     

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