Is Leo An Air Sign?

Is Leo an Air Sign? AstroSage is here to help! We are here to introduce you to 4 different elements in astrology and the element of Leo zodiac sign. You will also get to know the Leo people’s personality and their traits through this blog. If you have a crush on a Leo personality and really want to impress them, then congratulations this article will help you out by telling you the ways to win their heart and will also mention Leo’s compatibility. 

Before moving ahead, it’s quite important to make you familiar with the four astrological elements and their effect on a person’s personality. You might have heard that the foundations of this world are Water, Air, Fire and Earth and these elements play a crucial role in astrology. These astrological Sun Signs are also called Triplicities because out of 12 zodiac signs, each sun sign covers three zodiac signs. Such as the Earth Signs which rule 3 zodiac signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. I hope you are clear with the sun signs, now let us move ahead and look for the answer to the first question, is Leo an Air Sign?

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Is Leo an Air Sign? 

Now to answer your question “Is Leo an Air Sign?”No, Leo belongs to the Fire Element. Leo is a sign which is represented by a Lion. Leo Signs are the Fire Spirited Signs and they are the King or Queen of the celestial jungle. However, natives ruled by the Air element are quite intellectual and logical personalities. For Air signs, processing the complex ideas, projects and relationships is just a piece of cake. 

If we talk about Leo sign, it is greatly affected by its element and symbol. Leos love to be under the spotlight and celebrate themselves. They feel delighted when it’s about embracing their royal status. They are Vivacious, Passionate and Theatrical. But when they feel their star power is endangered, they sometimes become impaired by their jealousy, ego and pride. I hope you are clear that Leo is a Fire Sign, now let us know more about the difference between the Fire Signs and Air Signs. 

Distinction Between Fire Signs and Air Signs

Fire Signs: The three zodiac signs which come under the category of Fire Signs are: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. The fire signs are bash, bold, daring and creative. Also they are known for their passion, inspiration, spontaneity and competitive spirit.  

If we think about the element fire, it needs fuel or else it will die. Same goes with the natives belonging to fire signs, they are desperate to be inspired and to be happy. When they don’t feel motivated and inspired, they lose their temper and control over their emotions. 

Air Signs: The names of the three zodiac signs which are associated with Air Signs are: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. They are considered to be intelligent, smart, spontaneous and communicative. Air signs are quite sociable. 

They are the people with the mentality ‘Live and Let Live’ and it is their intelligence which helps them to make decisions easily in their life or career. But sometimes they easily get disconnected from their feelings and emotions, and suddenly they might get cold. They prefer not to stick to one thing but go for a variety of it. 

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Know More About Leo:

The fifth sign of the zodiac is Leo (July 22 to August 23) and it is symbolized by Lion. This fire sign has a glamorous, bold and courageous energy. Leo’s perception for themselves is that they are celebrities. They never fed up with exclusive parties, lavish dinners and designer wear. These lions are the born leaders and love to be the center of attraction in a party or crowded place. They are really careful about their public image, and Leo never steps out of their house without dressing up properly. 

As already mentioned, Leo are the born leaders but quite sensitive too. Usually Leos don’t reveal their emotions to people but only to their closest friends. To the rest of the world, they show that they are invulnerable, powerful,  super strong and super courageous and in front of their true friends they melt. Apart from this, these signs are quite ambitious and endeavor to fulfill their dreams. They can work relentlessly and do hard work to achieve their goals. 

It is said that Leo is the most diligent in all the signs. They prefer to complete their tasks without taking any help from others. But they love to be around people and prefer to have loyal friends only. Another quality of Leo is that they can sense fake praise, so, playing mind games with them never works or else you will regret messing with them. 

How Leos Approach Love? 

Leos are the most romantic partners as this sign is associated with romance. Leos can be quite reserved when it comes to their feelings. They tend to hide their feelings in the fear of rejection. So they often try to know the other person’s feelings for them and expect the other person to approach them first. Once they are assured and choose their life partner, they are completely loyal to them and this relationship is never ending. However, in the beginning of the relationship, they need attention and reassurance that the other partner will not deceive them. One can impress a Leo by showering compliments and attention to them. Also, they love to be taken to a nice restaurant for a date and often notice your efforts to win their heart. They also try to give their best to their partner and expect the same from them. They are extremely loyal in their relationship and can also be a little possessive for their partner because they are madly in love with them. They completely commit themselves to their partner and often announce their relationship officially. For Leo, their partner becomes their priority. They just love to talk about them whenever they feel people will listen and want to tell the whole world that they have got the one.     

Well if we talk about their compatibility then Leo are the most compatible to their fellow signs i.e. fire signs, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. These are the signs which match their vibes and passion. Apart from this they are compatible with the Air signs like Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.         

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