Is Gemini a Water Sign? Gemini’s Negative & Positive Traits!

Is Gemini a water sign? Generally, there is a dilemma associated with the elements of the zodiac signs. Do you also feel confused and don’t know much about your zodiac sign? Which element does your zodiac sign belong to? Or is Gemini a water sign? Well, through this blog by Astrosage, all your queries related to Gemini being a water sign or not will be resolved. Also, if you belong to the Gemini sign then this blog will help you to understand is Gemini a Water sign. Furthermore, we will discuss both the positive and the negative traits of this sign. 

Before we start the topic, there is some important information that you need to acknowledge about the 4 spiritual elements to which 12 zodiac signs belong. There are both positive and negative traits related to every zodiac sign. So, if we talk about the Gemini, this blog will explain to you whether Gemini is a Water sign or not? And its positive and negative traits. Gemini is the third sign in the list of zodiac signs. The season for this sign starts on May 21 and ends on June 21. Many known celebrities are associated with this sign such as Donald Trump, Marilyn Monroe, Naomi Campbell, Helena Bonham-Carter, Russell Brand, and Joan Collins. So, let us understand, is Gemini a water sign or not.

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 Is Gemini a Water Sign?

No, Gemini is not a Water sign, it belongs to the air element and apart from Gemini, Aquarius and Libra too belong to the air element. Each air sign possesses freedom, love, and independence. The one who belongs to this element should understand that air signs are about communicating, sharing their thoughts, and informing others. These signs are extroverts and have great social skills. Moreover, they can see things from everyone’s perspective, rather than keeping their own opinion on the point.

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Some Positive Traits of Gemini

  • Flexibility: Gemini is a mutable sign that means that they are easily adaptive and flexible. These signs love diversification and trying new things, they are the monotony breakers and the haters of any boring task. They always try to find a new and exciting way to do it every time. They are experimental and easygoing and have a will to explore. They are the ones who change schedules at the last minute.
  • Social: Geminis love to communicate, make networks, and meet new people thrills them. They never like to stay lonely or excluded from any group. Those with the Gemini sign wish to have lots of friends and different groups of friends. They like to stay uncommitted and partially connected so that they can switch between different groups of friends.
  • Intelligent: The natives of Gemini are wordsmiths, extremely clever, and always getting involved in witty chitchats. They are the creators of their imaginative world. They love to read and analyze each subject matter. If you are trying to beat a Gemini in the debate then do not even think of it, they are the masters of creating topics and ending the discussion of the same. Not only are they intelligent but they are very interesting. They soak up all your knowledge and information like a sponge and then will share fun facts with others with any wise opportunity.

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Some Negative Traits of Gemini

  • A Gossipmonger: There is no doubt in Gemini’s love to gossip and this can get them into trouble. New stories and information can be fascinating but sharing private news with people can be a negative sign. As soon as Gemini hears something juiced up story they have an urge to spill out and tell someone else immediately. Their conversations also sometimes work as a Chinese whisper, in which in the end the message is different from what actually happened in actuality. They can easily drop their morals down when there is gossip. So, be careful if you are about to share your matters with a Gemini.
  • Indecisive: Similar to Libra, Gemini is also indecisive. Sometimes, their intelligence means that they overthink every situation and they struggle in making every decision. They are scared of commitment too, which means Geminis avoid responsibility and they are fighty in nature. Geminis like to be the center of attraction and they are the pointers in every discussion. Moreover, they hate missing out on any jokes or hot discussions. They get bored easily and this can make them very shallow and unreliable.

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