Is Breaking Of Glass Auspicious Or Inauspicious?

Every home uses a variety of glass-based items. The house is filled with a lot of glass things. If we talk about mirrors, everyone enjoys seeing their image in a mirror, which is both a reflection of man and an essential component of daily life. You must have seen that if a mirror or a window in the house breaks, people frequently wonder whether Breaking of Glass will be lucky or unlucky. So today we’re going to discuss some crucial Vastu rules to follow when hanging a mirror on the walls in your house. You must read this blog to learn the crucial Vastu guidelines regarding the placement of glass and mirrors in every corner of your house.

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Breaking Of Glass: Auspicious Or Inauspicious?

The Breaking of Glass has always been associated with bad luck in Indian culture and ominous signs that something terrible is about to happen. In addition, it’s a common notion that when a glass is broken, the person’s soul is imprisoned in various places throughout the glass. According to tradition, glass has the power to take souls.

In Hinduism, Breaking of Glass is a bad omen. It is believed that a mirror has the power to steal one’s soul from the inside. The mirror either reveals the real identity or keeps the original soul out when gods or devils take the form of another person. As a result, there is a perception that mirrors shouldn’t be broken.

On the other hand, for some Breaking of Glass could be a sign that luck is coming their way. In general, it indicates events like the start of fresh, advantageous cycles in your life. In addition, it indicates that economic conditions will soon improve.

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Vastu Guidelines For Glasses And Mirrors

  • According to Vastu, using square-shaped glass in your home at all times. Never ever use an oval or circular mirror. It is believed that positive energy can become negative when it interacts with a round or oval mirror.
  • Vastu advises against placing a mirror in your bedroom. If you really want to place it, make sure your bed cannot be seen through it. If it is difficult to do so, cover the mirror with a screen after using it.
  • According to Vastu, Glass that has been broken within the house should never be kept there; it should always be thrown out right away. Breaking of Glass or broken glass is regarded as a Mirror Vastu Dosh in Vastu. Similar to this, any window that has cracked glass needs to be fixed right away.
  • One mirror should never be put in front of another mirror in a home, according to Vastu, because the Vastu flaw created by doing so will enhance restlessness rather than calm and happiness. The mirror shouldn’t be placed in front of a window or door either, even after you’ve forgotten about it, as the positive energy it emits will escape through those openings.
  • The indication of preventing a tragedy from occurring inside the house is believed to be concealed in the accidently broken glass or mirror in the home. The Breaking of Glass or the mirror, in other words, picked up on the impending disaster. One should be able to view his reflection in a pool that is built in a garden after they receive this signal from the mirror. It is believed that by doing this, one is freed from flaws associated with broken glass or approaching tragedy.  

Overall, according to Vastu,  Breaking of Glass is a good sign, whereas keeping shattered or broken glass in the house is extremely unlucky.

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