Is Aquarius An Air Sign? Know Now!

Is Aquarius an Air Sign? Have you met an Aquarius companion or partner? Are you aware of the fascinating facts about Aquarius, if you answered “yes”? As this essay is entirely about Aquarius, their Sun Sign, and their preferences in romantic relationships, AstroSage is available to clear up any form of question you may have with this sign.

Starting with the four astrological pillars that make up the earth’s foundation. The four elements—Fire, Water, Air, and Earth—are said to be associated with each of the twelve zodiacal signs. Since these Sun signs’ characteristics closely resemble those of the Zodiac signs, the elements have a significant impact on the characteristics of each sign. Diverse feminine and male energies exist inside each of the elements. Astrologically speaking, these Sun signs are also referred to as triplicities because each element has three zodiac signs that correspond with it. To find out if Aquarius is an Air Sign or not, let’s read the following.

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Is Aquarius An Air Sign? 

Is Aquarius an Air Sign? ? Those born under an air sign are more likely to be socially active, adaptive forces for change, and leaders in their respective fields. Well if we talk about Aquarius, it is a Fixed Air Sign. They are one of the signals that the winds of change are coming as they are air signs. They are visionaries determined to transform the world and are naturally drawn to creativity, originality, and curiosity. Because intellectualism is one of an Aquarian’s main attributes, many people with this sign need to be continually challenged intellectually to avoid being unmotivated and bored.

Since air is the lightest and most flowing of the four elements, it should come as no surprise that Aquarians value novelty and change in all they do. Air is a positive element, therefore Aquarians aren’t ashamed to express their hopes for a better world. They are creative visionaries with distinct goals who are not prone to accepting the way things usually are. However, Aquarius is a fixed sign as well, which implies a certain degree of stability. When it comes to Aquarius, the obstinacy that is so typical of fixed signs typically stems from a stubbornness of the mind. Since their motto is “I know,” they have a strong faith in their intellect.   

More About Aquarius

Aquarius Dates: January 18 or 19 – February 18

Aquarius Symbol: Water-Bearer 

Aquarius Ruling Planet: Saturn and Uranus

Aquarius Element: Air

Aquarius Modality: Fixed

Aquarius Key Traits: Innovative, Zealous, Forward-thinking, Humanistic, Fun, Crazy, Creative, Intelligent. 

The charitable and impartial Water Bearer is a representation of the fashionable and progressive Aquarius force. There is nothing this sign won’t investigate, from artistic electronic music to neighborhood-centered living. Organizing people to support a social cause or political objective is an area of expertise for Aquarians because they are the sign that rules organizations and teams. Modern, unconventional, and occasionally even bizarre, Aquarius energy is present. We can imagine ideal futures thanks to this futuristic sign. Inventions and science fiction are indicated by this. While Aquarius influence can make us disobedient and alienated from reality, it also opens our eyes to opportunities we wouldn’t otherwise perceive.    

Aquarians make excellent friends because they will stick by you no matter what. Additionally, they enjoy having fun as long as it makes for a lot of chuckles. Yes, Aquarians are eccentric, but they are not irrational. They simply have a very certain sense of humor that can be peculiar. Aquarians are very aware of the social pulse and heartbeat of the world around them. They are up to date on all the latest trends, which puts them one step ahead of the competition. They are excellent social workers, artists, designers, technologists, and astrologers. It can be said that Aquarius is the astrological sign that rules astrology. 

When it comes to their professional lives, Aquarians are all about showcasing their original skills and abilities. They enjoy using their intellect and abilities, and they do best when they can contribute fresh ideas, help others, and exercise their limitless creativity. When they are allowed to pursue their passions at work without excessive interference from management, Aquarians perform at their highest level. They perform their best work when left alone and with little outside distractions, provided they are interested in the task at hand. 

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Aquarius As A Lover

Despite not being the most affectionate sign of the zodiac, Aquarius is not unfamiliar to love, which many people tend to overlook. Actually, this sign is capable of intense love, but only when they find the right partner. The sign of Aquarius, often known as the water bearer, is able to carry other people’s emotions without letting them affect them. Because of this, Aquarius is a little unconventional in their approach to romantic love, yet they still care about you. It’s a strong indication that an Aquarius person trusts you if he gives you a good glimpse inside his head and what he thinks about. It shows he cares about you enough to express his feelings to you and is curious to discover if you share them. Being a very talkative and extroverted individual, an Aquarius man will express his feelings for you verbally. However, given that Aquarius finds it difficult to discuss relationships, he may find it challenging. But it meant everything that he overcame his worries and told you how he really felt.

To an Aquarius, falling in love is comparable to being accepted into the school of your choice or even being able to finally afford the new beauty palette you’ve been eyeing. To put it another way, it’s a big deal. They must make sure it’s worthwhile for them to pursue these things because they don’t need them to be completely satisfied. Furthermore, the needs of the larger community come first for Aquarius, rather than their own interpersonal relationships. When there is a significant social change in our broken society that needs to be achieved, there is no time for dating! There is little time for individual relationships because Aquarius frequently turns their attention outward, interacting with communities and other cultures.

However, if they do have a romantic relationship, it is likely founded on a deep love and mental connection for their partner. The social, communicative indication will probably tell you what it is. When someone is close to them, they often focus all of their affection on them and try hard to take care of them. Sometimes it might feel almost overwhelming, especially coming from someone who is typically lost in the clouds. A rose petal trail across the house, flowers brought to your workplace, or impromptu weekends away are examples of extravagant gestures of adoration from Aquarius.

Aquarius Compatible Signs

Although there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to astrological compatibility, Aquarians tend to be drawn to those who can assist them in their big-picture thinking. Their friendship and romantic compatibility are best represented by the following signs:

Compatible Signs:

Since Aquarius, Libra, and Gemini are fellow air signs and share the same intellectual language, they are generally the most compatible signs for friendships and romantic relationships. Fire signs are also compatible (Leo, Sagittarius, Aries).

Incompatible Signs

While earth signs like Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn and water signs like Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces may find themselves attracted by Aquarians, these signs aren’t typically made for long-term relationships with the water bearer.

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