International Yoga Day: 5 Major Yoga-Asanas To Strengthen Your Immunity!

International Yoga Day is usually observed every year on 21 June, but this year, two extremely special reasons make this event even more special. Firstly, this day will be the longest day of this year, and secondly, the first Solar Eclipse of 2020 will occur on this day. Click here to know in detail about the impact of this eclipse on your zodiac sign.

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International Yoga Day was celebrated for the first time on 21 June 2015, as an initiative by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi. A five-thousand year old Indian heritage called “Yoga” not only strengthens the immunity but calms one’s mind and heart. Doing Yoga regularly helps one remain fit and devoid of any health issues.

Given the rapidly growing graph of Coronavirus patients, now is the correct time to include oga as a necessity in our regular life. So, on this International Yoga Day, let us discuss about five different Yoga Asanas which will help you strengthen your immunity and prevent you from becoming ill:

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Anulom Vilom


Performing the Anulom Vilom Pranayama helps to boost one’s health, immunity and respiratory system. To perform this Pranayama, put your right thumb on your right nostril, block it and inhale deeply with your left nostril. Now, close your left nostril with your right middle or ring finger and hold your breath for two seconds. Next, remove your thumb from your right nostril and exhale. Repeat the process daily for about five minutes.

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To start with this pranayama, inhale deeply with your nose, and forcefully exhale the air while contracting your abdominal muscles. Relax and then repeat this procedure eight to ten times. Performing this Yoga regularly will definitely strengthen your immunity and help you stay shielded from any disease.

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Bhastrika Pranayama


Bhastrika Pranayama strengthens the body cells and helps to keep any respiratory disease at bay. At the same time, it helps to boost the immunity in a human being. To proceed with this Pranayama, take a deep breath and fill your lungs with air. Now, rapidly exhale with force while putting the pressure on your stomach, thus making a “hissing” sound. Do this pranayama for about 3-5 minutes.

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Bhujangasana or Cobra Pose

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Lie on your stomach, place your hands on both sides of the head and keep the forehead off the ground. Maintain a short distance between the legs and bring your palms together in parallel with your shoulders. While taking a long breath, raise your body up to the navel while pressing the ground with your hands. During this, put your bodyweight equally on both your hands and breathe normally. Now, slowly release your breath and return to your initial state.

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Stretch your back up and stand straight with your feet and ankles together. Now bring your palms together, entwine your fingers and raise them up together. Breathing slowly, pull your body in the upward direction while putting the entire weight on your toes. For a while, stay in this posture and breathe normally. Then, return to the normal state while breathing normally. Repeat this process for about eight to ten times on an empty stomach to strengthen your immunity

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