Astrology Tips To Deal With Insomnia, Depression & Stress Amid Lockdown

With such a busy lifestyle, this sudden break due to the Coronavirus scare all over the world doesn’t seem to end anytime soon. People are seen super stressed, depressed and suffering from acute insomnia due to a sudden change in their schedule. In such a case, AstroSage’s Health Report can help you understand the astrological reason behind these types of issues and what can be done to get rid of them.

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Also, if you wish to know more about your health or any other aspect of your life in the upcoming future, you can click here and ask a question from our expert astrologers. Now let us move forward and talk about some useful astrology tips that can help deal with such health-related troubles.

Earlier, people were so busy in their personal and professional lives, that their weekends and holidays were all spent sleeping, relaxing and lazing around. But with nationwide lockdown amid the Corona Era, people are scared, restless and mentally disturbed in a big way.

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With this several universities along with the World Health Organization or WHO have claimed in their studies and medical journals that people are falling into depression due to the ongoing worldwide pandemic and lockdown. Depression is a serious problem which goes unnoticed in India as people avoid talking about it. Perhaps this is why the World Health Organization has recently presented its survey and reports and warned the world that by 2020, Depression will become the world’s second major and serious disease.

Science and astrology are offering their share of advice to deal with such problems for the welfare of the public. It has reached to that point that even the WHO has asked people to avoid reading or watching news that can increase anxiety, fear and panic within them.

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In a study published in the Asian Journal of Psychiatry, a report has been presented which sheds light on the rising graph of Acute Depression among Indians. According to this report, 12% people suffer from mild Insomnia due to the fear of Coronavirus, whereas 40% people experience instability whenever they think about the ongoing worldwide pandemic. 

In addition, 72% of the people believe that during such disturbing times, they have started obsessively worrying about the well-being of their families and can become anxious with any bad thoughts. Also, 41% believe that upon hearing Coronavirus’s name, they become increasingly nervous.

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An Astrological Insight 

According to Astrology, planets and nakshatras in one’s kundli play a significant role in influencing his/her life and delivering necessary outcomes. In light of this, your personalised Brihat Kundli can also come in handy here, as it can help you understand the impact of planets, nakshatras and yogas forming in the kundli in a detailed format.

In today’s world, everyone is a part of the rat race and aiming to attain a good life, career, job, money, house and much more. People are struggling in order to live a prosperous lifestyle. If you look at it, planets in a kundli are said to be the main benefactors. Therefore, if you are suffering from insomnia, depression or anxiety for a long time, then these astrology tips as per the planets can help you cure some of those issues.

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Astrology Tips To Deal With Insomnia, Depression & Stress

  • If you’re looking for stability in your career and have trouble such as anxiety or insomnia etc. reaching that destination, then you are advised to donate five copper vessels filled with sweets made of Besan or Gram Flour to someone on Sunday. Perform this remedy for consecutive eleven days. You can also get your hands on the CogniAstro Career Counselling Report to get detailed astrological career guidance based on your personality.
  • If Rahu and Moon are situated in the Ascendant house of the birth chart of any native, then the childhood of such natives remains full of struggles and they face difficulty sleeping since childhood. Such issues again arise after they turn eighteen (18). To avoid such issues, you must perform Rahu remedies. Visit an Ashram for people suffering from Leper and serve them or donate medicines and necessary supplies as per the capability. Also, it would be good for you to treat your in-laws well and respect them.

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  • When the planet Sun is either inauspiciously positioned in your kundli, in a debilitated state, creating a conjunction with Rahu or aspecting each other, then the native can feel a decline in his/her societal respect and as a result, cannot sleep or relax all night long because of this. In such a case, the following remedy can be performed:

Remedy- Take rice or Mishri and give it away in a river on Sunday. After this, take some more rice or Mishri, tie it in a white cloth and donate it to the poor and needy. With this, your goodwill and respect in the society will increase. For this, place a wax candle on a glass platform, and keep a small box containing Mishri and coconut beside it. Then light the candle and remember your Ishta Devta. After this, distribute sweets to everyone in the family.

  • If Mars is in an inauspicious state in the kundli of a native, it gives out malefic results. Due to this, such a native remains restless and disturbed and suffers from insomnia. In such a situation, the person should wear a copper bracelet in his/her right hand and drink water in a copper vessel. You can also get your personalized Health Report and find out in detail about your health and fitness in the upcoming future.
  • If you are failing to achieve your goals even after working hard and facing troubles sleeping because of it, then such natives must fold their hands in front of the Lord Moon at night and recite the mantra “ऊं श्रां श्रीं श्रौं स: चंद्रमसे नम:/ūṃ śrāṃ śrīṃ śrauṃ sa: caṃdramase nama:” everyday for the next one year. Doing this will help you gain prosperity in your work as well as desired outcomes.

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By adopting these simple measures amid the Corona Era and maintaining positive thoughts, you can fight this battle and emerge as a winner. Along with this, it is important for you to talk to your friends and family about your feelings and thoughts or divert your attention towards your hobby. By doing this, not only will you avoid negativity seeping inside your head but succeed in fighting the Coronavirus fear with confidence.

Astrosage Wishes You A Bright And Healthy Future.


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