Indira Ekadashi 2022 In Shivyog: Note Parana Muhurat-Puja Vidhi-Parana Rules!

Indira Ekadashi 2022 blog by AstroSage will provide you with the accurate date of this special Ekadashi. We will also enlighten you with the correct Muhurat, Puja Vidhi, rules, and more. Also, a special yoga is forming on Indira Ekadashi 2022, which will increase the significance of this day manifold. Which is this yoga, and what are its benefits? It will also be answered in this blog. So read further!

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All Ekadashi dates are considered auspicious according to Hinduism, but Indira Ekadashi holds special significance. It is dedicated to Lord Vishnu, and falls on the Krishna Paksha of Ashwin month every year. Indira Ekadashi is observed during the Pitru Paksha and this is why, it is believed that by observing a fast on this day, the devotee receives fruits similar to performing Shradh. By observing Indira Ekadashi fast, our ancestors attain salvation. By fasting on this auspicious day and worshiping lord Vishnu with proper rituals, all the miseries of the devotee are eliminated. 

It is important to note that Ekadashi fast must always be opened on the Dwadashi tithi, after considering auspicious muhurat. Let’s move ahead and find out the auspicious Parana Muhurat for Indiara Ekadashi 2022.

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Indira Ekadashi 2022: Date & Auspicious Muhurat

Date: 21 September 2022

Indira Ekadashi Parana Time: 06:09:07 to 08:34:59 on 22 September

Duration: 2 hours 25 minutes

Note: These timings are applicable for New Delhi. To know the timing as per your city, click here.

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This Auspicious Yoga Will Increase The Significance Of This Day

This year on Indira Ekadashi, a special yoga is forming. This yoga is Shivyog. According to the beliefs, if you worship Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva during the Shivyog, your success and prosperity will be guaranteed. 

Shivyog Timing

Shivyog begins: 09:13 am (21 September)

Shivyog ends: 09:45 am (22 September)

Rules Related To Indira Ekadashi Fast Parana

  • The Vrat Parana must always be done with proper rituals. If you make even a minor mistake, it can lead to inauspicious outcomes. So always consider the auspicious muhurat for Indira Ekadashi Parana.
  • The Indira Ekadashi Parana must only be done the next day after sunrise, i.e. on Dwadashi. But open the fast before the Dwadashi tithi is over, or you might fall prey to sinful outcomes.
  • It is forbidden to open the fast during Hari Vasar, which is the first quarter Tithi of Dwadashi.

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Indira Ekadashi Puja Vidhi

  • Wake up early on this day and take a bath before sunrise. Now offer Arghya to the Sun and take the vow of fasting.
  • Perform Abhishek of Lord Vishnu’s idol with Panchamrit (Milk, Curd, Ghee, Honey, Brown Sugar).
  • Now bathe the idol with Gangajal and offer it yellow clothes, bananas, yellow flowers, sweets etc.
  • You must also worship Maa Laxmi alongside, and offer her red flowers and makeup (Sringar) items.
  • Chant this Mantra while performing the Puja to appease Lord Vishnu- “oṃ nārāyaṇāya vidmahe। vāsudevāya dhīmahi। tanno viṣṇu pracodayāt
  • Offer Nivedhya and bhog to Lord Vishnu by adding a Tulsi leaf in it. Light incense and recite Vishnusahatranama. 
  • Conclude by performing the Aarti.
  • You must donate to the poor and needy on this day to increase the fruits of this fast.

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