Health, Finances, Protests & Riots: What’s in Store for India in 2021?

As 2021 begins, each and every person wants to know how the new year is going to be for him/her in various aspects of life. Each and every person wants to know how safe we will be this year. Well, this is something related to the life of every human being, but if you are interested in knowing the answers to the questions related to your life, as well as how the year 2021 is going to be for India, then we have brought to you this special blog.

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India in 2021 

India is passing through the Mahadasha of Moon till 21-07-2025 and the current Antara is of Saturn till 19-05-2021 and then we will see the Antara of Mercury till 22-10-2022. 

We are witnessing a New India since almost the beginning of the Moon’s Mahadasha, Moon is in the star and sub of Saturn which is in the third house. Saturn is ruling the 9th and the 10th house of the Taurus Ascendant. 

Rahu and ketu are transiting over the natal Rahu and Ketu which is not good as they are placed in the 1-7 houses. Jupiter is transiting in the 9th house but will move to the 10th house. 

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We have also witnessed the uprise of democracy and rise of the voice of common man not only on roads but also on social media. Social media has become the voice of the common man and any government is bound to listen to what people are saying. Moon is encircling the houses 3-9-10 houses. 

India has progressed not only in science and technology but the military might of India is also on the rise as never before. 

How is 2021 going to be for India, let us take a look;

Saturn is transiting in the star of the Sun and is in the 9th house in the Indian Horoscope. On 22nd January, it will transit in the star of the Moon. Moon is the ruler of the third house. In the natal chart, the Moon is in the third house. Saturn is in the third house and transiting in the 7th house from its natal position.

How is it going to affect India? 

Finance:  The nation is going to show progress in 2021. There will be growth in agriculture, education sector, Automobile sector, Pharmaceuticals, Real Estate, Science and Technology. The stock Indices are going to end in profit in the year ending 2021. The common man will contribute to the growth and the tax collection will increase in 2021. 

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Health: The health scenario is dwindling since Jan 2020 and we are not seeing any peace in this matter globally. But India will show others how to deal with pandemic and already it has shown by taking so many measures. The government will take care of the common man, a breakthrough by an Indian Scientist will show the world the light to freedom from Corona. 

Religious Beliefs: With Jupiter rising under the Mahadasha of the Moon, there will be a rise of religious beliefs amongst one and all. India is a nation which has seen a lot in this matter and the future is going to be very bright and shining. People will come to know the importance of their eternal religion and they will develop love and respect for it gradually. The youth will start to believe in their roots which have been existing since time immemorial. 

Agitations and Riots: We are witnessing so many agitations on behalf of the people of country, in 2021 also there will be many to disrupt the peace and harmony of the nation because of the placement of Rahu and Ketu the common will be confused by the politicians and they will succumb to the lures of people who do not want India to remain at peace. Everything will be peaceful. 

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Mobility: After March, there will be advancement in the mobile and telephone sector and companies will register subscriber growth. The data consumption will reach new highs and the advent of 5G will be here in 2021. 

Armed Forces: The strength of the country will increase, the three forces will get new technology and ammunition, there will be collaboration with friendly countries. Indian Army will gain respect globally.

Overall the year 2021 holds goodness for India as a country. There will be severe attempts to disrupt the peace and harmony of the country but none is going to succeed due the placement of Jupiter which will not allow anything beyond the limits of tolerance.

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