15 August ’22: 75 Years of Independence-Predictions With India’s Kundli!

The Amrit Mahotsav of our freedom will be commemorated on this day with great zeal all across the nation, making August 15, 2022, a historical event that will inspire pride in every Indian. Expressed, it will be the 75th Freedom Day, or India’s Independence Day, because the country achieved independence nearly 75 years ago.  We have had great success and significant failures over these 75 years. Still, there is one thing we have never abandoned: our commitment to advancing and our willingness to sacrifice for the country, which includes more than just our army. However, India, as a country, contributes greatly to the greatness of its people. We have attempted to predict how the future of India and its people can be through the horoscope of independent India on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the country’s independence.

Every Indian should take great pride in this day, so read our essay on this auspicious day to learn about the conditions in which India can anticipate progressing over the next 12 months. If you have any specific queries about your life or would like to learn more about yourself, click here to find the solution and receive advice from our qualified astrologers. 

India has been carving out a distinct identity for itself in the globe thanks to its culture, civilisation, and riches, but as time passed and our nation was alternately dominated by the Britishers, India’s allure faded. After then, India was created as an independent republic after we won our freedom from the British, and gradually, numerous changes began happening in our nation. We have developed into a major force in the defense industry today, whether it be through the use of computers, mobile phones, or the internet. In addition, we are one of a small number of nations that launch foreign satellites alongside those that belong to our own. An individual nation. Since India has grown to be a global force, nearly all nations now recognise and respect India’s independence and dominance.         

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While celebrating the Amrit Mahotsav of Independence, we are seeing that various issues have emerged in our nation over the past few years, much as the subject of terrorism has always been controversial and has weakened our nation. Despite the efforts made, it is wonderful that our nation has made progress in this regard. 

We have been battling the coronavirus for more than two years. The entire world was shaken by this catastrophe. In the midst of such a terrible calamity, when the largest nation on earth appeared helpless, our nation asserted itself as a force, and we successfully overcame the obstacle. India is undoubtedly a large country, as well as one that is modern and self-assured.

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Today, we can see that India is moving toward becoming largely self-sufficient. There is a need for both foreign currency and employment in our country, which is why large corporations are now entering it. In addition to providing jobs for the local youth, these corporations also hope to profit from India’s market. It is achievable. In actuality, India has become a global force at this moment, and the entire international community has backed its dominance. In our nation, a large number of individuals still live in poverty today. Regarding everyone’s education, inequality and population expansion continue to be major problems, along with unemployment, which is also a huge and significant concern. All of them must be overcome in order for us to represent India. Every Indian should always be prepared for such an eventuality, and with that in mind, we ought to commemorate India’s 75th anniversary of independence with this golden festival. Let’s find out how the upcoming year would be for the nation based on the Astro Guru Mrigaank horoscope for independent India.    

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Independent India’s Horoscope And Future Calculation 

The actual date of our country’s birth is unknown to anyone because it is a country that has existed since the beginning of time, but for the evaluation of some events. Our great country, India, has the Capricorn influence, and as a result, the influence of Capricorn also greatly affects it. We create an independent India horoscope based on midnight on August 15, 1947, when our nation gained its freedom from the British, and we use that to predict what might happen to the nation today and attempt to create an image of it.      

Independent India’s Horoscope 

  • Studying the aforementioned horoscope of independent India reveals that Rahu Maharaj is positioned in Taurus, which is the fixed lagna for India.
  • The second house in Gemini is where Mars is seated.
  • Five planets—the Sun, Moon, Saturn, Mercury, and Venus—are placed in the third house of the Moon in Cancer.
  • Among them, Saturn and Venus are in a set condition.
  • None of the planets are engaged in the conflict.
  • Jupiter is located in the sixth house of Libra.
  • Scorpio’s Ketu is located in the seventh house.
  • According to the Navamsa Kundli, which we can analyze, the Sun God is seated in the Lagna itself and the Kundli belongs to the Pisces Ascendant.
  • Pisces is the zodiac sign of the eleventh house of the birth chart, which tells that India will keep progressing in future and while profiting, it will increase rapidly in time and the citizens will get happiness, prosperity, riches and economic success.
  • The Mahadashas of Saturn, Mercury, Ketu, Venus, and Surya have gone since the country’s independence, and the Mahadasha of the Moon is currently in progress and will last until 2025. 
  • Currently, Mercury’s Antardasha in the Moon’s Mahadasha will last until December 11th, 2022, and then Ketu’s Antardasha will last until July, 2023.
  • The Moon, who rules the third house in Indian astrology, is located in the constellation Saturn and occupies the third house.
  • Pushya, known as the king of constellations and regarded as a fortunate and good constellation, is the constellation under which this horoscope was born.
  • Shani, who rules over the ninth and tenth houses of this horoscope and is the Yogakaraka planet, is the ruler of this Pushya Nakshatra. Shani is also located in the third house of the horoscope.
  • Following this, the planet Ketu, which is found in the constellation of Saturn, will be the subject of the next antardasha.
  • Therefore, Saturn, a fortunate planet for this horoscope, will have an especially noticeable effect during these dashas.
  • If the current transit is visible, Jupiter is transiting in its own sign of Pisces in this horoscope’s eleventh house and in the ninth house from the sign of the Moon.
  • The moon is currently in the eighth house of the horoscope and the current transit of Saturn is in the tenth house. By the end of this month, the moon will be in the ninth house in Capricorn, and it will be in these houses again on January 17.
  • Rahu is transiting in the tenth house from the lunar horoscope and the twelveth house from the natal chart.
  • The third house of the horoscope primarily gives information about the country’s neighbors and their ties with them, as well as its methods of communication, traffic, share market, and other topics.
  • The country’s economic, intellectual, and business success, as well as information on religious activities and the country’s courts, are all discussed in the ninth house of the horoscope.
  • When we discuss the tenth house of the horoscope, it provides details on the present ruling party, the nation’s highest authorities, the president, the prime minister, etc.
  • Foreign partnerships and interactions are represented in the seventh house of the horoscope.

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Worldwide Stress And Its Impact On India 

Midway through December 2022, Mercury’s Antardasha will still be in the Moon’s Mahadasha. In this regard, there will be positive relations with the surrounding nations. Because it is now clear that India’s neighbors would look to India for assistance, foreign powers will raise their eyebrows. Their economies will be severely impacted, and they want to be friends with all of India. As a result, individuals who are anti-nationalist will appear to be applauding India and work to strengthen their ties with the country.

Between December 2022 and July 2023, the Moon’s Mahadasha will experience Ketu’s Antardasha. In this case, India’s trade contacts with any one foreign nation will be completely erased, but this presents no issue because connections with all other significant nations are also being established at the same time.

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Effect On Public Opinion 

The transit of Saturn will be in the ninth house from the Ascendant and the seventh house from the Indian zodiac from the end of July to the beginning of January. As a result, numerous court orders will be issued, which will result in significant changes for the nation. Numerous societal issues will be settled during this time, giving the general public the chance to avoid many issues. There is also a chance that the topic of enacting laws like the Population Growth Act or the Uniform Civil Code will come up, but this will also mean that the general people will be subject to taxes, which will be expensive for them to pay.

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75 Years Of Independence And India’s Progress 

Some new initiatives that will support the ongoing initiatives may be unveiled following the 75th anniversary of independence celebration. A significant statement involving the GST is anticipated to be made, and there may be room for banking sector reforms as well. Although there is no doubting the global recession during this time, you may anticipate a balanced influence on India. Communication channels will be built. The advantages of 5G technology will be felt everywhere, and it will continue to rule the nation. Additionally, it’s possible that rules and regulations will be developed for the media, journalism, and cinema industries. In one particular situation, the names of some well-known citizens of the nation will be made public, and the decisions made regarding them will also be legal.

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We can therefore conclude that we shall be seen progressing in this 75th year in a very positive direction. India’s future appears promising. India’s neighbours and friendly nations will be observed attempting to respond to certain hostile forces before India, who will attempt to cast an eye. This will demonstrate India’s effective leadership skills. India’s foreign policy may undergo a significant upheaval between January and August 2023, which will have an impact on the entire world. India may join a significant organization, elevating its status on the world stage.

India’s economy will experience a boom during this time, and there will be other projects of this nature, which will also expand religious activities and promote religious tourism in India. The country’s foreign exchange reserves will rise, but some of India’s rival nations will also be seen attempting to fight inside the country. However, this year will be particularly noteworthy because some previous exploits will be made public, along with the names of prominent figures.

In the end, we hope that our nation will continue to shine brightly on the international stage like the sun, and that we may all advance together and strive for the good of the nation.

Jaya Hind! Jaya Bharat!!

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