Monsoon 2022: Major Predictions By AstroSage Astrologers, Read Now!

June is about to begin and there is an outbreak of scorching heat nationwide.  The extreme heat of the Sun is wreaking havoc in such a way that every living being is helpless. Mostly the Northern states are more affected by this hot temperature, which is recorded to be more than 45° Celsius. 

Also in the Northwest, scientists are worried about the situation and the astrologers have just begun calculating the arrival of monsoon through Vedic Astrology as they are fed up from this heat. Because they know that only Indra Dev can help in cooling the temperature of earth through rain.  

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Possibility Of Monsoon In Astrology

In India, Rain not only cools down the green earth but also helps in yielding grains. This is why rain has great importance in human life. Because of the importance of Rain, there are many Yoga and signs of rain mentioned in astrology.

At present, weather forecasting is done through various scientific methods, however, in past times, astrological methods were used to get exact information of season or monsoon. This practice is still followed by today’s astrologers and through this they do prediction and with the help of Panchang they tell about the Monsoon Yoga and accurate time of it.  

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Monsoon Prediction Through Science And Astrology 

Scientists believe that rain is a form of wind and clouds and in the celestial sphere, it is the wind which drives the clouds.  This is why wind plays a great role in rain. It doesn’t only drive clouds but also its stormy form can uproot the forests, trees, and hills. 

Although there are different ways to attract rain in astrology and to do that, Yajna is one of the most important practices. Including this, according to the astrologers, the unity of planetary constellations in the solar system forms the rain clouds which can be comprehended through astrology. This information is found in Narad Puran in which there is detailed description of astrological elements, information about rain and calculation related to this. So, now let’s learn how the rain forms in astrology. 

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Important Role Of Nakshatra In Forming Rain 

  • In all the Nakshatras, Ardra, Ashlesha, Uttarabhadrapada, Pushya, Shatabhisha, Poorvashadha and original constellations are seen as the form of Varun (God of River) and water.
  • With the special formation of Yoga in these Nakshatras, rain can be predicted. 
  • Apart from this, if according to Panchang, the habitat of Rohini Nakshatra is in the sea then it creates the possibility of heavy rain. 
  • If the habitat of Rohini Nakshatras is at the seashore then also there will be rainfall nationwide and people will get rid of scorching heat. 
  • When the Sun enters Poorvashada Nakshatra and it is overcast, then it will rain everyday from Ardra till the origin.  
  • Apart from this, when the Sun enters to Revati Nakshatra and if it rains during this period, there is no shower from Revati to Ashlesha which has no rain for 10 nakshatras. 

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The Significant Role Of Navagraha In Rain Possibility

  • If Sun changes from Ardra Nakshatra to Swati Nakshatra and during this variation, the position of Moon is in the seventh house of Venus, although in Saturn, the moon is placed in any of the house (5-7-9) or any auspicious planet has eye on it then this situation is suitable for Rain. 
  • Apart from this, when Mercury and Venus make a combination while being present in one sign and they have an eye of Jupiter, then there is a chance of good Rain. But if any cruel and violent planet like Saturn or Mars has an eye on  it, then there will be no downpour.
  • If in any situation,  there is a conjunction of Mercury and Jupiter while in transit and it has an aspect of Jupiter on it then it is the sign of good Rain.  
  • If all the three auspicious planets, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus create Trigraha Yoga while in conjunction, the evil eye of a cruel planet on it could lead to heavy rainfall.
  • Although, when Saturn and Mars along with Venus make a combination while being present in one sign and it has a vision of Jupiter on it then it rains torrentially.
  • It has also been seen that if there is a combination of Sun and Jupiter or Jupiter and Mercury in one sign then the rain doesn’t stop till the Mercury or Jupiter sets. 
  • Besides the combination of Jupiter and Venus and they have an eye of Mercury along with an eye of a violent planet, then it leads to heavy rainfall. Consequently, rain turns ghastly and it could also lead to earthquakes and floods. 

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Significant Role Of Atmosphere In Forming Rain

  • In Vedic Astrology,  the atmosphere is mentioned related to the prediction of rain. 
  • If the wind is flowing to the North then this situation is the sign of early rainfall.
  • The flowing of wind in the windward direction becomes a reason for stormy rain. The windward direction is in the North and West direction.
  • The flowing wind in Northeast direction is the sign of rain which makes the environment green.
  • In addition, the flow of wind from the east direction in Shravan Month and flow of wind from the north side is the sign of heavy downpour.
  • However, the west wind in Shisha Month is also a sign of rain.

Nakshatra Of Rain  

Ardra Nakshatra is one of the most auspicious Nakshatra for rain. According to Hindu Panchang, when the Sun is in transit from its Nakshatra to Ardra Nakshatra, this is the time when the possibility of rainfall increases.

According to Astrosage Astrologer, the king of planet Sun will enter Ardra Nakshatra on 22 June 2022 and it will remain in the same position till 6 July 2022, Wednesday. After that it will enter Punwarsu Nakshatra from Ardra Nakshatra. The presence of the Sun in Ardra Nakshatra for 15 days will bring the possibility of monsoon in India. It will grow moisture and greenery in the environment and make the surroundings cooler. Because it is said that the effect of the Sun reduces when it enters Ardra Nakshatra and rapidly increases the volume of clouds in the sky. The ruling planet of this Nakshatra is Rahu, which is also the reason the Sun lost its effect. So it can be said that the presence of the Sun in Ardra Nakshatra from 22 June 2022 to 6 July 2022 is the sign of a nationwide monsoon.

Note: Apart from these situations, the lightning in the celestial sphere when there is moon in the sky and the sound made by all the frogs together also predict rain. It will not be wrong to say that in addition to the above-mentioned possibilities and the planet constellations there can be signs related to rain.  

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