Jupiter-Venus Grand Conjunction In Pisces In April 2022!

In astrology, the planetary conjunctions are given special significance. A conjunction is when two or more planets come together in a zodiac sign or a house. Why is planetary conjunction important? The answer to this question is very simple. Actually, every nine planets in astrology have unique characteristics. So when two planets with different characteristics come together, it’s natural to obtain diversity in results from them. This means that sometimes even auspicious planets give negative results and inauspicious planets when combined with auspicious ones can give positive outcomes.

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In this context, we would light to enlighten our readers about the two planets, i.e. Jupiter and Venus, that are going to conjoin in Pisces in April, and the impact of this conjunction on the lives of various natives, and on the nation and world.

Jupiter And Venus In Astrology

In Astrology, both Jupiter and Venus are considered important. Besides this, these two share a unique bond. How? Let’s find out.

  • On one hand, Jupiter is considered the Guru of all deities, and on the other, Venus is regarded as the Guru of the demons.
  • Besides this, Jupiter is considered a masculine planet and Venus is regarded as a feminine planet.
  • The differences and similarities don’t end here. Jupiter is believed to be the form of Lord Vishnu while Venus is considered the form of Goddess Lakshmi.
  • Jupiter and Venus are both auspicious planets individually but both planets are enemies with each other.
  • In addition to this, Venus is considered the benefactor of worldly pleasure and luxuries but Jupiter is considered the benefactor of transcendental and worldly pleasures.

In this regard, the conjunction of these two planets in Pisces will be unique and special. Here, the interesting fact is that Pisces is the zodiac sign of Jupiter and Jupiter is transiting in its own sign after 12 years!

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When Will Jupiter-Venus Conjoin In Pisces?

On April 13, 2022, Jupiter will transit in its own Pisces zodiac sign after 12 years and after this, he will remain in the same sign till year-end while changing positions (retrograde-direct).

After this, Venus will also transit in Pisces after 27 April 2022, and form a conjunction with Jupiter.

Impact Of Jupiter-Venus Conjunction On Pisces Zodiac Sign

As these two big planets are going to conjoin in the Pisces zodiac sign, let us find out the impact of this conjunction on the natives of the Pisces zodiac sign.

  • Jupiter’s transit in its own sign after 12 years will result in an enhancement of fate for the Pisces natives. 
  • Besides this, the self-confidence of the Pisces natives will also increase.
  • These natives will attain excellent outcomes in their personal and professional life as well.
  • Also, the Venus transit in Pisces will also bring favourable results for the Pisces natives.
  • The financial condition of these natives will become strong and they will attain long-term benefits from it.
  • If we talk about the Jupiter-Venus conjunction then it will increase the knowledge and reasoning of the natives.
  • This conjunction will also bring impeccable outcomes in the financial domain.

Overall, the Jupiter-Venus transit will prove extremely beneficial for the Pisces natives.

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Nationwide, WorldWide, & Zodiac-Wise Impact Of Jupiter-Venus Transit

Nationwide & Worldwide Impact

  • Mutual understanding and the feeling of love will be seen among the people.
  • There will be an increment in auspicious activities and there will be a boom in marriages.
  • The dominance of women in politics will increase.
  • Fatal disasters might be witnessed in the country and the world.
  • As both these planets are the benefactor of fat and sugar, this conjunction may increase the risk of weight gain and health problems related to diabetes. The Pisces natives, the natives with these planets in their horoscope or a conjunction of these planets in their charts, need to remain extremely cautious of these health diseases.

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Impact On Zodiac Signs

  • Aries: You will find solutions to marriage-related problems. 
  • Taurus: You will gain financial benefits.
  • Gemini: There will be better chances of attaining child-related happiness for you.
  • Cancer: You will attain happiness, prosperity, and vehicle.
  • Leo: There will be some changes in your professional life.
  • Virgo: There will be good chances of auspicious activities.
  • Libra: There will be an increase in your expenses.
  • Scorpio: Your success and reputation will enhance.
  • Sagittarius: There will be chances of travelling which will be beneficial.
  • Capricorn: There will be chances of financial gains.
  • Aquarius: You will attain auspicious results in your love relationship.
  • Pisces: There will be good chances of auspicious activities.

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