Back-To-Back 2 Venus Transits In 24 Days Will Shine These Signs’ Luck!

Venus will transit 2 times within 24 days. In astrology, there is a huge significance given to planetary transits because these transit brings changes to our life, country, and more. So, let’s read this blog till the end to know what will be the impacts of these transits on our daily life and the world.

In this blog, we are going to talk about the 2 important transits that are going to take place between 07 August to 31 August. Here we should tell you that in this duration, Venus is also going to change Nakshatras 3 times. This means in 24 days, there will be 5 Venus transits. You might be having many questions like how it is possible that within 24 days, Venus can transit 5 times? Actually, in these 5 transits, 2 transits are for Venus to change its zodiac sign and the other 3 are for Nakshatra transits. So, these 5 transits will bring an impact on your life for sure.

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What remedies can be considered to save yourself from its negative impacts? What is the impact of these transits on your zodiac signs? Moreover, what changes can come in the country and worldwide? Information related to all such questions will be provided in this blog.

What Will Be The Dates For These 5 Venus Transits?

Before moving ahead let’s discuss the dates of these 5 transits, from which two are zodiac transits and the other 3 are Nakshatra transits.

If we talk about transits in zodiac signs then, 

1st Transit: Venus transit in Cancer (7 August,2022): Venus will transit on 7 August, 2022 at 05:12 am in the 4th sign from the zodiac circle which is Cancer.

2nd Transit: Venus transit in Leo (31 August, 2022): Venus will transit in Leo on 31st August, 2022 Wednesday at 04:09 pm when Venus will transit from the Water element’s Cancer to the Fire element’s Leo sign.

If we talk about transits in Nakshatras then,

1st Transit: Venus transit in Pushya Nakshatra: 09 August, 2022, 10:16 pm.

2nd Transit: Venus transit in Aslesha Nakshatra: 20 August, 2022, 07:02 pm.

3rd transit: Venus transit in Magha Nakshatra: 31 August, 2022 Afternoon, 2:21 pm.

Important Note: Here we are only talking about the Venus transit in the zodiac signs and we will talk about the impact of these transits on our lives and country. 

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Impacts Of 2 Venus Transits

According to Astrology, if we talk about planets then this planet is considered to be the benefactor of all the material comforts. Apart from this, Sun is also considered the benefactor of marital happiness, enjoyment, luxury, fame, art, talent, beauty, romance and fashion designing, etc. Pisces is the most prominent sign for Venus and on the other hand, Virgo is its least prominent sign, and Venus is also considered as the ruling planet of both Taurus and Libra signs.

From these two transits, 1 Venus transit is going to happen in Leo and according to Vedic Astrology for planet Venus, the Leo sign is like its enemy. So, this position of Venus is not considered good. However, here you should know that there are many similarities between Venus and Leo, so there are chances that this position of Venus turns out to be fruitful.

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Impact Of Venus Across The Globe

If we talk about the global impact of Venus transit then,

  • There can be fluctuations in the prices of Gold, Silver, and other metals. 
  • Apart from this, due to these important changes on planet Venus, there are chances of heavy rainfall in some parts of the country on the other hand there are chances of less rain in other places.
  • An increase in the prices of paddy, grains, clothes, material amenities, and food items can be seen.
  • Apart from this, if we talk about politics, there are chances of ups and downs.

Impact Of 2 Venus Transits on Cancer sign and Leo sign

Because these 2 Venus transits will happen in Cancer and Leo signs, there will be a special impact of these transits on these signs.

First of all, if we talk about the Venus transit in Cancer then,

  • There are chances of an increase in your expenses.
  • This period will be favorable for Love relations. 
  • If there was any dispute going on in life, then that too will be fixed at this time. 
  • However, the students of this zodiac sign, especially those who are associated with the Research field, will get new ideas and auspicious results.
  • Those people who are married and belong to this zodiac sign can invest or buy a property with their partner.
  • Your health will be stable. 

Remedy: Have something sweet when you step out of your house.

Now, if we talk about the impact of Venus on the Leo sign then, 

  • There are chances of family disputes among the natives who belong to this sign. So you need to control your anger and speech.
  • In this duration, there are chances of price rise in your expenses. So, be aware while doing monetary transactions, this will be auspicious for you.
  • For studies, this time will be good.
  • If we talk about love relations then also this time is good.
  • There will be a rise in mutual understanding.
  • The married natives of this sign will get good results from this transit.
  • With this, those Leo natives who are artists or those who are associated with the field of communication can get positive results.

Remedy: Send gifts, perfumes, etc to your better half. 

These Zodiac Signs Will Get Benefits From Planet Venus

Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn

Zodiac-Based Remedies For Venus 

Aries: To get the auspicious results from Venus, you can wear a diamond.

Taurus: As per your convenience, observe fast for Friday on 11 or 21. 

Gemini: Donate Yellow cloth, Rice, Sugar, Jaggery, and more on Fridays.

Cancer: Especially on Friday, worship in the evening and chant Shukra Mantra.

Leo: To make Venus strong and to get good results from it, donate diamonds, gold and rhinestones.

Virgo: Respect Women and always keep your house clean. 

Libra: Especially, offer white flowers to Lord Shiva on Fridays. 

Scorpio: Don’t consume sour items.

Sagittarius: Wear a necklace made up of rhinestones.

Capricorn: Put Cardamom (Elaichi) in Water and take a bath from that water.

Aquarius: Feed flour to the ants on Friday.

Pisces: Everyday before taking a meal, take out a small portion from your plate and feed it to a white cow. 

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