Can your Immune System Beat Coronavirus? Immunity Calculator Tells It All!

The Coronavirus pandemic has taken over the globe. India is also not free from its outrage as we can see the graph of positive tested patients increasing steadily. Since no cure has been discovered as of now, one of the main ways to fight COVID-19 is by strengthening your immunity. On this note, we have brought to you the “Immunity Calculator”, which offers an insight into your immunity level based on your birth details.

Let us tell you that we carried out a comprehensive case study while testing this Immunity Calculator. During this period, a total of 30,731 people gave their feedback, out of which 23,332 people found the evaluative findings to be accurate. This means that about 76% people found the results derived by the Immunity Calculator to be accurate.

There is no doubt to the fact that health is the biggest wealth in possession of a human being. But in today’s era, due to irregular routines and adaptation of different lifestyles, we find our health weakening day by day, and this is how our body becomes the host to a deadly virus like Corona because of our weak immune system, which can be attributed to our unhealthy lifestyle and many other factors.

Now the question is how immunity should be measured? AstroSage has made a rare discovery in this regard. Keeping the Kundli details of each and every person in mind, a calculator has been created to test his/her immunity. You can know your health index with the help of this calculator. This basically means that the planetary positions in your birthchart will let you know your immunity status and how healthy you are.

So, go ahead and find out how strong your immune system is and click this link.

Your immunity is categorised into four parts, which are “very weak”, “weak”, “average”, and “strong”, according to the index returned by this calculator. After rigorous research, it has come into the light that this calculator is capable of generating 70-80% accurate results.

As we are currently witnessing all hell breaking loose due to this Pandemic, this calculator will prove to be quite important in difficult times like this. It is also very easy and convenient to use. You should just be ready with your birth details. Enter them and witness your immunity index appearing right in front of your screen. You can also click here to use this calculator.

Also, to know more about Coronavirus and how it can affect various zodiac signs, you can check out this article written by AstroGuru Mragaank. The Link for the article is given below.

Coronavirus : How it Affects all the 12 Zodiac Signs?

Thankyou for connecting with us. Stay safe and healthy!! 

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