ICC T20 World Cup Match Prediction: Astrology Reveals The Champion!

It’s a common sight all around the globe for small children, youngsters as well as elders to play the Gentlemen’s Game, i.e. Cricket in the middle of the afternoon. Cricket is a popular game all across the world, with a huge fanbase cheering for their beloved country to win the trophy- ICC, T20, Test or anything else. Even in India, Cricket is almost equivalent to religion, with Sachin being titled as the God! Here at the time of batting of Sachin or Virat, the roads become empty and in the name of Dhoni, love blossoms in the eyes of the people.

We are talking about Cricket solely because the ICC T20 World Cup is going on in full swing and it is in its last phase. However, the Indian team did not manage to perform as expected, but nevertheless, cheering for other teams has bever stopped. People from all around the world are now waiting to see the ultimate champion emerging, based on which our expert astrologer Acharya Raman Ji has shared his point of view and astrologically predicted the ICC T20 World Cup Winner.

ICC T20 World Cup: What’s The Current Status?

The ICC T20 World Cup 2021 has proved to be full of ups and downs so far. The Indian team, which is considered a strong contender for the cup this year, has been out of the competition. West Indies, which is considered to be the strongest team in the T20 format, also could not perform well either. At the same time, Pakistan’s team, which is always surrounded by difficulties, has surprised everyone by performing brilliantly this time and at present is the only team in the entire competition which has not lost a single match. Apart from this, New Zealand, which is considered to be the “dark horse” of Cricket, has also reached the semi-finals. The winning team of the 50-Over World Cup, England, has also made it to the semi-finals along with Australia.

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ICC T20 World Cup Match Prediction: Who Will Win The Match?

Obviously, one of the below-mentioned four teams will become the ICC T20 World Cup Winner this time. In the semi-final, the first match will be played between New Zealand and England and the second match will be played between Pakistan and Australia. Whichever team wins in these two matches will play each other in the final. If we look at the recent situation, the list that is made considering the position of all the teams in the competition is as follows:

  1. England 
  2. New Zealand
  3. Pakistan 
  4. Australia 

Note: This position list of all teams has been prepared according to the data given on the official website.

For this, the LSRD method is being used while predicting the winner which was shared by Mr Hasbe ji to Suresh Sahasne ji. LSRD is a special method of astrology which we use to get an accurate answer to our questions. In this method, along with any query, we write down the date, time and place of the event that takes place. After this, with the help of all these details, we find out the Lagna, Moon Star or Nakshatra lord, Moon Sign lord and Day lord. Since the T20 World Cup, 2021 is going to be played in Dubai from 07.30 PM on Sunday, 14 November, the ruling planets at this time are:

  • Lagna: Aries ruled by Mars, Numerical Value 9
  • Moon Star-Lord: Venus, Numerical Value 9
  • Moon Sign Lord: Jupiter, Numerical Value 21
  • Day Lord: Mars, Numerical Value 9

The total will be 48, after which we have to reduce it by 4 till we get to an undividable digit and the remainder remains zero. We find that by repeatedly dividing the number by 04, the final result we get is zero. As per the LSRD rule when the remainder is zero then the last team becomes the winner. Here the last team is Australia, and as per the rule, Australia is going to bag the world cup.

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Disclaimer: We would like to add that the cricket information and predictions are provided for astrological, academic and research purposes only and don’t support any kind of illegal or immoral activities such as betting. Kindly do not carry out such activities and stay true to the law.


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